Firefighters battle forest blaze in radioactive Chernobyl zone

RT Ukrainian firefighters reportedly managed to contain a massive forest fire near Chernobyl

U.S. bird flu outbreak: Foster Farms quarantined, Canadian infected

Shepard Ambellas | Officials: 'Every bird at farm must be destroyed'

Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

Mike Barrett | Is GMO corn nutritionally equivalent to non-GMO corn? Monsanto will tell you the answer is a big ‘yes’, but the real answer is absolutely not.
puerto rico

Debt-ridden Puerto Rico a ‘corporate welfare paradise’ for GMO companies

Common Dreams | During decade-long debt crisis, U.S. colonial territory funneled over $500 million in public funds to Monsanto and other biotech multinationals

Officials Reveal Second Chemical Spilled in W. Virginia Waters

Common Dreams | Media groups slam 'lack of openness,' say official response 'aggravated an alarming situation'

Study Shows Soda Pop and Other Sugary Drinks Kill About 180,000 People Every Year

Shepard Ambellas | It is alarming to know that most Americans drink sugary beverages. In fact a massive propaganda (advertisement) campaign started back before my time.
Bantam chickens

Over 30 Tenn. chicken breeding facilities under quarantine after highly pathogenic strain of avian...

Intellihub | H7 avian influenza causes chaos at Tennessee chicken farms
monsanto, monsatan

Bayer-Monsanto merger is ‘five-alarm threat’ to food and farms: Legal experts

Common Dreams | White paper from two former Justice Department officials warns merger would violate antitrust laws and lessen competition

Seismic Report Predicts Massive Earthquake and Tsunami for Pacific North West

Intellihub | A new report issued by the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission predicts that more than 10,000 people could die when a massive earthquake and tsunami occurs just off the Pacific Northwest coast

Giant captured on video in Northern Afghanistan

Intellihub | What appears to be an 8-foot-tall man, giant, was captured on video in Northern Afghanistan in in 2006

Texas inventor launches breakthrough home-based food production system featuring 3D-printable components posted online for...

Mike Adams | A Texas patent holder and inventor has launched a collection of 3D-printable objects that function as key components in a non-electric, home-based food grow system that can be operated for pennies
fema camp

FEMA says no federal funds for disaster preparedness will go to states that deny...

Ethan A. Huff | The lawless entity posing as the federal government has issued a new guideline pertaining to the distribution of funding for disaster and emergency preparedness that crystallizes the man-made climate change myth

Joe Rogan explains why physical addiction is “like a demon”

Intellihub | Joe Rogan on coffee and cigarettes
natural medicine

Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically

Natural News | Most people recognize that the immune system is the body’s way of protecting itself against harmful invaders

Food for thought: Aspartame, depression and SSRIs

Melissa Melton | The eighties didn’t just bring us the magic of hot green biker shorts; it also gave us FDA approval of the artificial sweetener Aspartame and the antidepressant Prozac

Marijuana could be a viable treatment for migraines

Natural Society | At least in states approving medical marijuana
cemtrails sky

Don’t look up: ‘Astonishing number’ of viruses float down on us from the sky

Study Finds | Scientists have been finding genetically similar viruses in disparate parts of the planet

NASA expert warns of rogue geoengineers and chemtrail consequences

Aaron Dykes | NASA Expert Clears the Air: Chemtrails are Real, Geoengineering May Be Inevitable, Mad Science in Control of Weather Could Blackmail Earth


Intellihub News | Apparently processed foods like Top Ramen digest a whole lot differently then real foods

37 better food preservatives & antimicrobials than the chemical crap “they” put in your...

Christina Sarich | The list of chemicals that food companies put in your food is extensive.

Nestlé plant shutdown by activists

Intellihub | Local water bottling company sucks up 80M gallons of tap water

UCLA hospital: Contaminated medical scopes blamed for superbug spread which so far killed two;...

Shepard Ambellas | Hospital graded with a failing rating in 2012
Whiteness shaming

World’s highest paid CEO makes his killing from cancer patients

Waking Times | You can’t patent nature, so a natural cure wouldn’t make them much money

The ADHD overdiagnosis epidemic is a schooling problem, not a child one

FEE | Today, children are being diagnosed with, and often medicated for, ADHD at an astonishing rate.
Gisela Giardino/Flickr

Bill Gates bets future epidemic will “kill over 10 million excess people” — Are...

Shepard Ambellas | Bill Gates' true colors come out in interview -- elite mindset demonstrated

Sue Klebold: ‘My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story’

Intellihub | The mother of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold explains what may have caused her son to do what he did
Saudi Princess

Saudi Princess speaks out against chemtrails and geoengineering

Patrick Roddie and Peter A. Kirby | The ongoing geoengineering of our planet as a WMD

Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of “safe” vaccines...

Mike Adams | Much like Brian Williams, vaccine promoters are serial liars
nestle bottled water

Nestle seeks more groundwater to expand Michigan plant

Natural Society | They're putting profits over people - and the environment - yet again

Sheriff’s officers fearful after being ordered into quarantined apartment

Mikael Thalen | Feds tell sheriffs no risk in entering quarantined residence