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Invisible microparticles in food can deliver vaccines, drugs

No More Fake News | I compare a patent application with what at least one company can deliver to the unknowing public now

DRC Ebola outbreak reaches crisis level, between 57% and 79% mortality rate | The Democratic Republic of Congo's latest Ebola outbreak may be most vigilant ever with a mortality rate that could be as high as 79%
Ebola virus

WHO official warns Ebola outbreak may turn into ‘perfect storm’ | The latest strain of Ebola to hit the DRC has between a 59% and a 79% mortality rate which is the deadliest on record and spread of the virus may worsen, officials warn.

This incredible underground shelter will survive any apocalypse

Intellihub | Survive the apocalypse: If you are in the market for your very own underground survival shelter, this company might be the right choice for you

Martial law: Sierra Leone orders citizens to stay confined to homes for three days...

J.D. Heyes | Increasingly, as the Ebola virus continues to spread and kill, authorities in Africa are becoming more authoritarian in their attempts to contain the deadly disease
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Monsanto seeks merger with Syngenta to control more than 35% of the world’s seed...

Ethan A. Huff | The world's most evil corporation is trying to buy out another of the world's most evil corporations to become one giant
california nuclear disaster

The worst nuclear disaster in US history that you’ve never heard about

Carey Wedler | The United States government deliberately hid “the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history.”
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Category 6? If Hurricane Irma becomes the strongest hurricane in history, it could wipe...

Economic Collapse Blog | Meteorologists have been shocked at how rapidly Hurricane Irma has been strengthening
Dakota pipeline, DAPL

Someone set $2 million in Dakota Access Pipeline construction equipment on fire

Anti-Media | Native American protesters are not alone in their opposition to the pipeline
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‘Wake-up call’ study finds link between fracking and toxic water

Common Dreams | Residents of Pavillion, Wyoming, central town in fracking debate, began complaining of tainted water in 1990s

Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show

The Guardian | The FDA has been testing food samples for traces of glyphosate for two years, but the agency has not yet released any official results

Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and...

Melissa Melton | Reports are coming out that unusually high counts of dead seabirds are winding up on shores in Australia and New Zealand. All the birds that have been tested by vets so far were found to be starving and emaciated.

‘Girl against fluoride’ takes mandatory fluoridation in Ireland

By Christina Sarich | Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe to still impose mandatory fluoridation of their water supply, but this outdated, draconian ‘pubic health’ measure will likely soon end due to the efforts of one ‘girl against fluoride’ and supporters

When “mental health” is used to empower the State

Mises Institute | Are the mentally ill actually more prone to committing acts of violence?

Why statins side effects may (literally) be killing you

Aurora Geib | Millions of Americans take statins to lower their cholesterol levels

Woman calls Nestle to inquire about fluoride in bottled water, receives death threats for...

J.D. Heyes | Ellis claims she bought the water on Aug. 5, 2012, then called Nestle's customer service department to inquire about health issues related to fluoride

Irrefutable proof that influenza vaccines routinely given to pregnant women still contain mercury

Mike Adams | Believe it or not, there are still millions of people, doctors, pharmacists and even journalists who do not yet realize there is a very high concentration of mercury in influenza vaccines given to pregnant women

Ebola death camps unveiled in Liberia; disease victims to be rounded up and removed...

Mike Adams | Governments everywhere are in a state of denial over the true magnitude of the Ebola outbreak
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Generation Snowflake: Safe spaces, trigger warnings and the wussification of our young people

EndoftheAmericanDream | We now have an entire generation that is completely lacking in toughness
hanford nuclear facility

“Emergency alert” declared at Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington, evacuation ordered

Zero Hedge | First responders standing by, wondering if they can move in closer
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Woman turns to raw foods, heals self from thyroid cancer

Natural News | I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life
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Harvard study: Smoking cannabis actually improves brain function

True Activist | Don’t believe the hype – cannabis is not a gateway drug, it is a medicine

2013 Sets a New Record for Volcanic Eruptions: Heightens the Risk of Worldwide Cooling

Chris Carrington | 2013 has seen more volcanic eruptions than at any time since records began.

One third of Americans can’t afford safe running water

Daisy Luther | How have we reached a place in the 21st century in which millions of American families are facing a future where running water and sewer services are unaffordable?

Showering in formaldehyde? fresh fears in West Virginia

Lauren McCauley | Scientist says there's 'a lot more we don't know' about the safety of West Virginia water
long valley caldera

Study: 240 cubic miles of magma is swirling under California supervolcano | " The long history of volcanic activity in the Long Valley area indicates that future eruptions will occur"

Senators: EPA Needs More Transparancy

Daily Caller | In the wake of top Environmental Protection Agencyofficials using aliases and private email accounts to conduct official business, Republican senators are calling on Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe to live up to President Barack Obama’s promise to be the most transparent administration in history.

Putin breaks ground on Russia-China gas pipeline, world’s biggest

RT | The gas pipeline will become a common transit center for gas production centers in the Yakutia and Irkutsk regions

DNA Selective Weapons Threaten Your Future

Shepard Ambellas | The Supreme Court has recently approved states to collect DNA samples from criminal suspects not yet convicted, adding to an already active DNA database that can later be used against innocent US citizens in nefarious ways.

Chemtrails: A chemical assault on people and a chemical trespass of property

Michael Thomas | Legality of Chemtrails Hotly Debated in Florida