lindsey graham

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham attends Bilderberg conference in Germany likely in violation of the...

Intellihub | Will the Bilderbergers coalesce to have Se. Lindsey Graham attack Trump politically?

Chemtrails finally admitted: “We’re living in a test already”

Truthstream Media | "Perfectly legal for the government to treat the population like lab rats"

9/11 remembrance: POTUS and FLOTUS observe moment of silence

Intellihub | "On that day not only did the world change but we all changed"

Mysterious death of former White House Chef with Bush Family ties revealed

Intellihub | Is this just another person who knew too much about 9/11, about the Bush Crime Family?

Cargo plane spotted heading west over Cali escorted by 10 jet fighters: Nuclear munitions...

Intellihub | What was this plane carrying that is so important?
mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerburg finally found out why Trump won; hint: it wasn’t Russia

Zero Hedge | Of course, Zuckerberg also took the opportunity to cast the men he met as just a bunch of misogynist criminals

Manhattan nuclear power plant hidden in plain sight? Some speculate

Intellihub | NSA hub or secret nuclear power plant? Conjecture circulates on the streets
cell towervideo

You and your family are being barbecued by cellphone towers and it’s worse than...

Intellihub | Cellphone towers are dangerous and create negative effects on the human body
refugees recieve aid shipment full of weapons

Greek Coast Guard intercepts aid container full of weapons, firearms, possibly intended for Muslim...

Shepard Ambellas | Greek authorities seize undocumented cache of weapons and supplies
Clinton email

Bizarrely Hillary admits she’s ‘not even a human being’ but rather a ‘robot’

Lexi Morgan | Let the conspiracy theories and comments rip

Steve Quayle on the current state of the Yellowstone supervolcano

Intellihub | Popular author and researcher Steve Quayle talks about the current status of the Yellowstone supervolcano which he lives 50 air miles from
all seeing eye

Video: Wife of high-ranking Illuminati member tells all! Hear all the intense details now

Intellihub News | The following four videos document an over eight hour interview with Illuminati whistleblower Kay Griggs.
Tia Bolton/YouTube

“U.S. Dept. of Relocation” shipping containers found hidden away at State Fairgrounds, claims witness

Shepard Ambellas | Ominous shipping containers captured on video, tucked away, at local fairgrounds

“Scoops,” just like the ones in to movie ‘Soylent Green’, have been deployed at...

Intellihub | It appears Hollywood was spot on with their "scoops" concept in the 1973 film Soylent Green
Roger Stonevideo

News agencies setting precedents to ‘ban’ outspoken political insiders

Intellihub | Trump insider Roger Stone banned from CNN, other agencies
carbon monoxiode calivideo

San Andreas Fault just released massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases...

Intellihub | Extremely high levels of CO released as fault pressure builds, earthquake predicted

Holder calls for gun owners to wear “tracking bracelets”

Intellihub | Attorney General Eric Holder proposes drastic measures to track, trace and monitor all gun owners in America
Daniel Paquet/Flickr

Woman gets flu vaccine, dies from flu

Kristan T. Harris | A Wisconsin health care worker Katherine McQuestion received her flu vaccine as usual and later died from the flu

Intellihub Podcast: The U.S. government is targeting innocent Americans — The National Security Racketeering...

Intellihub | Covert monitoring of targeted individuals is taking place on many different levels, report concludes
blm malheurvideo

Alert: White SUV with “European plates” seen entering Oregon refuge, “private mercenaries” seen inside

Intelihub | French mercs spotted again in Burns, this time entering refuge

Tom Fitton: Comey has repeatedly and improperly protected Clinton and her top people

Intellihub | Will a new investigation be opened?

Gingrich: All of the real evidence on real money and real influence buying by...

Intellihub | We need to get to the bottom of this, "there is no crime here."
recon ppn

Recon mission: Armed patriots swarm makeshift FBI compound in Oregon, present ‘Articles of Resolution’...

Shepard Ambellas | FBI Special Agent and staff confronted by armed moderators, Recon conducted, Oregon occupation continues

Billionaire Peter Theil confronted while arriving to Bilderberg

Intellihub | Peter Theil doesn't like what he calls "radical transparency."

Watch: Japanese-American chased, pushed, and beaten by hard-left Antifa mob

Intellihub | Leftist violence continues as media focuses on attacking Trump supporters

Quite possibly the best 9/11 footage released to date *New*

Intellihub | Pre-explosions under WTC towers caught on video/audio tape.

Congressman calls for restriction of “social media” following baseball game shooting

Intellihub | Rep. Rodney Davis blames 'political rhetorical terrorism' for Virginia shooting

Never bow: Trump sets a new tone with Saudi visit

Intellihub | Trump sends a strong message to all foreign leaders with this one powerful move
Screencapture via husky394xp/YouTube

Decommissioned Air Force base becomes active again, build-up of personnel and equipment

Shepard Ambellas | "Why does decommissioned Air Force base have hundreds of military vehicles stowed there?"