Atty. Lin Wood infers Chief Justice John Roberts is a cult member

Intellihub | "Are you a member of any club or cabal requiring minor children as initiation fee?," Wood asks in a controversial Tweet

Hunter and Joe Biden’s ties to corruption exposed in Ukraine presser: Follow-up

Staff Writer | Biden Family crime syndicate exposed

Cape Cod woman claims she saw large greyhound-like dogman leap two-lane road

Staff Writer | 'I saw something on four legs take like one giant leap across a two-lane road'

California restaurant owner fights shutdown by blocking health inspector with truck

Intellihub | Chaos in Covina: Police respond to COVID-19 shutdown protest

New documentary film Shackled To Silence nails it — exposes it all: MUST SEE

Lexi Morgan | Filmmaker Shepard Ambellas risks it all in an action-packed investigative expose

Poll finds 83% of people will not be taking the COVID vaccine

Intellihub | 12.3% of those who took the poll say they will be receiving the vaccine in due time once it's made readily available to the general public

ABC News: V.P. Pence gets COVID vaccine as “part of a Continuity of Government...

Intellihub | The fact that we are in "Continuity of Government" has become mainstream information

Doctor admits mRNA altering COVID vaccine “can get transcribed into your own DNA”

Intellihub | "What it means is you will have chronic COVID your whole life" if the messenger RNA has been nefariously designed, the doctor explained. "This is Doctor Evil stuff, potentially."

Tom Cruise becomes COVID commando, threatens to fire Mission Impossible film crew: Report

Shepard Ambellas | If you break the COVID rules on the set again you are "fu*king gone," Cruise was overheard ranting on location

Report: Smartmatic demands Fox News retract ‘false and defamatory’ election conspiracies

Intellihub | Voting tech firm battles right-wing MSM hosts

Understanding pandemics and epidemics

Persurvive | There are a few common ways in which disease spreads...

FDA lists 22 potential adverse effects of new COVID-19 vaccine and it’s not looking...

Intellihub | See all 22 adverse effects listed on FDA's COVID-19 Vaccine Saftey Surveillance bulletin -- it may SHOCK you!

Reopen Florida founder Tara Hill on vaccines, what’s coming

Lexi Morgan | "You have pharmaceutical companies who with this vaccine will be seeing some of the biggest paydays that they have seen in decades."

Dan Dicks: The military in Canada is engaging the vaccine rollout

Intellihub | "There is currently a debate on: 'who should be getting it first'"

YouTube to remove content alleging widespread election fraud changed 2020 outcome

Lexi Morgan | "We will begin enforcing this policy today, and will ramp up in the weeks to come"

Utah DPS helicopter pilot spills beans on monolith discovery, second object located

Intellihub | Flight crew located a second object the same day that "looked literally like something you saw in the movie Star Wars when they blow up a ship or something like that."

Tested positive for COVID-19? Be sure to ask this one question

Tyler Durden | The lockdowns are based on surging “cases” which are based on positive PCR test results.

Parasitic nanobots can latch onto intestines, deliver time-release drugs

Intellihub | The question is: Can these grippers be used for nefarious purposes?

Off-grid power and your survival plans | A little truth about off-grid power

Propane supplies fly off store shelves amid COVID

Zero Hedge | Since the start of the virus pandemic, various consumer services such as restaurants, bars, and clubs have moved outdoors to reduce the risk of virus spread.

It looks like MKUltra is in full effect: Video evidence

Intellihub | Video evidence shows mockingbird media is in full swing. Don't trust the mainstream.

Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video

A massive unidentified flying object was captured on film early Monday morning by onlookers from several islands.
dr urso

Dr. Richard Urso: COVID-19 “was a lie from the very beginning. We had treatment...

Intellihub | Outspoken doctor set to appear in groundbreaking new documentary film speaks out against COVID-19 disinformation and lies

Investigative journalist uncovers covert utility supply lines, can inject toxins or vaccines into home...

Intellihub | If the government wanted to they could inject whatever they want into your water and control the injection into each home independently in some cases, an investigative journalist finds

Biden says he’s “running as a proud Democrat for the Senate”

Intellihub | "I am running as a proud Democrat for the Senate."

Attorney: ‘Those responsible for the corona scandal must be criminally prosecuted’

Intellihub | COVID-19 is "the greatest crime against humanity ever committed."

World Economic Forum admits pandemic “live simulation exercise” started in Mid-October 2019

Intellihub | Do the words "live exercise" ring a bell?

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas reports LIVE from Louisville protest

Intellihub | Agent provocateurs and armed Antifa harassed and took pictures of Ambellas as he delivered the story live from Louisville
pandemic mask

UK fines $13,000 to those who break quarantine during second wave

Zero Hedge | The UK witnessed new record coronavirus case numbers reported in a single day since May on Saturday, logging over 4,420 confirmed infections.

Smoking them out — California residents at wits end over smoke

Intellihub | Is there an action plan to burn and smoke residents out of the area before an impending natural disaster?