chemtrails lithium

NASA heliophysicist admits “chemtrails” are real, Lithium being sprayed on populace

Intellihub | NASA now saying that they are spraying the population with a "mood-stabilizing drug" via chemtrails, as a test

#StandAgainstCensorship by taking action: 10 powerful things you can do NOW to take back...

Natural News | The revolution is here! And you’re invited to help win it for freedom and liberty

Famous Navy Seal calls for veterans to defend Trump

Infowars | Navy SEAL veteran Craig Sawyer gives a live public defense of Trump

Pro-terrorist Cornell University takes money from globalist Bill Gates to push GMOs destroying America

J. D. Heyes | Using financing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ivy League Cornell University's Alliance for Science has launched a multi-million-dollar broadside against a small food-oriented public interest group

Arizona wants to declare porn a public health crisis

Zero Hedge | Similar bills are being introduced in eleven states declaring porn a public health crisis

Top 5 additives and drugs BANNED from the food supply in Europe and Russia,...

Natural News | About a century ago, all food in America was naturally organic because farmers and corporations weren’t using chemical pesticides

Shocking film exposes a gnarly sinister agenda – Must see!

Intellihub News | If you haven't seen it yet--you must! The film SHADE delivers a shocking and modern presentation of the most critical issues humanity is facing today

Warning: West Virginia tap water contaminated — Don’t drink, bathe, brush teeth or wash...

Intellihub | The governor of West Virginia declared a state of emergency on Thursday, after a massive chemical spill has made its way into the tap water in 9 counties

What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

Michael Snyder | Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska?

Tomac wins St. Louis Supercross, Dungey and Reed squabble

Intellihub | Unexpected event squashes potential finish line battle between Tomac and Dungey

Bio recovery team cleans Dr. Spencer’s apartment, no protocol followed?

Shepard Ambellas | Meanwhile mayor pushes flu shots onto 'every New Yorker'

Update: YouTube deletes Maxine Waters request to ‘go and take out Trump’

American Mirror | Another version has been embedded here and will be visible until it is removed, too

DRC Ebola outbreak reaches crisis level, between 57% and 79% mortality rate | The Democratic Republic of Congo's latest Ebola outbreak may be most vigilant ever with a mortality rate that could be as high as 79%

Eddie Bravo and Bryan Callen go head-to-head over “Pizzagate”

Red pill or blue pill? (INTELLIHUB) -- Jiu-Jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo and comedian Bryan Callen passionately argued over "Pizzagate" and other conspiracy theories on Joe Rogan's...
long contrailvideo

Secret aircraft travels pole-to-pole in seconds?

Intellihub | Could this 13,000-mile long contrail have been formed in a matter of seconds?
Image: Intellihub

Survey reveals Americans don’t trust scientists on GMOs

Natural Society | But the majority of Americans are cool with them

Larry Silverstein said he redesigned WTC 7 a year before 9/11

Intellihub | Did a plan to demo the World Trade Center complex exist before the attacks?

Herd Immunity vs. Viral Shedding: Who’s infecting whom?

Makia Freeman | There’s a big difference between naturally acquired herd immunity and vaccine-acquired herd immunity

Find out WHY they are TERRAFORMING your planet — TAKE ACTION!

Intellihub | If it's raining don't go out in the rain without an umbrella

$320M project to freeze ground around the Fukushima reactor facility now underway

Intellihub | Fingers are crossed as TEPCO initiates a new battle plan

Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon

Christina Sarich | A draft bill is on the table in Russia that would criminalize GMO production and distribution. Now, anti-GMO activists there are looking to create a team

Floridians at risk of deadly brain-eating amoeba post Irma

Intellihub | Swim at your own risk: Experts warn of having an amoeba travel up your nose and eat your brain, Southern states

WHO warns Ebola outbreak critical as armed militants target healthcare workers

Zero Hedge | Residents have been highly distrustful of the government, and have been broadly accepting of misinformation about Ebola

Learn how to heal the adrenals, balance hormones and lose weight naturally

Jonathan Landsman | Don't become a victim of adrenal stress
clinton, bill

Man confronts Bill Clinton publicly: Why did you fly on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express...

Intellihub | Former U.S. President and adulterer Bill Clinton was confronted publicly on Thursday at a public speaking engagement where the heckler showed no mercy
political artist, activist

Political artist, activist, David Dees, speaks out in recent interview

Shepard Ambellas | Talks about 'New World Order' agendas

Bomb explosion kills 7: Scrapyard workers cut into 500lb WWII era bomb using gas-powered...

Intellihub News | Sadly, in its worst purchase ever, a local scrap-metal yard purchased a 500 pound World War II era bomb from an individual, in hopes to turn a profit.

Activists Halt Monsanto Seed Plant Construction in Argentina

Elizabeth Renter | The seed-giant and GMO evil genius Monsanto is promising to appeal a recent decision by a labor appeals court in Argentina to stop construction of a seed-manufacturing plant there. /small>

PepsiCo sued for allegedly misleading buyers of Naked Juice

Natural Society | Some products contain more sugar than a can of Pepsi

Top 5 plant based foods that improve your digestion

Derek Henry | Digestive health could easily be touted as one of the most important aspects of your health