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Cop racially profiles 4 blacks in a car, pulls driver from car aggressively, says,...

Shepard Ambellas | Out of control cop on power-trip gets aggressive

Denver cop disciplined after putting his knee and all his weight on a suspect’s...

Intellihub | Cop laughs about the situation while explaining it to other cops

Obama admits space aliens control the USA: was he joking?

Michael Salla | On Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Barack Obama made a strange UFO admission

TARGET LAYS OFF 1,700 — NFP is a joke: A historic monetary crisis is...

SGT Report | Find out what's going on with the economy from Andy Hoffman

Watch how a cell phone ‘magically’ makes magnetic ore come alive when placed beside...

Intellihub | Magnetic ore turns, twists, bends, and moves when an active cell phone is placed nearby
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CNN commentator calls for racist words to be stripped out of the American vocabulary...

Intellihub | 'The N-Word should be dead'
black hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashes during nighttime drill off Florida coast, 11 dead

Lexi Morgan | Human remains washed ashore after tragic crash

Cops threaten pranksters with “disorderly conduct” charge and $450 fine

Lexi Morgan | Prank containing "fake dead body" goes wrong

Horrifying events that have already taken place in the first few months of 2015

Shepard Ambellas | It looks like activity across-the-board is already ramping-up

Police hit with $12.5M lawsuit after fracturing defenseless handcuffed man’s skull, attacking him in...

Lexi Morgan | Cops say man 'hit his own head'; video shows otherwise

Cop pulled over, schooled by private citizen for violation of state law

Lexi Morgan | Citizen pulls cop over, schools him on state law

Watch this cop try to destroy video evidence of police brutality

Joshua Krause | Fortunately, the cell phone was protected by a shock resistant case, and the video managed to survive

Canadian regulated companies try to overcharge for pot: cannabis patients strike back

Lexi Morgan | Hundreds rally outside courthouse in support for medical cannabis

Texas inventor launches breakthrough home-based food production system featuring 3D-printable components posted online for...

Mike Adams | A Texas patent holder and inventor has launched a collection of 3D-printable objects that function as key components in a non-electric, home-based food grow system that can be operated for pennies

Creepy things hidden within the foods we eat

Intellihub | It's time to find out what you've been eating

Machete wielding trucker shot and killed in big rig by cops

Lexi Morgan | Man attempts to rundown cops in rage

Busted: Police turn off dashcam to brutalize arrestee

Lexi Morgan | Police caught red-handed disabling camera to taser victim, kick him

Social media posts ‘claim’ ISIS to burn 17 caged ‘Kurdish fighters’ alive in newest...

Shepard Ambellas | Another attempt by the CIA backed group ISIS to create fear globally to justify endless war profits for U.S.-led forces

Cop, dedicated to his job, clings to moving car’s roof as criminal drives off

Intellihub | Officer takes brutal beating after amazing stuntman-like ride on the roof of criminal's car
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YouTube prankster, pushed, threatened, and intimidated by police for the “crime” of passing gas

Cassandra Rules | In his latest video for his channel, ValTV, Abramov is pushed, intimidated, and threatened, for the apparent crime of having gas

Mark Dice: ‘Kanye West’s new fashion line looks like puke on carpet’

Lexi Morgan | New "Illuminati inspired" line makes consumer sheep look like zombies

Cop slams elderly man to ground, paralyzing him in one sweep

Shepard Ambellas | Cop turns himself in, gets released on $1000 bond

NYC cop charged with manslaughter after shooting unarmed man in stairwell

Lexi Morgan | First NYC cop to be charged in shooting case since 2012

Is it possible for someone to hack your vehicle, take control of your gas...

Intellihub | Cars now vulnerable to hackers, Mark Dice explains

RNC video shows Hillary as heiress to Obama’s throne

Lexi Morgan | GOP foreshadows Hillary as next president

Vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers

Intellihub | Do you want a choice of your own or do you want the government to choose for you?

Cop hired hitman to kill prosecutor who put him in jail for killing his...

John Vibes | 61-year-old former police officer Drew Peterson was convicted of killing his third wife in 2012
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Real life 90210 drama unfolds over school rivalry

Lexi Morgan | Brawl ensues over basketball game

Is a fake, staged, alien invasion on the horizon?

Intellihub | Invaders from mars or an invasion of the elites?

X marks the spot: Strange markings appear in front of homes — red and...

Intellihub | Strange markings on curbs in front of homes may signify a coming round-up of disobedient populace