Must watch: Drone captured video footage of Epstein’s “Orgy Island” reveals underground structures, buildings

Intellihub | Underground structures, buildings, warehouse-like structures, full-sized docks, barges, and more. What was actually taking place on "Orgy Island?"
no gunshots

Woman working across street from San Bernardino shooting didn’t hear any gunshots

Lexi Morgan | Independent investigator questions official narrative
martial law

Martial Law: Police, National Guard invade Baltimore streets

Jakari Jackson & Joe Biggs | This is a glimpse of what a martial law scenario would look like.

Car explodes out front of the Paris Grand Synagogue

Intellihub | Car explodes into flames in roundabout
Bernie Campaign

Sanders shills out, says Hillary’s emails aren’t “real issues”

Shepard Ambellas | ...sweeps FBI investigation under rug

HighImpactVlogs: The real culprits… are the ones who forced you to shut down

Intellihub | COVID-19 is leading us to the "promised land of Satan"

A glimpse into Canada’s March for Our Lives rally and its activists

Intellihub | Canadians are now rallying in an effort to have guns banned in America despite the fact that they don't reside in the U.S.
all seeing eye

Video: Michael Jackson exposes the New World Order

Intellihub News | Before his death Jackson exposed the entire power structure
trump protestersvideo

Black Police Officer: Anti-Trump protesters “actin’ a fool” during Tuscon rally

Intellihub | "These people [the anti-Trump protesters] were the most hateful people I have ever seen."
march for our livesvideo

March for Our Lives activists marched against our constitutional rights in planned psyop

Intellihub | "They are out there marching to have the government take away their rights"
Robert Emperley/Flickr

Illuminati in the industry exposed

Intellihub | Illuminati broken down in 15 minute montage

Hannity: Susan Rice has a lot of explaining to do

Intellihub | Former Obama aide "unmasked" Trump transition team members names

The video they never wanted you to see!

Intellihub | Everything in the US is now opposite of what it should be

The global power structure — With Bob Tuskin

Intellihub News | If one controls him or herself, they truly are free -- A one-on-one exclusive interview with Bob Tuskin

Mysterious death of former White House Chef with Bush Family ties revealed

Intellihub | Is this just another person who knew too much about 9/11, about the Bush Crime Family?

SmartRocket team to launch lighted advertising billboards in space by 2025 | The future is here and apparently, it's going to be bright.
hillary clinton talks planned parenthood

Hillary Clinton targets Second Amendment — had taxpayer funded armed security for decades

Tim Brown | Second Amendment set in Clinton's sights

Hillary Clinton: “I was on my way to winning until Comey and ‘Russian’ Wikileaks”

Zero Hedge | "I was on the way to winning before Jim Comey's letter and 'Russian' Wikileaks... scared off late voters."

Joe Rogan talks about SJWs and the PC culture

Intellihub | The reality of America

Recon request: Military vehicle and troop movements in CONUS ahead of Coronavirus lockdown

Intellihub | This is a request for actionable intelligence
The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

Total EMERGENCY ALERT update: Global meltdown begins

Alex Jones | “Get yourself and your family ready defensively and offensively," Alex warns

WATCH: Lombardo discusses the final report on the 1 October shooting | Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo sings the same song over and over again regarding the 1 October attack -- one shooter, no motive, blah, blah, blah

Shock: Left sides against US in nuclear war with China

Infowars | Latest attack on Trump has media siding with China

Unusual heat signature, fiery event, detected in Atlantic Ocean | Massive thermal signature detected hundreds of kilometers off the coast of Brazil.
silver coin

Talking silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson

SGT Report | Talking Silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson, author of The Beginner’s Guide To Bullion Investing

NATO readies concentration camps for mass detention

Gary Franchi | ...just like Nazi Germany

U.S. Media hypes ‘WWIII now inevitable’

Stefan Stanford | Mainline media pushes propaganda

Alex Jones: New Waco equals civil war

Infowars | Are the feds attempting to provoke a new Waco-style standoff in southern Oregon?

Isn’t it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it...

Mike Adams | Americans remain unaware that the Jade Helm drill spanning 10 U.S. states will put military troops, & weapons directly in communities across the nation

High School student says he was expelled after being asked for his conservative view | Apparently, transgenderism is a touchy subject for snowflakes in high school these days who can't listen to another person's point of view after being pre-programmed throughout life that the topic is taboo and off limits to talk about.