Anderson Cooper

CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronted over CIA media connections

Luke Rudkowski | Anderson Cooper has been confronted about his CIA past and the overall relationship the CIA has with the media.
meeting room board room

Investment Strategist: ‘They’re desperate, far more going on behind closed doors then they’re telling...

Intellihub | From failing stocks to Wall Street "schemes"

Alex Jones warns nuclear war imminent

Intellihub | "The E.U. is in league with the damn communist Chinese"

Kissinger schooled by protestors, threatened with arrest, McCain apologizes for ‘disgraceful behavior’

Shepard Ambellas | Code Pink threatens to arrest war criminal Henry Kissinger in spectacle raising awareness

POTUS hits it out of park in joint address

Intellihub | President Trump's first joint address well-received by many

Jimmy Carter at Islamic fundraiser: ‘We must follow the principles of Allah’

Shepard Ambellas | Former U.S. President suggests "principles of Allah" are great during conference
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Find out why these 10 kids are the strongest in the world

Lexi Morgan | 600 push-ups effortlessly and much more...

Official Cobra Kai Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

Intellihub | All new Karate Kid series on YouTube Red premiers May 2 online

Melania Trump warns: Social media can be “destructive and harmful” to children | "It can be used in many positive ways but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly."

Suge Knight collapses after bail set for $25M

Intellihub | Hit head on chair, can't make bail

Alert: At least 2 TV, film, productions may subliminally depict coming asteroid strike or...

Shepard Ambellas | Is the proof in the pudding? You be the judge

CNN pays airports to broadcast their propaganda at over 2000 U.S. gates

Intellihub | Captive passengers forced to watch 'fake news' and other horrendous content while waiting for their flights in 45 U.S. airports
axl rosevideo

12 of Axl Rose’s most unforgettable onstage moments

Intellihub | Axl Rose's most out of control moments onstage
shepard ambellasvideo

Shepard Ambellas briefly breaks down Obama’s last minute Bundy Ranch land grab

Intellihub | Over 300,000 acres make up two new National Monuments in Nevada and Utah, militia and patriots furious

2Pac is alive: The gullibility of America

Intellihub | Recently Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski went on a mission to find out just how gullible Americans really are, what you see might shock you
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Woman gets flu vaccine, dies from flu

Kristan T. Harris | A Wisconsin health care worker Katherine McQuestion received her flu vaccine as usual and later died from the flu

WATCH: Lombardo discusses the final report on the 1 October shooting | Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo sings the same song over and over again regarding the 1 October attack -- one shooter, no motive, blah, blah, blah

CIA arms Syrian militants with antiaircraft weaponry

Gary Franchi | Keeping the Russians 'at bay'

Censored former CIA insider confirms Trump was surveilled by deep state

Infowars | CIA insider confirms reports of deep state sabotage

Breaking: Shia LaBeouf is an MK Ultra mind control victim

Infowars | Shia LaBeouf is still acting like a complete lunatic at every opportunity

Watch: Neuschwabenland the Lost Colony in Antarctica

Intellihub | Is there more going on in Antarctica then they are telling us?

NASA 2024 test will be first step toward Earth asteroid defense system

Intellihub | NASA to ultimately develop an effective asteroid defense system capable of protecting planet Earth in the event of an impending strike

Journalist’s Facebook posts are being labeled as “spam” then deleted

Intellihub | Internet censorship is now in full effect
laura loomer twitter ban protestvideo

Laura Loomer protests outside Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s house after being banned from platform | "...I have been silenced I can't even get my message out there."

Exclusive: 1 October shooter still alive after second 32nd-floor breach

Intellihub | It appears the American people have been lied to altogether when it comes to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting and now newly released body camera footage proves that a shooter was still alive and attacking after the second SWAT breach
iss matrix glitchvideo

Does this live feed ISS glitch during astronaut interview prove NASA T.V. fakery?

Intellihub | Would NASA actually lie to the American people and fake ISS footage after receiving billions of dollars in funding?

Car explodes out front of the Paris Grand Synagogue

Intellihub | Car explodes into flames in roundabout

Holder calls for gun owners to wear “tracking bracelets”

Intellihub | Attorney General Eric Holder proposes drastic measures to track, trace and monitor all gun owners in America

Agenda 21, the plan to kill you

Intellihub | The United Nations depopulation plan

Accused Silk Road operator found guilty, faces life sentence for web-hosting

John Vibes | He was accused of running and operating the controversial Silk Road website, where drugs were openly, and safely bought and sold by anonymous drug users and sellers