A behind the scenes look at a failing Fox News Corp.: Caught on tape

Intellihub | Laura Ingraham melts down after Fox producers fail over and over again
man princevideo

Back in 2014, this man predicted Prince was to be next, part of an...

Intellihub | "Don't be surprised when he's taken from this world [...] this guy is the next one on the list."

Watch as Cuban government gas bombs civilians for Zika!

Intellihub | Tyranny at it's finest: Cuban government should be ashamed for spraying their people with chemicals

Hundreds of olive drab military vehicles on rail-train filmed in Georgia by drone operator

Intellihub | Another large sighting of military vehicles and equipment, this time in Georgia

Alex Jones: ‘The real, next level, chess game starts now’

Intellihub | "Donald Trump is a big fire-breathing dragon" to the Establishment

Hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks spotted in Houston on rail-train

Intellihub | Keep your head on a swivel, military movements are starting up again in the CONUS, this time battle-tanks

Sanders: The Convention will be a contested contest

Intellihub | Does Sanders still have a chance against Hillary?
excessive force police cop

Cop fired for punching handcuffed lady out: Excessive force video

Intellihub | Cop uses excessive force on handcuffed woman's face

Watch as Obama roasts the GOP

Intellihub | The POTUS roasts the GOP in an unforgiving comedy presentation

Watch as Donald Trump fires President Obama: Parody

Intellihub | Grab a quick laugh as Trump fires Obama in parody vid

Sinister human experimentation and ‘one world order’ goals exposed after privately rented confab infiltrated...

Intellihub | Important documentary film emerges exposing global elites sinister plans for the populace

Watch as U.S. border fence gets breached using a simple car jack

Intellihub | Drug smugglers use car jack to enter U.S. undetected

Watch what Prince tells Larry King in 1999 (Full Interview)

Intellihub | Prince may have been more fed-up with the system than one might think

Watch as this electronic voting machine gets hacked in 60 seconds

Intellihub | You have seen 'Gone In 60 Seconds,' now how about 'hacked in 60 seconds.'

NBC News predicts populace to be RFID chipped in 2017

Intellihub | RFID chips embedded in all humans to become a reality soon?

A view from inside the chemtrail planes: Video

Intellihub | Geoengineering ,chemtrail, operations are real; here's the proof
weaponized flicker ratesvideo

“Weaponized flicker rates on the televisions […] weaponized carrier waves” attacking us, says Alex...

Intellihub | Hollywood programing is being directed and used against us -- "we are being slowly killed"

Trump tells Fox & Friends, ‘The system is rigged’

Intellihub | The truth is coming out: Trump talks about a "rigged" system on national television
alex jones calls out cia operativevideo

Radio talk show host Alex Jones calls out CNN news analyst Buck Sexton as...

Intellihub | CIA operative and shill Buck Sexton was exposed by radio talk show host Alex Jones Sunday, and the elites were warned
vet flagvideo

Watch THIS VET get furious after protesters STOMP on U.S. Flag

Intellihub | 'F*** this Flag' protestors try to intimidate Vet, Vet doesn't back down

Why Hillary will likely be your next President: Electronic election fraud, hacking of system...

Intellihub | It has now been proven that electronic voting machines can be hacked using only the memory card
hillary tvvideo

THIS MOVIE about Hillary Clinton was BANNED in the U.S. in 2008 under FCC...

Intellihub | Controversial movie banned just before 2008 Democratic primaries
hard drivevideo

What you need to know about the “Panama Papers” — explained

Intellihub | Luke Rudkowski touches on important areas of the world's biggest data dump

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

Intellihub | Eventually there will be nothing left of free speech if we keep going down this road

Trump’s former butler dominates CNN’s Carol Costello by giving short, direct answers on segment

Intellihub | Mainstream starting to get back what they deserve, Trump's former butler rules!

Oath keeper: ‘Our government has committed treason in Oregon and I have the documents...

Intellihub | Oath keeper threatens federal government with Common Law Grand Jury over 'treasonous activities' surrounding Oregon mineral situation

Trump spokesperson: ‘Heidi Cruz is a Bush operative’

Intellihub | Katrina Pierson calls out Heidi Cruz on national TV
the snakevideo

Donald Trump vid goes viral: Relating “The Snake” to ISIS

Intellihub | Donald Trump vid getting tons of views, sending unique message to Americans
trump protestersvideo

Black Police Officer: Anti-Trump protesters “actin’ a fool” during Tuscon rally

Intellihub | "These people [the anti-Trump protesters] were the most hateful people I have ever seen."

NASA: ‘Hidden magnetic portals in Earth’s magnetosphere open and close dozens of times daily’

Intellihub | It looks as if legends of portals in writings and film may be true after all