Watch Trump’s full New Hampshire victory speech: C-SPAN

Intellihub | Trump kills it in New Hampshire

Chemtrails finally admitted: “We’re living in a test already”

Truthstream Media | "Perfectly legal for the government to treat the population like lab rats"

The astonishing predictive programming in ‘Alias’

Jay | It’s as if we have entered some kind of time rift, with Twin Peaks, X Files, and now possibly Alias making a comeback to TV

Fox News hammers Rubio’s mockingbird puppet-like behaviors

Intellihub | Rubio exposed as establishment puppet

Florida residents on edge as deadly MERS resurfaces, several forced quarantined, at least 80...

Shepard Ambellas | MERS reemerges Tuesday, this time at least 80 have made contact

Drinking Water for 17 California Communities About to Run Dry?

Common Dreams | Warning issued as drought continues to grip the state
JD Hancock/Flickr

The falsification of science

Servando Gonzalez | According to Barry Glassner, president of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, there are high levels of disconnection between scientists and the public

European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants & Seeds Not Registered With...

Arjun | The European Commission is changing the European Union’s plant legislation, apparently to enhance food safety across the continent.
Image: Intellihub

In boon for Monsanto, federal judge quashes Maui county GMO ban

Lauren McCauley | Attorney says that decision 'not only ignores the will of the people, but places at risk all local regulations that seek to address the harmful impacts of GMO operations.'

7,000 underground gas bubbles poised to ‘explode’ in Arctic

Siberian Times | Bulging bumps in the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas believed to be caused by thawing permafrost releasing methane

Watch: Out of control cop tases man sitting down for no reason

Intellihub | Modern-day police brutality is off the charts, now, in Pennsylvania at least one police officer appears to have lost his mind altogether
HPV vaccine

Another high-profile global vaccine conspiracy exposed — This time it’s the HPV vaccine

Catherine J. Frompovich | Uncovered emails detail global conspiracy and coverup

ZMapp Ebola vaccine licensed to Leaf Biopharmaceutical in revenue sharing deal

Shepard Ambellas | ZMapp soon to be approved for commercial human use

6 spices that reduce the risk of cancer

Dr. Sofiya | Cancer is a word that seems to strike fear in the hearts of nearly everyone who hears it, regardless of their age, gender or socioeconomic status

U.S. test fires nuclear ICBM, warns “we are prepared to use nuclear weapons”

Intellihub | The entire launch was caught on the following video

False flags and drills: What they aren’t telling you about Vegas

Infowars | Shepard Ambellas joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down new information regarding the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st

Special Agent who handled Hillary Clinton during 2016 seizure-like collapse dead at 49? | Astonishingly, the Secret Service special agent that helped lift Hillary Clinton into a black van after her collapse in 2016 appears to be dead
dan patrickvideo

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick discusses human smuggling tragedy

Intellihub | Texas Lt. Governor chimes in on illegal immigration and human smuggling which recently lead to the deaths of 10 people in San Antonio
dumbed down

Have they dumbed us down past the point of no return?

Intellihub | Dumbed down Americans find it hard to answer any real question

Herbal medicine kit: Bleeding

Kat Yorba | Today we continue on with our series with looking at “Bleeding"
hillary clinton talks planned parenthoodvideo

Clinton slams possibility of Uranium One investigation as an “abuse of power”

Intellihub | Hillary Clinton is "obviously getting nervous" over the Uranium One scandal, Hannity says
Via Natural Society

GMO’s ‘Big Tobacco’ moment just happened

Jeffery Jaxen | 'I don't believe glyphosate causes cancer'
baby dolphin killed

Baby dolphin pulled from waves killed by humans after they passed her around for...

Free Thought Project | See how far humans will go for a selfie

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader, falls asleep...

Intellihub | The speech even bored Bader

How to Heal a Sore Throat with these Natural Solutions

Elizabeth Renter | As with most symptoms, your body will recover once the irritating cause has been defeated. Strengthening your body’s defenses through hydration and a healthy diet is crucial. Most importantly, remember to share how to heal a sore throat naturally with friends and family.

Gates Foundation focuses $3bn agro-fund on rich countries, ‘pushes GMO agenda in Africa’

RT | The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives the majority of its $3 billion in food and agricultural grants to rich Western countries, with critics accusing it of using its money to force a pro-GMO agenda on Africa, a recent report suggests

It’s no joke: The FDA is the fraud and death administration

Paul Fassa | The FDA serves the bottom lines of Big Food and Big Pharma

The Vaccine Racket: Amazing infographic reveals financial connections behind criminally-run vaccine industry

Mike Adams | Today we are officially releasing our Vaccine Racket Infographic which details the financial connections behind the criminally-run vaccine industry #VaccineRacket

How Junk Food Could Weaken Bones, Lead to Osteoporosis

Elizabeth Renter | Did you know junk food can also potentially cause osteoporosis?

Bilderberg security forces search reporters on site

Intellihub | Would mainstream media be treated the same way?