Cow chases pig

Intellihub | Payback's a bitch: Cow attacks cop who was trying to prod it; apparently cows aren't sheep
stadium seating

NFL fan burns tickets to next weeks Giants vs. Chargers game in protest: Video

Intellihub | "The end of an era. I'm sad to see it happen but I'm sad to see what happened to America even more."

Another derailment highlights danger of transporting crude by train

Andrea Germanos | Latest incident took place near Pittsburgh, may have leaked up to 4,000 gallons of Canadian tar sands crude
virus bug

Who owns the Zika Virus

Global Research | The WHO declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on Monday, February 1

Yellowstone Super-Volcano is FAR Bigger Than Previously Thought

Chris Carrington | A new study that will be presented at the American Geophysical Fall Meeting will show that the Yellowstone super-volcano is about two and a half times larger than previously thought.

Food stamp program more likely to give benefits to illegal alien families

The Daily Sheeple | The family with the illegal alien always has a higher probability of receiving benefits

Huge new study proves organic foods are healthier and more nutritious: results immediately attacked...

David Gutierrez | Media reports have largely portrayed the study's findings as controversial and have quoted nutritionists skeptical of the results

Obamacare Exchanges Already a Logistical Nightmare; Most States to Miss Deadlines

J. D. Heyes | Readers of the medical "reform" measure known as Obamacare is a regulatory nightmare that will destroy the U.S. healthcare system and raise its costs astronomically.

“Perfect Recipe for a MONSTER: Hurricane Harvey upgraded to category 3

UPI | Hurricane Harvey increased in strength to Category 3, with winds of 125 mph Friday afternoon

Alex Jones chews corporate media’s ass over botched custody battle reports

Intellihub | Infowars founder Alex Jones issues statement on child custody battle and "fake news"

Chinese ‘Organic’ Contamination: How to Avoid Fake Organic Products

Anthony Gucciardi | It is possible to make sure you’re getting what is not just labeled organic and shipped from a contaminated facility in China, but actually high quality.

RNC video shows Hillary as heiress to Obama’s throne

Lexi Morgan | GOP foreshadows Hillary as next president

Elderly snowflakes say Trump is “mentally ill,” ‘does deals with the Russians’

Intellihub | Snowflakes claim Trump "hits" his wife Melania

Commando Chick investigates why this shutdown Walmart is being fortified at it’s rear entrance

Shepard Ambellas | Watch the hair-raising video and decide for yourself!

A Radioactive plume in South Carolina is leaking into the Savannah River

John Vibes | A radioactive plume is reportedly traveling in the groundwater towards the Savannah River .

Roseanne Barr’s sitcom cancelled following celeb’s “Chelsea Soros Clinton” attack on Twitter

Intellihub | The sh*t hit the fan in Hollywood on Tuesday after several powerful leftists appear to have banded together behind the scenes to orchestrate a full-court press retaliation against Bar for tweeting out how she really feels

MSM had a ‘rough week’ with all the ‘fake news’ they’ve published regarding the...

Intellihub | Fake news narratives no longer working as plan to implicate Trump in Russian collusion backfires

Highly radioactive substance found in Swiss dump: report | A highly radioactive substance, emitting in some places radiation 100 times the permitted amount

90-year-old woman healed pelvis with carrot juice

Paul Fassa | You may have read the article of how two people overcame their cancers with five pounds of carrots juiced daily, and wondered if carrot juice did the trick or if it was just magic

New Mexico, Colorado wildfires force hundreds to evacuate

Reuters | About 300 homes were threatened in Cimarron, where officials issued a mandatory evacuation on Friday

New medical law mandates “private” conversation with child before every doctor visit

Paul Joseph Watson | Parental authority being eviscerated by the state

Sierra Leone: Ebola patients expressing deep concern of forced isolation, fears of being taken...

Shepard Ambellas | Have you ever wondered what it would be like during door-to-door sweeps here in America?

A Race to Extinction – Fukushima

Sergey Baranov | Update Japanese Medical Scientist says that smiling and laughing will save people from radiation
David D/Flickr

Bombshell: CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals; CDC whistleblower case is back

Jon Rappoport | On July 29, US Congressman Bill Posey made his last stand on the floor of the House

U.S. Government Beefs-Up Preparations for H7N9 in Pacific

Shepard Ambellas | Is a false flag pandemic outbreak looming on the horizon to trigger a massive takeover of a Americans and their resources?

Drinking Water for 17 California Communities About to Run Dry?

Common Dreams | Warning issued as drought continues to grip the state

TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray

Shepard Ambellas | Passengers and staff scramble in fear

In the U.K. you can only buy heirloom seeds if you are part of...

Daisy Luther | The way we are being pushed and squeezed by regulations that govern every facet of our life, we will soon only be able to defecate when our allotted time slot comes around
eddie bravovideo

One of the best 9/11 discussions ever with Eddie Bravo & architect Richard Gage

Intellihub | Richard Gage and Eddie Bravo talk about 9/11 and some of its technical details

Bombshell connection between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA

Infowars | Nazi collaborator Soros funding division in America just like Ukraine