“Bikers For Trump” group will offer support against D.C. rioters if need be

Intellihub | 'We will be there for the American people'

Dungey wins Atlanta SX Round 8

Intellihub | Dungey rides picture perfect race
Sen. Ernie Chambers

Senator: ‘My ISIS is the police, they are trained to kill us’

Lexi Morgan | Nebraska Senator stands up for all Americans

See how a homeless man spends $100 | Shocker -- must see
supercross track

“Tomac was on fire” at Oakland Supercross: Fmr. Supercross champ Emig

Intellihub | Eli Tomac from 9th -- wins with huge 20-second gap
happy trumpvideo

Pres. Trump: White House running smoothly despite inherited mess

Intellihub | Trump nails it for crowd of '9000'

Watch as Obama roasts the GOP

Intellihub | The POTUS roasts the GOP in an unforgiving comedy presentation

Making a primitive DIY stone axe

Intellihub | A useful bug-out skill
victory speech primary GOPvideo

Watch Trump’s FULL South Carolina victory speech

Intellihub | Trump wins by landslide, vows to make America better than ever before
obama smilingvideo

Obama cracks Scalia death joke… Americans OUTRAGED

Intellihub | Obama's actions, speech, analyzed in detail

Joe Biggs at 1776 freedom rally: “Are you going to be a victim […]...

Intellihub | "You have got to go out under the mindset that you could be attacked for your beliefs"
Tony Webster/Flickr

Video: Police Departments are now the largest single group of buyers at International Defense...

Intellihub News | Police Departments continue to arm themselves for war with the American people
cashless society

Government seizes cash lawfully deposited by small businesses

Intellihub | A push toward a cashless society ensues
sheriff's deputies assassinate man with his hands up

*VIDEO* Texas Sheriff’s deputies assassinate man with hands above head

Shepard Ambellas | Warning: Graphic content -- See Texas Sheriff's deputies assassinate man
ranchers tear down fence

Oregon: Ranchers tear down illegally installed government fence

Shepard Ambellas | Ranchers help restore power back to the people

How this man carves a pumpkin may shock you

Intellihub | Pumpkin Carving 101: The Tennessee way

Lights turned out on V.P. Joe Biden during WEF Davos speech

Intellihub | Symbology or timing?

Scaramucci implicates Priebus in now-deleted tweet following ‘felony’ leak of financial disclosures

iBankCoin | Scaramucci – who keeps his phone at 100% charge – poured cold water over the hopes and dreams of everyone who hates Reince, tweeting “Wrong!
hillary on the roadvideo

Hillary’s team met with the Russian Ambassador too and failed to disclose it

Intellihub | Russian Ambassador's favoritism toward Trump shot down after Kremlin discloses the ambassador met with Clinton's people too

Canadian regulated companies try to overcharge for pot: cannabis patients strike back

Lexi Morgan | Hundreds rally outside courthouse in support for medical cannabis
hillary clinton talks planned parenthood

Hillary Clinton targets Second Amendment — had taxpayer funded armed security for decades

Tim Brown | Second Amendment set in Clinton's sights
trump wounded warriors

Trump threatens to pull out of next debate unless donations are made to ‘wounded...

Shepard Ambellas | Debate planners may be forced to donate to 'wounded warriors and vets'

Alternative media outlets under massive cyberattack

Intellihub | This attack comes on the heels of a massive push by the corporate media to attack and shut down so-called “fake news”.
NSA airdrop

Watch activists airdrop flyers onto an NSA base urging agents to quit their jobs

Carey Wedler | A drone-like device recently dropped fliers over a key NSA intelligence facility
ken roczen

Ken Roczen wins Round 2 Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Intellihub | Roczen goes 2-for-2, Dungey a close second

Anaheim 2 holeshot goes to Cooper Webb, Roczen goes down hard, Dungey wins

Intellihub | Anaheim 2 holeshot goes to Cooper Webb, Roczen goes down hard, Dungey wins

The most unqualified media personalities on TV; people who never saw a President Trump...

Intellihub | Media personalities who missed the mark; rooted for a criminal Hillary over Trump

Mika Brzezinski: ‘Clinton camp called NBC, tried to get me pulled off air’

Intellihub | Morning Joe host threatened by Clinton Campaign to be "pulled off air"

Stealth Bomber flies low over residential area

Intellihub | "I have never seen one of those," man filming Stealth Bomber over neighborhood says in awe