Urgent Press Release: NY Assembly Voting to Give Vaccines to Minors Without Parent’s Permission

Christina England | On Monday, May 6, a new bill was brought to the New York State Assembly floor which will allow licensed physicians to administer preventative medical care for sexually transmitted diseases, including vaccines to minors without their parent’s permission.
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Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch begin drilling for oil in Syria — a...

FreeThoughtProject | To understand U.S. involvement in the quagmire in Syria, Afek’s oil exploration is of critical importance

Spanish priest becomes first man to die of Ebola in Europe

RT | The first European infected by a strain of Ebola, Spanish priest Miguel Pajares, has died in hospital, Reuters reported, citing a spokeswoman for Madrid health authorities

Pastor David Manning of Atlah on Intellihub Radio

(INTELLIHUB) -- In less than two weeks, one of the most historic trials in America will take place in New York City. The "Obama...
obamacare rally

Government  mandatory health care is still tyranny

BATR | The failure of the GOP to repeal Obamacare proves once again that the establishment power structure maintains their grip on political policy


Intellihub News | Apparently processed foods like Top Ramen digest a whole lot differently then real foods
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Flu Vaccine virtually worthless in people 65 years and older last winter: Here’s what...

Natural News | The first mistake the medical establishment makes is assuming that it’s the flu shot that keeps people from going to the doctor or the hospital

New medical law mandates “private” conversation with child before every doctor visit

Paul Joseph Watson | Parental authority being eviscerated by the state
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Pharma company threatens shortages to hike up cancer drug prices by 4000%

Waking Times | Foul Tactics Used to Increase Cancer Drug Prices

How many die from medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals?

Marshall Allen | It seems that every time researchers estimate how often a medical mistake contributes to a hospital patient’s death, the numbers are worse.
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Make your own herbal salves for natural pain relief

Sandy J. Duncan | What do you reach for when you are in pain?

Visiting Eli Lilly Headquarters: Marketing Big Pharma profits at the expense of public safety

Aaron & Melissa Dykes | We visited the headquarters of Eli Lilly in downtown Indianapolis where the power of Big Pharma has carved out Indiana’s political landscape, supplied its lobbyists and operatives, and created an empire

Deadly alert issued by potrblog: NM waste isolation plant still spewing ‘6,667 Bq radioactive...

Shepard Ambellas | New Mexico residents, you have been warned--don't wait for the EPA to advise you with false information as airborne radiation has already been detected

Pentagon: Climate change enable terrorism

RT | The US Defense Department stressed threats to global stability and American hegemony posed by climate change in its latest Quadrennial Defense Review, declaring that an erratic climate will likely cause increased “terrorist activity,” among other impacts

Poll finds 83% of people will not be taking the COVID vaccine

Intellihub | 12.3% of those who took the poll say they will be receiving the vaccine in due time once it's made readily available to the general public

Popular radio host and guest censored by radio station over vaccines

Heather Callaghan | Bonnie Faulkner’s show, Guns and Butter was censored after she attempted to air an interview with Gary Null about vaccines.

Exxon Tar Sands Oil Spill Continues to Devastate Arkansas Community

Lauren McCauley | The thousands of barrels of tar sands oil which poured from a ruptured crude oil pipeline on Friday continue to devastate both man and beast alike in the community of Mayflower, Arkansas.

Will this 4-mile long fracking eruption ever be admitted by mainstream media?

Intellihub | The recent images of a giant 4-mile long mudslide shown to you on CNN, were not really of a mudslide

Genetic Weapons – Can Your DNA Kill You?

Janet Phelan | They are not just protecting the President—they are protecting the President's DNA.
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The falsification of science

Servando Gonzalez | According to Barry Glassner, president of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, there are high levels of disconnection between scientists and the public

South Stream Shapes European Energy Security, Nabucco Falls Behind

Igor Alexeev | South Stream is an ambitious endeavor of Russia’s energy giant Gazprom to get direct access to the EU energy market.

Actress Jessica Biel bravely comes out in support of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and...

Natural News | It’s not every day that a high-profile individual decides to break from the herd and express unpopular viewpoints that could negatively impact her career
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Over 200 activists killed in 2017 trying to protect land from development

Intellihub | Corporations have become all that much more fierce in recent years when it comes to acquiring their place on the map

Red flag: COVID-19 “Contact tracing” banner signs show up outside public shopping center

Intellihub | Sinister banners appear to be training the general public for what is to come

Leaked: American Hospital Association webinar slide reveals officials expect 480,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths

Intellihub | Webinar projects 96 million U.S. cases over next 60 days

Spring detox without the juice: Cleanse while eating real food

Heidi Fagley | Notice how many juices are being bottled and sold on store shelves?

Earth’s magnetic field weakening, splitting in two

Intellihub | The South Atlantic Anomaly extends from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean into Central America revealing a decrease in magnetic intensity

51 U.S. Navy Personnel Acquired Cancers After Helping Mitigate Fukushima Disaster

Shepard Ambellas | A coverup of the early-on meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, leads to U.S. Navy personnel acquiring cancers

Top immunologist Anthony S. Fauci admits we are already in a world pandemic

Intellihub | Number one immunologist in America confirms earlier Intellihub reports