cat 5

‘Largest documented hurricane to ever impact planet’ expected to make landfall Friday night

Intellihub | Residents and tourists take warning of impending superstorm

Coming to a Field Near You: ‘Agent Orange Corn’?

Andrea Germanos | '2,4-D corn and soybeans just keep us on the same old pesticide treadmill; it’s a terrible idea.'

America’s failed infrastructure — An in-depth analysis by Webster Tarpley

Intellihub News | Popular author, historian and news contributor Webster Tarpley tells it like it is in an exclusive Intellihub News interview, raw and uncut

Fukushima radiation spikes 7,000% as contaminated water pours into the ocean

Ethan A. Huff | TEPCO shut off leaky gutter, but radiation continued to spike throughout day

California oil spill: State of emergency declared, up to 105,000 gallons leaked

RT | California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency over Tuesday's oil spill off the Santa Barbara County coast

NASA Study: ‘The end is near’

Intellihub News | Scientists have a new grim view on the future, says new study out by NASA, soon to be published

Genetic engineering actually INCREASES pesticide use, DECREASES crop yield, and may be dangerous to...

Washington's Blog |Genetic engineering companies promised reduced pesticide use … but GE crops have led to a 25% increase in herbicide use

A Race to Extinction – Fukushima

Sergey Baranov | Update Japanese Medical Scientist says that smiling and laughing will save people from radiation

Nuclear power plants expected to take direct hit from Hurricane Florence | The NWS issued an alert on Tuesday warning of the coming "life-threatening storm surge along the coasts of North and South Carolina" as Hurricane Florence makes its way to the U.S. East Coast where the storm will make landfall Friday.

US lawmakers agree to fast-track secretive international trade deals

RT | Leaders of two key congressional panels have agreed on a deal that would “fast-track” the Obama administration’s ability to draft a pair of controversial international trade bills and move them through Congress

New EU Seed Law Would Ban All Non-Registered Varieties

Real Seeds | On Monday May 6th a draconian new law will be put before the European Commission, which creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe.

Thanksgiving mess: Airlines cancel hundreds of flights as storm rips through Northeast

RT | Holiday travelers will have to deal with a storm consisting of rain, at times heavy snow, fog
flag china

China building a ‘great wall of sand’ in South China Sea– US Navy

RT | The US has accused Beijing of "unprecedented land reclamation," claiming China is "creating a great wall of sand"
mosquito control

City may reallocate $6M to fight Zika virus; spraying residents from the air more...

Intellihub | Will all the spraying harm residents, pets, health?

NBC News declares ‘billions could starve’ as America’s water aquifers run dry

L.J. Devon | In America, a crisis is unfolding right under the public's feet

Neurotoxic “Bull’s-Eye” Surrounds Canadian Tar Sands: Scientists

Jacob Chamberlain | Concentric circles of mercury and other toxic materials cover over 7,300 square miles

Video captures animal exodus from Yellowstone park, is eruption imminent?

Intellihub News | Bison can be seen fleeing Yellowstone park in a new video. Are they sensing an impending eruption from the super volcano that has laid dormant for ages.
power grid

FEMA is preparing for a Solar Storm that would take out the grid

SHTFPlan | The mere fact that this government document exists could mean that there is something we don’t know

Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and...

Melissa Melton | Reports are coming out that unusually high counts of dead seabirds are winding up on shores in Australia and New Zealand. All the birds that have been tested by vets so far were found to be starving and emaciated.
fukushima japan radiation

Huge Fukushima cover-up exposed — Government scientists: ‘In meltdown’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai | Fukushima radiation just off the North American coast is higher now than it has ever been
oregon coast

Second earthquake swarm in one week hits Cascadia Subduction Zone

Intellihub | Experts fear a mega-tsunami could be headed to the west coast in the near future as the region is 'overdue' for the big one

POTUS: Everyone in the path of Hurricane Lane please prepare yourselves | "Heed the advice of State and local officials"

South Carolina sprays for Zika, further decimates honeybee

Natural News | Local beekeepers do not feel that they were given any advance notice about the spraying

Fresh ExxonMobil Pipeline Spill Hits Missouri

RT | While questions over the severity of ExxonMobil’s March 29 oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas still remain, the same pipeline has now ruptured, this time to the north, in Missouri.

Dutchsinse: Yellowstone Earthquake Swarms Underway — Fracking is to Blame

Intellihub | The region just South of Yellowstone has been shaking over the past few days, some say fracking is to blame

2013 Sets a New Record for Volcanic Eruptions: Heightens the Risk of Worldwide Cooling

Chris Carrington | 2013 has seen more volcanic eruptions than at any time since records began.

Agenda 21: The BLM land grabbing endgame

Michael Snyder | Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land?

Population drops ‘by record 244,000’ in Japan last year

John Vibes | Low birth rates, high death rates and a mass exodus could reduce Japan's population by 1/3rd

Fukushima? Extremely high radiation levels all across America

Stefan Stanford | Pummeling of Pacific Ocean brings 'invisible blanket of death' to US shores

The astonishing predictive programming in ‘Alias’

Jay | It’s as if we have entered some kind of time rift, with Twin Peaks, X Files, and now possibly Alias making a comeback to TV