Fox News Panelist: Black Lives Matter is a hate group

Intellihub | Fox News panel acknowledges Black Lives Matter is, in fact, a "hate group"

Sean Hannity interviews Assange: Full

Intellihub | Wikileaks vs. the Establishment

Pathetic Hollywood B-listers tell Congress to obstruct Trump

Intellihub | Former Fox News star joins left leaning NBC News
shepard ambellasvideo

Shepard Ambellas briefly breaks down Obama’s last minute Bundy Ranch land grab

Intellihub | Over 300,000 acres make up two new National Monuments in Nevada and Utah, militia and patriots furious

Assange: ‘Our source is not the Russian government or a state party’

Intellihub | Assange confirms intelligence community and news outlets perpetuation of propaganda

UFC Commentator: Amanda Nunes lit Ronda Rousey up like a Christmas tree

Intellihub | Nunes fires up crowd with "flawless victory"

C.I.A. officer who interrogated Saddam Hussein talks about Russian hacking fiasco

Intellihub | Former C.I.A. officer "deeply disturbed" over Trump's remarks

Antarctic mystery unveiled — new evidence

Intellihub | Did an ancient civilization once exist on Antarctica?
dc metro police truckvideo

FOIA: DC police never actually investigated Pizzagate – lied about it?

iCitizenNews | D.C. police caught in a lie?

Rachael Maddow’s newest anti-Trump conspiracy theory lacks teeth, derailed by Kellyanne Conway

Intellihub | 'Anyone who effects Trump's bottom line is in fact paying the president'

Were the Karlov Assassination and the Berlin Truck attack staged events?

AltNews | Shocking details and analysis of both attacks leads to many questions

Michael Moore has a new 5-point plan to dethrone Trump

Intellihub | Michael Moore calls for minorities to oppose Trump with new 5-point plan

FMR Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: ‘These left wingers live in a delusional...

Intellihub | 'Left wingers have decided to stay with the delusion'

The best of Trump — insults and comebacks

Intellihub | "The wall just got ten feet taller"

Roger Stone talks about Trump’s plan to control Goldman Sachs appointees

Infowars | How Trump intends to control the globalists in his cabinet

Alternative media outlets under massive cyberattack

Intellihub | This attack comes on the heels of a massive push by the corporate media to attack and shut down so-called “fake news”.

Megyn Kelly fails to ask even one legitimate question to James Alefantis over ‘Pizzagate’...

Intellihub | Is Megyn Kelly involved in a cover-up of the 'Pizzagate' conspiracy?

SNL skit attacks “alt-right” and “Pizzagate” conspiracy in skit

Intellihub | If the "Pizzagate" conspiracy is not real, then why are countless legacy media conglomerates attacking it?

Report: Hillary Clinton burned through $1.2B on campaign, now in debt

Intellihub | Can you say loser? Hillary fails big on presidential bid

C.I.A. blames Russians for Hillary’s loss

Intellihub | A desperate Establishment pushes more 'fake news'

Eddie Bravo and Bryan Callen go head-to-head over “Pizzagate”

Red pill or blue pill? (INTELLIHUB) -- Jiu-Jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo and comedian Bryan Callen passionately argued over "Pizzagate" and other conspiracy theories on Joe Rogan's...

UFC commentator Joe Rogan: ‘Not everyone is responsible enough to own a firearm’

Intellihub | Who decides who is responsible enough to own a firearm?

Caught on film — CNN news crew laughs about the Presient-elect’s plane crashing: Reports

Intellihub | CNN purportedly jokes on camera about Donald Trump's plane crashing
Donald Trumpvideo

Trump thanks Ohio, gives best speech ever

Intellihub | "We are going to defend the American worker"

Youtuber: ‘Spec Ops military unit wants to come hangout in my studio and study...

Intellihub | Spec Ops unit seeking to learn Youtuber's secrets for popularity

Trump starts new YouTube channel to combat fake news

Intellihub | Trump fires up YouTube channel to counter mainstream propaganda

The most unqualified media personalities on TV; people who never saw a President Trump...

Intellihub | Media personalities who missed the mark; rooted for a criminal Hillary over Trump

Joe Rogan explains why physical addiction is “like a demon”

Intellihub | Joe Rogan on coffee and cigarettes
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Watch Megyn Kelly almost cry on air when Trump took the lead #ElectionNight

Intellihub | She belived her masters fake polls! LOL!