“The Clinton’s are not nice people,” says podcast host | This is a must listen to podcast

Military equipment spotted on Kansas rail-train: Captured on tape | Typical summertime military movements in the CONUS captured on video in Kansas
trump in newsroom

Trump brings theories of conspiracy to forefront, media goes into panic mode

Intellihub | Mainstream media thrown another curve-ball from Trump
mad scientist

Intellihub Podcast: Real genetically modified chimeras being made now and more…

Intellihub | What's next, cross-dressing chimeras from Mars?

Risking murder charges: MMA fighter Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch to brawl in Bare Knuckle...

Intellihub | The provocative headline "Risking murder charges," is not necessarily a joke as top MMA fighters hands are considered "deadly weapons" in some courts
nasa budget

NASA budget (FY2016); What’s really going on in space?

Intellihub | NASA budget exceeds $18 billion in 2016 alone
trump winsvideo

Trump now in dead heat with Hillary

Intellihub | Looks like Hillary is starting to sweat, dead heat between her and Trump now in most polls
beck, glenn

Shepard Ambellas hammers ‘fake wannabe’ Glenn Beck, calls him a ‘hollow, lifeless, soulless’ person

Intellihub | 'Glenn Beck is a sellout that no one listens to'
denver airport

What really happened when Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas went to investigate the Denver International Airport...

Intellihub | A massive underground base that is part of the Continuity of Government program exists under the Denver International Airport facility

Patriots being singled out, limited, on gun purchases

Intellihub | It's no longer conspiracy, it's a reality -- patriots rights are being revoked

The entertainment industry exposed — Illuminati tentacles

Intellihub | It's no big secret anymore that Hollywood has been overran by evil

FBI now preventing patriots from buying guns: Confirmed

Intellihub | Patriot without felony record delayed, denied, purchase of firearm
wtc night

Secret technologies used to bring down WTC towers on 9/11 revealed

Intellihub | Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas gets down to business revealing once secret elements of the September 11th attacks

Intellihub podcast launches first episode with Shepard Ambellas *LISTEN NOW*

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas takes the wheel of the Intellihub podcast

Chelsea Clinton says her mom, Hillary, wants to limit guns in America

Intellihub | It looks as if Hillary and other global elite are glad Justice Scalia is now out of the way

Comedian, actor, Anthony Anderson loves Obama, wants him to do another 8-year term

Intellihub | In a subtle push for tyranny, comedian Anthony Anderson pushes a third and forth term for Obama

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly make up, Trump talks reality: Full Interview

Intellihub | Donald's 9 month feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly is now over

Watch as White House Press Secretary gets asked about super secret Area 51

Intellihub | White House Press Secretary confronted about Area 51 base

Businessman to recreate 9/11; wants to fly 747 into it to test theories

Intellihub | Odd test to be conducted by businessman to prove what really happened on 9/11

CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught on tape shilling for Hillary

Intellihub | Former CIA intern Anderson Cooper shills for Hillary

A behind the scenes look at a failing Fox News Corp.: Caught on tape

Intellihub | Laura Ingraham melts down after Fox producers fail over and over again
man princevideo

Back in 2014, this man predicted Prince was to be next, part of an...

Intellihub | "Don't be surprised when he's taken from this world [...] this guy is the next one on the list."

Watch as Cuban government gas bombs civilians for Zika!

Intellihub | Tyranny at it's finest: Cuban government should be ashamed for spraying their people with chemicals

Hundreds of olive drab military vehicles on rail-train filmed in Georgia by drone operator

Intellihub | Another large sighting of military vehicles and equipment, this time in Georgia

Alex Jones: ‘The real, next level, chess game starts now’

Intellihub | "Donald Trump is a big fire-breathing dragon" to the Establishment

Hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks spotted in Houston on rail-train

Intellihub | Keep your head on a swivel, military movements are starting up again in the CONUS, this time battle-tanks

Sanders: The Convention will be a contested contest

Intellihub | Does Sanders still have a chance against Hillary?
excessive force police cop

Cop fired for punching handcuffed lady out: Excessive force video

Intellihub | Cop uses excessive force on handcuffed woman's face

Watch as Obama roasts the GOP

Intellihub | The POTUS roasts the GOP in an unforgiving comedy presentation

Watch as Donald Trump fires President Obama: Parody

Intellihub | Grab a quick laugh as Trump fires Obama in parody vid