Former Death Row Records CEO’s fatal hit-and-run captured on camera: TMZ

Intellihub | Warning: Graphic footage -- viewer discretion advised
silver coin

Is JP Morgan acquiring tens of millions of silver eagles? David Morgan explains

SGT Report | The question is, WHO is buying all of this PHYSICAL silver?

Rapper DMX: I have had ‘3 conversations with the Devil’

Intellihub | In an epic Dr. Phil interview rapper and actor DMX admits that he has had 3 conversations with the 'Devil'.

Watch: Japanese-American chased, pushed, and beaten by hard-left Antifa mob

Intellihub | Leftist violence continues as media focuses on attacking Trump supporters
old computervideo

Inside the mind of a CIA intelligence analyst | In a post-9/11 world, intelligence analysts are a necessity and play a crucial part in our nation's security apparatus

Watch this cop try to destroy video evidence of police brutality

Joshua Krause | Fortunately, the cell phone was protected by a shock resistant case, and the video managed to survive
gun coursevideo

Video purports to show Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock undergoing firearms training in 2009

Intellihub | Video purports to show Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, 64, practicing with a handgun at a gun range back in 2009

Christian Evangelist had vision from God in 2007 showing her Obama declared martial law...

Intellihub | Evangelists 2007 vision appears to be unfolding before our very eyes

Is it possible for someone to hack your vehicle, take control of your gas...

Intellihub | Cars now vulnerable to hackers, Mark Dice explains
david knightvideo

Vegas shooting: Helicopter EXFIL and LVMPD says they fired shot(s) in Paddock’s hotel room

Infowars | They’re not sure how many rounds were fired, but the Las Vegas Police Department tells us one of their own fired a shot or shots in the hotel suite of Paddock
girl shot

Beloved 16-year-old girl shot and killed by Denver police

Cassandra Rules | A 16 year old girl named Jessica Hernandez was fatally shot by two Denver Police officers early Monday morning

Accused Silk Road operator found guilty, faces life sentence for web-hosting

John Vibes | He was accused of running and operating the controversial Silk Road website, where drugs were openly, and safely bought and sold by anonymous drug users and sellers

Panic inside the Mandalay Bay Michael Jackson One theatre after the shooting: Caught on...

Intellihub | Over 1000 people who were sheltered in place got quite the scare when someone attempted to open the theatre doors just moments after the shooting occurred

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly make up, Trump talks reality: Full Interview

Intellihub | Donald's 9 month feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly is now over
happy trumpvideo

Pres. Trump: White House running smoothly despite inherited mess

Intellihub | Trump nails it for crowd of '9000'

Is parental autonomy for medical procedures, vaccines, dwindling?

Shepard Ambellas | U.S. moving toward society offering no choice

Lava at Puma geothermal plant covers at least one wellhead

Intellihub | Lava continues to creep its way onto PGV property and has already covered one wellhead, prompting officials to issue several statements on Sunday

Trump plans to bring manufacturing back to U.S. “big league”

Intellihub | POTUS plans to fast-tract permits
Screencapture via husky394xp/YouTube

Decommissioned Air Force base becomes active again, build-up of personnel and equipment

Shepard Ambellas | "Why does decommissioned Air Force base have hundreds of military vehicles stowed there?"

Sinister human experimentation and ‘one world order’ goals exposed after privately rented confab infiltrated...

Intellihub | Important documentary film emerges exposing global elites sinister plans for the populace
chemtrail researcher

Top researcher: ‘Chemtrails directly relate to depopulation’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Man-made drought, starvation, is real'

Cops threaten pranksters with “disorderly conduct” charge and $450 fine

Lexi Morgan | Prank containing "fake dead body" goes wrong

See how a homeless man spends $100 | Shocker -- must see
all seeing eye

Video: Michael Jackson exposes the New World Order

Intellihub News | Before his death Jackson exposed the entire power structure
Tommy Chongvideo

Tommy Chong got high and had an epiphany: Art is going to save the...

Intellihub | "It creates employment and it also creates tourism."

Oliver Stone shocked at how the CIA is treating President Trump

Intellihub | Famous Hollywood director surprised by the "overtness" of the "deep state"

Video: EMT recovers .223 shell casing off street outside venue after 1 October massacre | An EMT's discovery of a spent rifle cartridge signifies that there was likely more than one shooter on the night of the 1 October massacre and that Stephen Paddock did not act alone as the police and FBI claim.
mock mass shooting

Exclusive: Mock Mass Shooting group tricks police, 16 minute response time, press 20

Shepard Ambellas | Police department fail, 16 minutes to respond to a mock mass shooting
ufo russia

UFO-like vortex appears over Siberia as thousands watch

Intellihub | 'Looked like headlights in the sky'