Anti-American NFL players videotaped kneeling during preseason opening anthem | Sports fans pay good money to see football games throughout the season and already several NFL players have taken a knee during the Anthem
space weaponvideo

Possible HAARP beam or space-based weapon caught on video

Intellihub | A video which allegedly shows a car bomb explosion may have captured something more
fox news

Geraldo Rivera’s daughter allegedly caught in Paris attack–but which one?

Lexi Morgan | Conflicting reports question hosts integrity

Snowflake CNN host triggered, calls President Trump a “piece of shit”

Intellihub | CNN host thinks is great to have open borders in America, gets triggered by Trump's travel ban tweet

CNN pays airports to broadcast their propaganda at over 2000 U.S. gates

Intellihub | Captive passengers forced to watch 'fake news' and other horrendous content while waiting for their flights in 45 U.S. airports
white bus

Bus marked “Mass Casualty” spotted on Louisiana highway *VIDEO*

Lexi Morgan | Youtuber questions JADE HELM 15 connection

NASA 2024 test will be first step toward Earth asteroid defense system

Intellihub | NASA to ultimately develop an effective asteroid defense system capable of protecting planet Earth in the event of an impending strike
excessive force police cop

Cop fired for punching handcuffed lady out: Excessive force video

Intellihub | Cop uses excessive force on handcuffed woman's face

Stephen Paddock’s whips and their role in the Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | Jake Morphonios reports his findings on Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's vehicle records, his girlfriend, and more

Proof you were lied to in school: The pyramids were built with large-scale high... | It is amazing to see just how far the establishment will go to indoctrinate children. Did you ever think it was this bad?
sad monkies

Scientist finds that animals innate sense for humility, fairness and compassion

John Vibes | Many people get their impression of human nature from how others around them behave
maher, bill

Lawsuit arising from Bill Maher’s use of the N-word moves forward

TV Week | The report notes that Maher is an investor in ATTN along with Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine and Ryan Seacrest

Melania Trump warns: Social media can be “destructive and harmful” to children | "It can be used in many positive ways but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly."
trump jetvideo

Was Donald Trump’s “emergency landing” a final warning to exit the race?

Truthstream Media | History would suggest that it is very possible

Channel: Las Vegas shooting was a CIA experiment to collect human trauma, chaos, and...

Intellihub | According to Deéte, Stephen Paddock was contracted to be part of a secret government experiment to induce trauma and chaos on the night of 1 October

Listen to this woman’s EPIC anti-Hillary rant

Intellihub | 'Hillary is a Presidential candidate that has a record of illegal activity'

Alex Jones: New Waco equals civil war

Infowars | Are the feds attempting to provoke a new Waco-style standoff in southern Oregon?

Bilderbergers maintain silence upon arrival at 2019 meeting in Switzerland

Intellihub | 2019 Bilderberg meeting attendees gave journalists a smirk and a few dirty looks but nothing more.
cnn brooke baldwinvideo

Remember this? Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless

Intellihub | 'He's not running for Pope'

Trump rally in Orlando packed plus 120,000 more requests | President Donald Trump's rally in Orlando on Tuesday was a huge success; a completely packed stadium with over 120,000 additional ticket requests.

Watch as this electronic voting machine gets hacked in 60 seconds

Intellihub | You have seen 'Gone In 60 Seconds,' now how about 'hacked in 60 seconds.'

Bilderberg 2015 in Austria Will Be Like None Before It

Press for Truth | The annual Bilderberg meeting is set to take place in Austria this June 2015.

Mysterious death of former White House Chef with Bush Family ties revealed

Intellihub | Is this just another person who knew too much about 9/11, about the Bush Crime Family?
china floating city

Video: Massive floating city in the sky over China! Illusion? Project Blue Beam?

Susan Duclos | The Internet is abuzz

CNN’s Don Lemon: “Who gets to decide” if a joke is offensive?

Intellihub | Should jokes be banned?

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty of ‘contempt of court’

Intellihub | One judge wasn't too happy with former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, charging the law enforcement veteran with "Contempt of Court"

A view from inside the chemtrail planes: Video

Intellihub | Geoengineering ,chemtrail, operations are real; here's the proof
fbi raid

Armed ranchers and militia take defensive positions, prepare for FBI raid

Shepard Ambellas | FBI raid may happen soon, militia and ranchers locked and loaded
clinton, hillary

Hey Hillary, Trump isn’t in any ISIS recruitment vids… but a few characters you...

Dean James | Hillary Clinton just put her foot in her mouth again
BBQ grill

Video: Green police tell Florida homeowner that smoke from his BBQ grill can’t cross...

Intellihub News | Authoritarian "environmental specialist" wants homeowners to learn how to control the flow of smoke