Liberals ‘traumatized’ by harmless pro-Trump chalk markings on Georgia campus

Liberals only like freedom of speech when it benefits them

ATLANTA, Georgia (INTELLIHUB) — Liberal college students at Emory University demanded to speak to the school president James Wagner Monday, who later “legitimized the students claims” that pro-Trump chalk markings actually ‘traumatized’ students who were mostly Bernie Sanders supporters.

The protestors told the school’s president that they are ‘very upset’ and that a ‘violent action’ had been committed when Donald Trump supporters tagged a stairwell and sidewalks with “Trump 2016” and other similar markings Sunday night.

However the far out liberals forgot that just weeks before they themselves tagged sidewalks around campus with pro-Sanders chalkings, demonstraiting the fact that liberals don’t like freedom of speech unless it slants toward them.

A group of about 40 liberal activists protested Monday afternoon, on campus, and could be heard shouting, “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!”

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