Life Imitates Art-NBC’s “1600 Penn” makes Possible Drone Reference in Promotional Trailer

By Sarah Dee
January 29, 2013

NBC’S sit-com “1600 Penn” premiered January 10th and is about a fictional first family living at the White House.

In one of their promotional trailers the ‘President’ threatens his daughter’s boyfriend saying, “One disrespectful word to my daughter, I will find you…I have robots that roam the skies.”

Is ‘Mr. President’ referring to drones here? Or merely satellites or some other type of non-life-threatening robots that rove aloft?

The show appears to be making a joke out of the stereotype of an overprotective father threatening whatever young suitor appears in his daughter’s life, but forget about dear ole dad’s shotgun, if your father is the president of the United States of America he has an army of robotic killing machines at his disposal!

Is this a case of life imitating art?

A recent Washington Post article entitled “U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013” says:

“The surge in drone activity comes as key leadership positions at the CIA and in Obama’s national security cabinet are in flux.

Current and former U.S. intelligence officials attributed the increased tempo to a sense of urgency surrounding expectations that President Obama will soon order a drawdown that could leave Afghanistan with fewer than 6,000 U.S. troops after 2014.”

So President Obama also has an army of robots at his disposal, which he is currently putting to use abroad. But should drone warfare really be made into a punch line?

Is this a way for mainstream America to become desensitized to the killing of innocent civilians and become accustomed to a living in a country where drone strikes are the norm?…Funny or not?

According to the Washington Post drone strikes have occurred as recently as three days ago, and here is an interactive app called “Tracking America’s Drone War.” that goes as far back as 2002 showing the activity in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.

There have already been eight strikes so far this year with forty-one casualties: thirty militant and eleven civilians.

For Pakistani protesters one drone strike is too many, considering they are the ones the bombs are falling on.

The article also stated that:

“Pakistanis in the tribal region said they were baffled by the surge in activity. This is beyond our understanding why the drone attacks are increased,” a tribal elder from Miran Shah, the main town in North Waziristan, said during a telephone interview.

He spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing concern for his safety.”

Watch the trailer below:


(*) Miller, G. (2013, January 10). U.s. drone strikes in pakistan on rise for 2013. Washington Post.


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