(INTELLIHUB) Mark Levin appeared on Fox News on Friday to talk about the left’s “progressive ideology” and how it is “incompatible with constitutionalism” altogether.

The popular radio talk show host told Fox’s Sean Hannity that the Democrats want to tie-up the majority of the Senate seats and said that they could careless about upholding any part of the Constitution.

“When you hear them yap away on other networks they’re talking about abortion on demand, same-sex marriage Obamacare, open borders — they give you the same left-wing agenda as if they’re running for president or running for the senate that they want in a judicial nominee,” Levin explained. “That’s not how it works.”

“We want a constitutionalist,” Levin said. “So we have to steamroll [the Democrats].”

Both Levin and Hannity agreed that the ‘rule of law’ is very important and that the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee should be defined by the nominees willingness to uphold the constitution as it was written not how they perceive it.

Levin said that he supports President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nomination, whoever it may be, and supports “transparency” but says that he likes Sen. Mike Lee the most.

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