Liberal media CRUCIFIED white officer, but here’s the video they DON’T want you to see

Dean James | America’s Freedom Fighters

Last week, the liberal media lynch mob jumped all over South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields for physically removing a black student from the classroom for being non-compliant and disruptive. Liberals instantly pulled out the race card, calling the white deputy a violent racist and cried about police brutality. As a result the deputy has been fired.

A stunning new video has surfaced from Spring Valley High School, where the incident occurred, that exposes the hypocrisy of the liberal media.

Apparently there was another officer at the very same high school who was involved in a similar type of incident, actually it was far more violent than the one we all saw last week, but the media never reported it. And the officer wasn’t fired. Strange, huh?

But why? Because THAT officer was BLACK and the incident didn’t fit the media’s racial narrative.


Watch this! Unbelievable!


The video shows what appears to be an all out brawl between a black police officer and black student.

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At first, the officer is trying to restrain the black male student, but then the punk demands that the officer let him go so they can fight.

The officer gets in the student’s face and repeatedly tells him to “Do it! Do it!” before the two men wildly swing at each other. Unlike the Field’s video, this video shows the students visibly shocked by the fight.

But this story received absolutely no national attention. No liberal rag websites reported it. Why? Again, it’s obvious. Black on black doesn’t fit their racist agenda. Obama’s agenda. Sharpton’s agenda. Because after all, #BlackLivesMatters…

If the officer had been white all hell would have broke loose. The liberals would have blown up the internet and national news outlets screaming about racism. But black on black? Nothing but crickets folks.

Sean Brown at Mad World News adds:

I think the video, which was taken in October of last year, sheds quite a bit of light into the learning environment at Spring Valley High, don’t you? If this type of thing is a regular occurrence, Fields would have been overly cautious in handling the student.

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But alas, because he’s white and the student was black, he was given the typical treatment by the liberal media – discredited as a racist, then calls for his termination were repeated until it happened. I’ll tell you one thing, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a white police officer these days, especially knowing that if dealing with a black suspect, I may have my entire life destroyed for simply doing my job.

(H/T: Top Right News)

Via America’s Freedom Fighters

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