blood draw

Cops put hood over woman’s head, restrained her, choked her out to draw blood...

Cassandra Rules | The scene painted by the lawsuit reads like the horror stories we hear from Guantanamo Bay, yet it took place here in Texas- over a would-be misdemeanor

Watch as Obama roasts the GOP

Intellihub | The POTUS roasts the GOP in an unforgiving comedy presentation
davos speech trumpvideo

President Trump urges investors to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into American economy

Intellihub | It's no secret that President Trump's business skills have put America first which was the overall theme of the President's Davos speech

Video: Vegas taxi driver films from outside ‘Gate 7’ during Route 91 music festival...

Intellihub | A female taxi driver was pinned down in her car as she struggled to take cover during the Route 91 music festival massacre
drag queenvideo

Inside China’s thriving drag queen culture

Vice | Growing up in a small, rural city in northeast China, Neil was obsessed with dressing himself in bed sheets and playing with dolls

Wheelchair-bound man pushed off curb face-first by evil cop

Shepard Ambellas | Police officer under investigation

Daredevil hopes to best Evel Knievel with live motorcycle jumps

NY Post | Pastrana is not just looking to recreate Knievel’s iconic jumps — but to surpass them
white bus

Bus marked “Mass Casualty” spotted on Louisiana highway *VIDEO*

Lexi Morgan | Youtuber questions JADE HELM 15 connection

‘Crip God’ Daz Dillinger in police crosshairs after Kanye threat

Intellihub | Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department stopped washed up rapper Daz Dillinger on the street Tuesday to ask him about the threat he made to Kanye West

Trump spokesperson: ‘Heidi Cruz is a Bush operative’

Intellihub | Katrina Pierson calls out Heidi Cruz on national TV

NASA 2024 test will be first step toward Earth asteroid defense system

Intellihub | NASA to ultimately develop an effective asteroid defense system capable of protecting planet Earth in the event of an impending strike
BBC refugees

Obama provides arriving refugees with cash, gift cards, S.S. benefits, and housing

Gary Franchi | Using your taxpayer dollars
hard drivevideo

What you need to know about the “Panama Papers” — explained

Intellihub | Luke Rudkowski touches on important areas of the world's biggest data dump
ups plane refugees

Refugees being snuck into U.S. on UPS flights?

Intellihub | 'UPS plane, at least 30 buses filled with people' -- Refugees?
military convoy

Videos: Massive military train convoys caught on video all across the country

Stefan Stanford | Preparation for economic collapse or World War 3 continues across America
maddow tax return

Rachel Maddow’s release of Trump’s 2005 “client copy” tax return flops

Intellihub | Maddow's quest for ratings continues with release of Trump's 2005 federal tax return

U.S. Marine, Trump supporter, jumped by L.A. thugs, holds his own to protect Trump’s...

Intellihub | An altercation got ugly Thursday night when a gang of alt-left thugs jumped a U.S. Marine near Donald Trump's Hollywood star
antifa armed austin texas

Armed and masked ANTIFA members try to fight Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer at Texas...

Intellihub | Even though ANTIFA has already been declared a terrorist organization in at least one state it hasn't stopped them from wreaking havoc in Texas

The power of civil disobedience

Zen Gardner | The footage contained in this film originally came from raw footage used in a 1986 documentary

Hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks spotted in Houston on rail-train

Intellihub | Keep your head on a swivel, military movements are starting up again in the CONUS, this time battle-tanks

Lamborghini owner picks up a homeless man

The Exotic Revolution | This is an amazing, must watch, video!

A behind the scenes look at a failing Fox News Corp.: Caught on tape

Intellihub | Laura Ingraham melts down after Fox producers fail over and over again
recon ppn

Recon mission: Armed patriots swarm makeshift FBI compound in Oregon, present ‘Articles of Resolution’...

Shepard Ambellas | FBI Special Agent and staff confronted by armed moderators, Recon conducted, Oregon occupation continues
trident ii missile

‘Missile’ beta test judges general public’s reaction time and social response

Gary Franchi | PSYOP or display of force?
Clinton email

Bizarrely Hillary admits she’s ‘not even a human being’ but rather a ‘robot’

Lexi Morgan | Let the conspiracy theories and comments rip

Will artificial intelligence destroy humankind?

Intellihub | At what point will a.i. or robots become smarter than humans and attempt to destroy us?

Joe Rogan calls for a “war on asteroids… as long as it’s profitable”

Intellihub | Asteroids are dangerous for sure -- but they also have value

It’s official: The collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete

Natural News | The mainstream media has obliterated all remaining traces of credibility

Syrian migrants complain about ‘taste of food’, ‘no TV’, want to go back

Shepard Ambellas | Rather than looking for jobs, migrants continue to freeload and complain

Four armed militants still alive at refuge — plan to hold ground until pardoned

Intellihub | 'FBI still not offering pardon'