Trump spokesperson: ‘Heidi Cruz is a Bush operative’

Intellihub | Katrina Pierson calls out Heidi Cruz on national TV
the snakevideo

Donald Trump vid goes viral: Relating “The Snake” to ISIS

Intellihub | Donald Trump vid getting tons of views, sending unique message to Americans
trump protestersvideo

Black Police Officer: Anti-Trump protesters “actin’ a fool” during Tuscon rally

Intellihub | "These people [the anti-Trump protesters] were the most hateful people I have ever seen."

NASA: ‘Hidden magnetic portals in Earth’s magnetosphere open and close dozens of times daily’

Intellihub | It looks as if legends of portals in writings and film may be true after all

Find out why THIS GUY voted for Trump: Video

Intellihub | Donald Trump "is going to bring an end to the disgusting double standards that have existed for so long."

Black Pastor nails it at Trump rally, crowd goes wild

Intellhub | Pastor says, "we need a strong leadership in America"
secret service agentsvideo

Secret Service agents jump up to podium to protect Trump at Ohio rally; it’s...

Intellihub | Trump has close call, Secret Service agents step in

How to pull over a cop like a boss

Intellihub | Watch as an activist stops a cop and even I.D.'s him
birth certificatevideo

Did you know your parents gave you away to the ‘CROWN CORP.’ when you...

Intellihub | Your Birth Certificate is actually a Negotiable Bond and can free you of all debt!
ted cruzvideo

Cruz grandstands for Establishment, says voters fed up with Washington should not vote for...

Intellihub | Fox News host Megyn Kelly facilitates airtime for shilling
texas policevideo

North Texas police departments using covert buses to physically monitor drivers in realtime

Intellihub | Covert roving surveillance platforms now in place: Covert buses

Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes Romney as Establishment shill on Fox News *Video*

Intellihub | Romney exposed as a "corporate raider"

A young Ted Cruz planned to “takeover the world […] rule everything” — Ted’s...

Intellihub | Shockingly Cruz also wanted to appear in a "teen tit film"
carbon monoxiode calivideo

San Andreas Fault just released massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases...

Intellihub | Extremely high levels of CO released as fault pressure builds, earthquake predicted
bill clintonvideo

Watch Bill Clinton get confronted by Veteran Marine Drill Instructor at Hillary fundraiser

Intellihub | Drill instructor pounds ol' Billy boy
Roger Stonevideo

News agencies setting precedents to ‘ban’ outspoken political insiders

Intellihub | Trump insider Roger Stone banned from CNN, other agencies

Establishment dichotomy threatened by outsider, they’ve entered full on panic mode after Trump’s Nevada...

Intellihub | For the first time in history, aside from the JFK phenomenon, a real movement, a revolution, may be taking place inside America
obama smilingvideo

Obama cracks Scalia death joke… Americans OUTRAGED

Intellihub | Obama's actions, speech, analyzed in detail

Asteroid with ‘uncertain’ trajectory to graze earth on Mar. 7 — ‘It’s going to...

Intellihub | Scientist predict trajectory from between 19,000 miles and 10 million miles with uncertainty

Entire crowd of 10,000 says “Mexico” is building the wall!

Intellihub | Trump's message resonates throughout the populace
clinton, hillaryvideo

Clinton talks about her Nevada win at Caucuses

Intellihub | Vows to let illegals stay in the U.S.
victory speech primary GOPvideo

Watch Trump’s FULL South Carolina victory speech

Intellihub | Trump wins by landslide, vows to make America better than ever before
apple iphonevideo

Trump: ‘Boycott Apple if they don’t give the code’

Intellihub | Trumps says Apple should give up the code up to the government

Watch Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore dominate press on Oregon occupation situation

Intellihub | Stands for constitutional justice

Find out WHY they are TERRAFORMING your planet — TAKE ACTION!

Intellihub | If it's raining don't go out in the rain without an umbrella

Watch Trump’s full New Hampshire victory speech: C-SPAN

Intellihub | Trump kills it in New Hampshire
troops canadian frenchvideo

Longtime Harney County resident speaks out, confirms French mercs on the ground, operating outside...

Intellihub | Factions of U.S. government may have ordered foreign mercs into Harney County to circumvent constitutional conflict, operating covertly
blm malheurvideo

Alert: White SUV with “European plates” seen entering Oregon refuge, “private mercenaries” seen inside

Intelihub | French mercs spotted again in Burns, this time entering refuge

Video: BLM lights unattended fires around people’s land, burns cows alive, threatens ranchers with...

The Daily Sheeple | This is an example of the complete and utter corruption of the BLM