mock mass shooting

Exclusive: Mock Mass Shooting group tricks police, 16 minute response time, press 20

Shepard Ambellas | Police department fail, 16 minutes to respond to a mock mass shooting

How to pull over a cop like a boss

Intellihub | Watch as an activist stops a cop and even I.D.'s him

Police kick over 100 homeless people from tents in blizzard-like conditions

Intellihub | Have the police gone too far when it comes to the homeless?
blood draw

Cops put hood over woman’s head, restrained her, choked her out to draw blood...

Cassandra Rules | The scene painted by the lawsuit reads like the horror stories we hear from Guantanamo Bay, yet it took place here in Texas- over a would-be misdemeanor
trident ii missile

‘Missile’ beta test judges general public’s reaction time and social response

Gary Franchi | PSYOP or display of force?

Famous Navy Seal calls for veterans to defend Trump

Infowars | Navy SEAL veteran Craig Sawyer gives a live public defense of Trump

Stealth Bomber flies low over residential area

Intellihub | "I have never seen one of those," man filming Stealth Bomber over neighborhood says in awe
central banks europe

Central Banks are getting down to fumes: Asset Manager

Daily Coin | If we don’t protect ourselves from the unfolding economic collapse who will?

Small convoy of military heavy haulers spotted on Cali freeway

Intellihub | It's that time of year again, movements starting up
fbi raid

Armed ranchers and militia take defensive positions, prepare for FBI raid

Shepard Ambellas | FBI raid may happen soon, militia and ranchers locked and loaded
trump thinking in lobby

Trump: ‘I would implement database systems to track extreme Muslims within the U.S.’

Intellihub | Something the previous two administrations have failed to do

Firefighters battle forest blaze in radioactive Chernobyl zone

RT Ukrainian firefighters reportedly managed to contain a massive forest fire near Chernobyl

Scaramucci implicates Priebus in now-deleted tweet following ‘felony’ leak of financial disclosures

iBankCoin | Scaramucci – who keeps his phone at 100% charge – poured cold water over the hopes and dreams of everyone who hates Reince, tweeting “Wrong!

“I’m sick of it”: Climate activist touches nerve, Clinton responds with finger

Common Dreams | 'Clinton needs to listen to the people, not fossil fuel interests,' says Greenpeace campaigner
china fishermanvideo

China blockades fishing lanes — It’s on!

Next News Network | Chinese Navy acts with aggression, Pentagon worried
spying app, smartphone

DHS releases new ‘mobile terror spying app’

Intellihub | General Public encouraged to spy on everyone through new spying app
terror attack

Analyzing the cop shooting footage in Paris

SGT Report | Firearms expert Mark S. Mann joins us to analyze the alleged shooting of a police officer in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Report: Secret Donald Trump plan released

Infowars | President included some very important hints in his inauguration speech

SHOCKER: Lady Gaga tells top 1% Yale study participants she was “genetically made”

Shepard Ambellas | "What they want is a thoroughbred"

New footage surfaces of Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos and maintenance worker Stephen...

Intellihub | Will the real Jesus Campos please stand up?

Accused Silk Road operator found guilty, faces life sentence for web-hosting

John Vibes | He was accused of running and operating the controversial Silk Road website, where drugs were openly, and safely bought and sold by anonymous drug users and sellers
Iraq - US Flag

You won’t believe the SHOCKING truth about the Iraq War revealed in AMAZING new...

James Corbett | And people wonder why trust in media is at an all-time low