Pfizer vaccines halted in Hong Kong after multiple defects were reported

Lance D Johnson | Twenty-one Hong Kong vaccination centers suspend vaccine appointments

Man livestreamed Boulder grocery store shooting: Graphic video

Intellihub | Video footage of the Boulder mass shooting has caused some controversy. But some appreciate it.

Leaked border facility photos reveal children huddled on the floor in pods

Shepard Ambellas | It's disgusting what is going on at one U.S. border facility under President Joe Biden's watch. Yet, the media fails to report it.
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Windows 10 secretly listens to everything you say, records all keystrokes with hidden keylogger...

Ethan Huff | Microsoft is guilty of committing treason with communist China

Former FDA Commissioner: “Costly” social distancing mandate “wasn’t based on clear science”

Tyler Durden | So what changed? Why did all these officials suddenly flip to fearmongering the deadliest of deadly things imaginable (that leaves 99.7% of those 'infected' unharmed)?

Bill Gates dodges questions about meetings with Jeffrey Epstein during AMA

Staff Writer | Microsoft CEO Bill Gates was confronted while doing an AMA about his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Dr. Fauci admits more pandemics (lockdowns) are coming because of climate change

Shepard Ambellas | Top immunologist says a "global response" is needed to curb the threat

What an OUTRAGE! Store-bought face masks contain cancer-causing agents: Exposed

Intellihub | People are willingly breathing in cancer-causing agents that also cause reproductive harm when they wear face masks marked with "warning"
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ISPs and rightsholders unite to block pirate sites in Germany

Torrent Freak | ISP blocking has become a prime measure for the entertainment industries to limit the availability of pirate sites on the Internet.

Here’s another reason to love blueberries: They protect against inflammation

Evangelyn Rodriguez | Blueberry polyphenols can be used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Italy imposes national lockdown as mutant COVID strains spread

Zero Hedge | Italy's new order is expected to be approved later on Friday

Covid-19 swab test burst woman’s brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid

Natural News | Is this the excuse they’re going to use to push anal swab testing instead?

Hawaii Governor David Ige declares state of emergency over flooding

Staff Writer | Flooding forces thousands of residents in Hawaii to evacuate; 13.2 inches of rainfall in just hours

There’s a White House replica located on former military base property

Staff Writer | Who would have ever thought that several replicas of the White House exist? But does it make you wonder who is occupying the replicas?

U.S. State Department claims the Russians are spreading disinfo about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Staff Writer | Biden Admin State Department shills for Pfizer over the safety of their COVID-19 vaccine; says the Russians are spreading lies
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Search engines won’t face monopoly investigation over pirated content

Torrent Freak | Publishers file complaints with federal antimonopoly service
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Mask mouth causes gum disease, which increases coronavirus death risk by 900%

Ethan Huff | Masks cause gum disease, which means masks increase risk of coronavirus death

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more elderly than the virus itself: Report

Natural News | Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 260 times more young people than the virus itself would have

Project Veritas releases footage of Facebook CEO showing concern about coronavirus jabs

Ramon Tomey | Facebook’s pro-vaccination stance only shows its clear bias toward Big Pharma

There is no evidence showing governments can control the spread of COVID-19

Mises Institute | The one chart that COVID doomsdayers can't explain

UK to infect volunteers with coronavirus in world’s first human challenge trial

Natural News | Human challenge trial could offer valuable insight fast
Whole foods store

Alabama man claims: Whole Foods is ‘practicing medicine without a license’

Shepard Ambellas | Alabama man confronts store employees over COVID-spawned front door temperature checks and medical questionnaire: Captured on video

French hospitals forced to slowdown covid vaccinations as workers fall ill

Lance D. Johnson | France orders hospitals to slow down vaccine rollout because of widespread injury

Dallas resident claims, homes with Biden-Harris signs in the yard had power during the...

Staff Writer | "I have to say this... some people that I saw Biden-Harris signs in their yard had power."

Cutting out sugar: How to deal with sugar detox symptoms

Michael Alexander | Cutting added sugar from your diet can cause several symptoms that may prove unpleasant and even stressful

Cascend: Data show wind power was chief culprit of Texas grid collapse

Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge's Tyler Durden lays out the harsh realities of green energy in the following report. Enjoy.

Dallas woman without power claims: ‘They’re trying to kill us… there is no food,...

Staff Writer | "FEMA ain't doing anything. Where is Joe Biden? Where are all their people, where is Black Lives Matter? This was a plandemic."

Weather satellites perplexed over extreme weather in the U.S.

Staff Writer | You know wintery weather conditions are bad when the ground is colder than the sky

Tens of thousands of Israeli COVID ‘Green Passes’ forged, cybersecurity expert claims

Staff Writer | Israel is starting to feel more like a Hollywood production allowing those who comply will be given a "Green Pass' to roam

CDC gives out false information then circles the wagons

Janet Phelan | The triage plans explicitly named the elderly and disabled as those who should be denied life-saving measures