Army Gunships Land on Reservation Sacred Ground Intimidating the Lakota

(INTELLIHUB) - Reports have come in this morning stating that Army 7th Calvary Blackhawk gunships tried to set down in South Dakota yesterday on...

How melting snow with a lighter looks in Norway

John Vibes | Tests conducted in Norway show no traces of chemical consistency
zika heli 2

All U.S. blood supplies to be tested for Zika Virus; theme parks, crowded public...

Intellihub | Zika virus generates fear among agencies and populace

More Crude Spilled in 2013 Than Previous Four Decades Combined

Jacob Chamberlain | More crude oil spilled from train accidents in 2013 alone than in the previous four decades combined

Weather warfare: Is Texas being attacked with weather manipulation technology in advance of Jade...

Stefan Stanford | Texas may be under HAARP attack leading up to Jade Helm 15.
wild horses

Federal agency votes to slaughter 44,000 of the 67,000 wild horses in the U.S.

True Activist | 65% of the US wild horse population will be culled in order to open up more public land to cattle ranchers
miami beach

FEMA Chief, Miami Beach Mayor warn: “Get out now, this is a devastating, nuclear...

ZeroHedge | Meanwhile, supplies of water, gas and other necessities were running out as residents stocked up...

The UN’s plan to halt population growth by turning nature against us

Waking Times | Business as usual at the United Nations includes plans to subvert fertility and increase mortality…

​Beemageddon: White House reveals national strategy to tackle honeybee decline

RT | The dwindling number of honeybees in the US has been a constant worry for farmers in recent years – and now the White House is buzzing into action
Algae Pond

The Toledo Water Crisis Won’t Be the Last

Elizabeth Nussbaumer | This year, levels of the toxin mycrocystin reached such high levels that the City of Toledo ordered a tap water ban.
chemtrails, geoengineering

Weather modification expert speaks out

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas interviews Rosalind Peterson with the Agriculture Defense Coalition

Mainstream Media Runs Propaganda Piece Promoting Geo-Engineering

JG Vibes | After years of insisting that geo-engineering projects were "conspiracy theories", the mainstream media is now promoting them as solutions to problems with the environment.

Insanity: US Approves Bee Death Pesticide as EU Bans It

Anthony Gucciardi | Corporate politics is business as usual inside the United States, as I am once again shocked to report the EPA has sided with industry lobbyists over public health in approving a highly dangerous pesticide that the European Union recently decided to ban over fears of environmental devastation.
steamboat geyser

Yellowstone geyser erupts for 9th time in months

Intellihub | Could the Yellowstone supervolcano be on the brink of eruption? Top theoretical pysisist Michio Kaku says yes.
nestle bottled water

Nestle seeks more groundwater to expand Michigan plant

Natural Society | They're putting profits over people - and the environment - yet again
spraying c-130

U.S. Air Force sprays deadly nerve agent onto Texas populace to combat mosquitoes

Intellihub | Military aircraft dousing Texans with Dibrom to quell pesky mosquitoes
gas leak porter ranch

Porter Ranch residents still getting sick weeks after gas leak was fixed

Daily Sheeple | Clearly, something is not right here
radiation sign

Media blackout: Canada plans to dump nuclear waste less than mile from U.S. border

Anti-Media Staff | Planned nuclear waste dump less than a mile from one of the world’s largest fresh water sources

10 plagues that are hitting America right now

Michael Snyder | Why are so many plagues hitting the United States all of a sudden?

South Stream Shapes European Energy Security, Nabucco Falls Behind

Igor Alexeev | South Stream is an ambitious endeavor of Russia’s energy giant Gazprom to get direct access to the EU energy market.

AOC’s “Green New Deal” seeks to eliminate the very molecule that turns planets green:...

Natural News | The reality is that a war on carbon dioxide is ultimately a war against life on Earth

Hawaii: Most bottled water cleared off store shelves ahead of hurricanes, increasing in force

Shepard Ambellas | Take note how fast supplies disappear off store shelves

Tornado forms near St. Louis Radar yet again – Another man made “microwave induced”...

Michael Janitch | Like two whirlpools sucking in water, these rotating high power microwave beams are causing actual rotation in the atmosphere
flint water crisis

House reaches deal on $170MM aid to flint to avoid government shutdown

Zero Hedge | A deal was originally delayed over a dispute on funding for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

11 Hanford nuclear workers hospitalized after breathing harmful chemicals

Intellihub News | Nuclear waste stored at the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington State has reportedly released toxic vapors which were breathed in by 11 employees, leading to their hospitalization
earthquake lights in sky

Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after tremor

Yahoo News UK | A video of the earthquake lights was captured by a witness

Bacteria-ridden mosquitoes released in Florida

Natural Blaze | But don't worry -- they don't bite

Bill Gates bets future epidemic will “kill over 10 million excess people” — Are...

Shepard Ambellas | Bill Gates' true colors come out in interview -- elite mindset demonstrated

A New Resistance film to expose dangers of Roundup in food, water and all...

Jonathan Benson | Watch A New Resistance trailer and support this important project