Comedian George Lopez pisses on Trump’s Hollywood star with fake pee

Intellihub | Comedian George Lopez hit the streets of Hollywood in his latest attempt to gain publicity for his starving career
alex jones

Alex Jones and Infowars permanently banned from Twitter | Soon there will be absolutely no freedom of speech left in America as the deep state and corporate conglomerates continue to infringe the U.S. Constitution
the snakevideo

Donald Trump vid goes viral: Relating “The Snake” to ISIS

Intellihub | Donald Trump vid getting tons of views, sending unique message to Americans

Lights turned out on V.P. Joe Biden during WEF Davos speech

Intellihub | Symbology or timing?

UPDATED: Feds base of operations exposed, school commandeered as authorities prepare for response to...

Intellihub | It's getting real: Law enforcement preparing to maneuver
bill oreilly

Bill O’Reilly in talks to return to cable news

Page Six | An insider told Page Six, “The deals are not done yet, but talks are in the advanced stages, certainly with O’Reilly

Shock video: Liberal feminists ignore ruthless attack on white woman by black couple

Intellihub News | Liberal media cover-up of shocking attack on white female exposed
planted evidence msnbc

‘MSNBC reporter and others essentially conduct B&E at terror suspects home, fall for bogus...

Shepard Ambellas | Staged up crime scene appears to contain bogus FBI planted evidence, Youtuber finds
trump winsvideo

Trump now in dead heat with Hillary

Intellihub | Looks like Hillary is starting to sweat, dead heat between her and Trump now in most polls

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo discuss the Parkland school shooting and gun control

Intellihub | "The thing that infuriates me most is that all people want to look at is guns"

Gingrich: All of the real evidence on real money and real influence buying by...

Intellihub | We need to get to the bottom of this, "there is no crime here."
mark dice ban flag

Citizens sign petition to ban the current American flag, issue new design with ‘rainbow’...

Shepard Ambellas | Americans blindly sign mock petition to ban/alter the U.S. Flag

‘You guys are getting worse’: Trump almost hit by lamp in chaotic White House...

Intellihub | South Korean President and associates watch entire fiasco in dismay

Another one bites the dust: ANTIFA protester arrested for smashing citizen’s cameraphone

>Intellihub | Looks like it's going to be a busy summer for law enforcement

Shepard Ambellas: Twitter just said I was a bot then forced a data scrape...

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas furious after tweeting out crucial Las Vegas Shooting information which seemingly prompted Twitter limit his account, and allow Google to force-scrape data from his smartphone

LVMPD officer: He killed a security officer in the hallway on the 32nd-floor of... | Was a security officer shot and killed inside Mandalay Bay on the 32nd-floor during the 1 October attack?
denver airport

What really happened when Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas went to investigate the Denver International Airport...

Intellihub | A massive underground base that is part of the Continuity of Government program exists under the Denver International Airport facility

NASA rover captures photo of ‘advanced technology’ on Martian surface

Intellihub | Conspiracy theories swirl online over NASA rover photo, captured 'advanced technology' on Mars
seven trumpets angles

Seven Trumpets: Strange sounds from heavens caught on tape

Lexi Morgan | Seven trumpets of the Apocalypse, the biblical tale, coming true?
black hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashes during nighttime drill off Florida coast, 11 dead

Lexi Morgan | Human remains washed ashore after tragic crash
tom arnold

Actor Tom Arnold gets a visit from the Secret Service | Hollywood actor Tom Arnold got paid a visit by the U.S. Secret Service following a controversial Tweet he made two days prior to the October 25th pipe bomb scare.

LASD Aero Bureau: ‘The UFO over Covina was just a floating car advertisement balloon’

Intellihub | On Aug. 28, 2017, a metallic object was spotted in the sky hovering in place and was captured on film by several people

Multiple shooters spotted near Tropicana on night of massacre: Report

Intellihub | It's clear that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI are not interested in telling the American people the truth
mushroom cloud

14 day global false flag alert issued!

Next News Network | Heightened global tensions could lead to upcoming false flag attack
martial law

Martial Law: Police, National Guard invade Baltimore streets

Jakari Jackson & Joe Biggs | This is a glimpse of what a martial law scenario would look like.
wtc 9/11video

9/11 rescue worker says human skull turned to “powder and dust” on retrieval

Intellihub | Eyewitness account of 9/11 suggests micro-nuclear munitions were used in attack
hollow earth

Future hollow Earth expedition planned, Dr. Agnew explains

Intellihub | Is the Earth hollow? All evidence points to yes!

Megyn Kelly’s new show tanks, viewership down 42%, major advertiser leaving

Intellihub | A brewing controversy over Kelly's interview with radio talk show host Alex Jones lands Kelly in hot water
christmas presentvideo

DIY: How to wrap the perfect Christmas present

Intellihub | This is the nicest way to wrap your Christmas gifts

Helicopters in 19 seconds: Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | A video posted to YouTube does a great job showing the viewer how helicopters were lurking below the roof lines of casinos while the attack took place