Bio recovery team cleans Dr. Spencer’s apartment, no protocol followed?

Shepard Ambellas | Meanwhile mayor pushes flu shots onto 'every New Yorker'

Sewage Plants Struggle To Treat Wastewater Produced By Fracking Operations

Leigh Krietsch Boerner | When energy companies extract natural gas trapped deep underground, they’re left with water containing high levels of pollutants, including benzene and barium.

At $15.99/lb — I can no longer afford to eat meat

Intellihub | What do you do when you can no longer afford nutrients you need?

California orders unprecedented water restrictions amid lowest snowpack ever recorded

Alex Thomas | California Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a historic statewide water restriction plan after new measurements showed the lowest snowpack in state history

Forced water cut-offs begin in California as drought-stricken state’s leaders consider depopulation program

J.D. Heyes | In California, water is being cut off by various levels of government

Zika mosquitoes same as GM mosquitoes released off the coast of Florida

Natural Blaze | The GM mosquito program was introduced under the guise of controlling disease-carrying mosquito populations to reduce the amount of diseases in humans that were spread by mosquitoes

Why most of the western half of the U.S. is completely unsuitable for strategic...

Michael Snyder | If there is one thing that you cannot live without, it is fresh water

‘What could be more important?’: World leaders, media ignore biodiversity report detailing mass extinction...

Common Dreams | "The health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever."
flu vaccine

BACKFIRE: How the vaccine industry lost the propaganda war, alienated the public and stirred...

Mike Adams | A blatant violation of A.M.A. code of ethics
hotdogs on grill

Lawsuit aims to ban hotdogs, processed meats, from L.A. schoools

Natural Society | The suit names the L.A. school district, the California Department of Education, and the Poway school district in San Diego

Top 10 U.S. cities running out of water

Ethan A. Huff | The U.S. Drought Monitor has released new data on U.S. cities that are running out of water

That big methane release in the southwest USSA

Dr. Richard Sauder | Things That Go Bump In The Night In The Four Corners

Diaper-Clad THUG LIFE Toddler Taken Into Protective Custody

MOX News | A swearing toddler was taken into protective custody

New radioactive ‘plume’ rising from Fukushima Nuclear Facility, now blanketing U.S. west coast

Intellihub | Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi facility continues to silently depopulate life across the planet, concentrating on the U.S. west coast

Toxic sludge in contaminated river reaches New Mexico, communities have 90-day water supply

RT | Toxic waste, including arsenic and lead, which seeped into a river in southwest Colorado, has now crossed the state border into New Mexico

Replace 40 toxic medications with life-saving cannabis juice

Christina Sarich | Talking about Cannabis’ miraculous benefits can border on religious proselytizing, but people sincerely need to know just what this super plant is capable of

Another high-profile global vaccine conspiracy exposed — This time it’s the HPV vaccine

Catherine J. Frompovich | Uncovered emails detail global conspiracy and coverup
Vegetables organic

Meet the doctor who prescribes fruit and vegetables instead of drugs!

Amanda Froelich | Instead of suggesting surgery or drugs to remedy a patient's problems, this doctor makes nourishing food the first priority

Polar Vortex is killing off Asian Stink Bug in North America

Intellihub | The Polar Vortex has created unusually cold temperatures in North America which could kill off the annoying Asian Stink Bug population that has infested the country in recent years

As Walmart ‘wages war on workers and earth,’ green groups join labor fight

Sarah Lazare | As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers.'

Mass water fluoridation considered for England

John Vibes | England may become one of the only European countries to mandate widespread water fluoridation

How Many Will Die in the New Madrid Earthquake?

Holly Deyo | Almost two decades ago, I wrote in Dare To Prepare about dire consequences from mega-quakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Germanium: Single compound kills 5 types of cancer, often in single dose

Christina Sarich | An incredible antioxidant, oxygen catalyst, electrostimulant, and overall immune-booster, Germanium is a health-boosting trace mineral found in many plants

Deadliest Catch star Scott Campbell Jr.: ‘No radiation found in Alaskan waters or products’

Shepard Ambellas | No radiation found in Alaskan fishery products, says Alaskan crabber

Sedgwick, Maine first to enact free food trade immune to federal law, say NO...

Christina Sarich | Sedgwick, Maine, the first town in the US to legalize any kind of food transaction as free and legal in order to keep the right to produce raw milk, organic produce, free-range eggs, and more, is revolutionizing the way America keeps its food rights – including saying no to GMOs.

BPA Shown to Negatively Impact Brain Development

Mike Barrett | A ubiquitous chemical found in plastics, soup can linings, and receipts, bisphenol-a is just one health-compromising substance that has been under fire for many years

New report debunks ‘myth’ that GMOs are key to feeding the world

Lauren McCauley | The report, Feeding the World Without GMOs (pdf), argues that investment in genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, has failed to expand global food security

*Video* Falling tree nearly kills cop during a routine traffic stop

Intellihub News | Cop misses death by inches

Elizabeth Warren, Bill Gates and the crazy Democrats want to import third world diseases...

Natural News | US taxpayers will be put “on the hook” for Elizabeth Warren’s open border policy coupled with the “Medicare-and-Infectious-Disease Epidemic” plan for all Americans