Montauk Project

Camp Hero: Secret site of the Montauk Project experimentation

Aaron and Melissa Dykes | Many say there is still secret work going on in the underground
trump winsvideo

Trump now in dead heat with Hillary

Intellihub | Looks like Hillary is starting to sweat, dead heat between her and Trump now in most polls

John Lennon talks of his UFO sighting one summer night | Rock star tells his account of when he saw a UFO

Snow Job: Snowden’s job was to condition the general populace that they were being...

Intellihub | Snowden most likely still operational, an asset of an alphabet soup agency
tow missile

Russian rescue chopper destroyed with U.S. supplied TOW missile

Next News Network | Rebels armed by U.S. Sen. John McCain
route 91 survivors meet upvideo

Local Vegas survivors question investigation

Intellihub | Survivors band together weekly at a local bar to seek therapy and answers in regards to the 1 October massacre

Senior CNN producer: ‘The entire Trump-Russia narrative is bullsh*t’

Intellihub | Producer admits it's all for "ratings"
sandy hook life of adam

The Life of Adam — Sandy Hook exposed in new documentary *VIDEO*

Shepard Ambellas | The life of Adam may have been far stranger than you could ever imagine

Video: Women’s group worships Hillary Clinton, swapping her name for Jesus in gospel song

Daily Sheeple | Supporters literally worship Clinton at campaign event

Shock video: Israeli border officer threatens to gas Palestinian women and children, murder an...

Alex Thomas | "Go home or we will gas you until you die. Your families, your children, everyone."
security checkpoint airport

Deep State’s message: Prepare for totalitarianism

Daily Coin | It’s all stunningly Orwellian

Watch this strange interview with Donald Trump that no one is talking about

Daily Sheeple | The way he speaks here is remarkably different from the vitriolic rhetoric you see during the debates or when he is in front of his supporters

Alternative media outlets under massive cyberattack

Intellihub | This attack comes on the heels of a massive push by the corporate media to attack and shut down so-called “fake news”.

AC360 segment turns into total shitshow over President Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville

Intellihub | CNN panelists argue that President Donald Trump is a racist after remarks he made condemning violence
trident ii missile

‘Missile’ beta test judges general public’s reaction time and social response

Gary Franchi | PSYOP or display of force?

Watch: Japanese-American chased, pushed, and beaten by hard-left Antifa mob

Intellihub | Leftist violence continues as media focuses on attacking Trump supporters

Stealth Bomber flies low over residential area

Intellihub | "I have never seen one of those," man filming Stealth Bomber over neighborhood says in awe
NSA airdrop

Watch activists airdrop flyers onto an NSA base urging agents to quit their jobs

Carey Wedler | A drone-like device recently dropped fliers over a key NSA intelligence facility

Top economist: Markets are manipulated by clowns in central banks

Rory | A sit down interview with Dr. Marc Faber

Joe Rogan: ‘Trump is dancing around his support for white supremacists’

Intellihub | UFC commentator and host of the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan, says that Trump is "dancing around" the fact that he is supported by white supremacists

ABC News Sr. producer adds Intellihub to his “Special Project” list

Intellihub | Intel op, attack, or collaboration? ABC News Sr. producers adds Intellihub to his list

Watch Trump’s full New Hampshire victory speech: C-SPAN

Intellihub | Trump kills it in New Hampshire
fbi raid

Armed ranchers and militia take defensive positions, prepare for FBI raid

Shepard Ambellas | FBI raid may happen soon, militia and ranchers locked and loaded

Warmongers hit Rand Paul with slander campaign as he announces presidential run

Steve Watson | An establishment Republican front group is set to plough $1 million into a slanderous advertising campaign designed to attack Rand Paul.
victory speech primary GOPvideo

Watch Trump’s FULL South Carolina victory speech

Intellihub | Trump wins by landslide, vows to make America better than ever before

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly make up, Trump talks reality: Full Interview

Intellihub | Donald's 9 month feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly is now over
james comey fbi

Ex-FBI Director Comey: Trump ‘morally unfit’ to be president

Al Jezeera | Once Trump took office, the president and Comey feuded over the FBI's investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign
fbi compound

Biggs: ‘I found the FBI compound at Burns Airport’

Intellihub | FBI compound to be used in Bundy standoff revealed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs
saudi security forces

Saudis declare ‘war on ISIS’

N3 | 34 state Islamic military coalition declares 'war on ISIS'