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Shock claim: President Trump to eventually resign in exchange for immunity in Russia investigation

Intellihub | According to a journalist writing for "The Sun," Tony Schwarz claims that the President will leave office by autumn to avoid jail

Artist enclave, rave party, goes up in flames, dozens may be dead

Intellihub | Killer warehouse fire engulfs party goers

Puddles of blood found on sidewalks by Luxor: The morning after the Las Vegas...

Intellihub | Warning: The following video is graphic, shows blood

How this man carves a pumpkin may shock you

Intellihub | Pumpkin Carving 101: The Tennessee way

Alternative media outlets under massive cyberattack

Intellihub | This attack comes on the heels of a massive push by the corporate media to attack and shut down so-called “fake news”.

AC360 segment turns into total shitshow over President Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville

Intellihub | CNN panelists argue that President Donald Trump is a racist after remarks he made condemning violence
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‘MSNBC reporter and others essentially conduct B&E at terror suspects home, fall for bogus...

Shepard Ambellas | Staged up crime scene appears to contain bogus FBI planted evidence, Youtuber finds

Watch: MSNBC attempt to race bait Trump hilariously backfires

Infowars | Network cuts to video of black voter endorsing Trump

New: Video footage from the MGM on the night of the Las Vegas massacre

Intellihub | Video footage captured in the MGM Grand on the night of the massacre shows people running for their lives in a panic after the shooting, but why?

Exposing the NWO: The political art of David Dees

SGT Report | Dees: 'The elite are controlling our money supply and our media'

“Bikers For Trump” group will offer support against D.C. rioters if need be

Intellihub | 'We will be there for the American people'
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Porn star reveals details about alleged encounter with Trump

Yahoo News | The adult film actress provided little new evidence of her alleged 2006 affair with Trump but said she faced intimidation tactics

The global power structure — With Bob Tuskin

Intellihub News | If one controls him or herself, they truly are free -- A one-on-one exclusive interview with Bob Tuskin

Trump’s former butler dominates CNN’s Carol Costello by giving short, direct answers on segment

Intellihub | Mainstream starting to get back what they deserve, Trump's former butler rules!

Small convoy of military heavy haulers spotted on Cali freeway

Intellihub | It's that time of year again, movements starting up

North Korean video targets, D.C., Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, and Hawaii for nuclear strike

Intellihub | Propaganda video suggests North Korean ICBM attack on 4 major U.S. cities

False flags and drills: What they aren’t telling you about Vegas

Infowars | Shepard Ambellas joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down new information regarding the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st

Arnold Schwarzenegger slams Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy

Daily Mail | Former California Governor said innocent children shouldn't be used as pawns after photos emerged of them being held in detention cages

Reporter who exposed BBC pedophilia cover-up suddenly dies at 52

Free Thought Project | The courageous BBC reporter who exposed one of the largest pedophile scandals in the history of the world has died

Watch: Mike Cernovich calls out White House press corps in briefing room

Intellihub | Credentialed White House journalist questions why the Democrats won't disavow ANTIFA violence
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Mike Rowe eviscerates “snowflake” thug who calls him a “white nationalist”

Zero Hedge | If you ever plan to attack Mike Rowe over Facebook then you better bring more than just a few "smug and snarky" comments to the table

Why wont Wal-Mart ice cream bars melt in 100 degree heat?

John Vibes | After testing the product more theroughly, Consumer Reports linked the slow melt time with the various gums that are injected into the ice cream
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Secret Service agents jump up to podium to protect Trump at Ohio rally; it’s...

Intellihub | Trump has close call, Secret Service agents step in

The debate for campus carry

Infowars| Texas colleges now allow licensed individuals to open carry firearms on campus

Shocking: New footage released from Route 91 venue during 1 October massacre

Intellihub | Hi-def video reveals a close Birdseye view into the events that occurred in and around the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival venue during the shooting

NASA rover captures photo of ‘advanced technology’ on Martian surface

Intellihub | Conspiracy theories swirl online over NASA rover photo, captured 'advanced technology' on Mars

Castro escapee: ‘Castro’s Cuba is a testing ground for the New World Order’

Shepard Ambellas | Apparently there may have been more to the economic collapse of Cuba and Fidel Castro's role for the New World Order
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Hey Hillary, Trump isn’t in any ISIS recruitment vids… but a few characters you...

Dean James | Hillary Clinton just put her foot in her mouth again
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Watch Trump’s FULL South Carolina victory speech

Intellihub | Trump wins by landslide, vows to make America better than ever before

Joe Biggs at 1776 freedom rally: “Are you going to be a victim […]...

Intellihub | "You have got to go out under the mindset that you could be attacked for your beliefs"