California halts injection of fracking waste, warning it may be contaminating aquifers

Abrahm Lustgarten | State’s drought has forced farmers to rely on groundwater, even as California aquifers have been intentionally polluted due to exemptions for oil industry

Big energy money foils fracking moratorium

Andrea Germanos | California effort defeated in Senate, but "one day soon the vote to refrain from polluting for profit will prevail!" says Senator Mitchell
PRO Harshil Shah/Flickr

COP 21: UN plan to make legally binding climate change laws – worldwide

Makia Freeman | A giant step towards Global Governance or a One World Government is being made

100,000 bats fall from the sky in Australia

John Vibes | Heatwave in Australia devastates bat colony

Bomb explosion kills 7: Scrapyard workers cut into 500lb WWII era bomb using gas-powered...

Intellihub News | Sadly, in its worst purchase ever, a local scrap-metal yard purchased a 500 pound World War II era bomb from an individual, in hopes to turn a profit.

Officials “fully expect” 8 more explosions at a Texas chemical plant

Intellihub | More explosions are on the way, officials warn

Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and...

Mike Adams | The only proof you need that many Californians are still living in a water fairy tale is the fact that California real estate prices haven't yet collapsed
naval station norfolk

U.S. Navy issues “sortie code alpha,” sends 30 ships to sea | Naval vessels fair better while out to sea in a storm rather than being docked in port where they can suffer severe damage from heavy surging
power grid

FEMA is preparing for a Solar Storm that would take out the grid

SHTFPlan | The mere fact that this government document exists could mean that there is something we don’t know

Under Republican majority, U.S. Senate votes to LEGALIZE hemp farming across the nation

Natural News | Why has it taken 80+ years to correct the massive propaganda hoax?

Drones to cloud seed [chemtrail] for rain in U.S. by year-end

Shepard Ambellas | Some won't believe it until it hits them in the face--drone chemtrailing is almost here
poisioned water

On behalf of city poisoned by water, residents file suit against Gov. Snyder

Deirdre Fulton | Meanwhile, officials probe possible link between water crisis and deadly cases of Legionnaires' Disease

In 2019, scientists funded by Bill Gates to spray particles into the sky in...

Free Thought Project | The controversial subject of geoengineering or weather modification is once again stepping from the shadows and into the light
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Thousands of fish dead as California reservoir disappears overnight

RT | The California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that somewhere between hundreds and thousands of fish died when a northern state reservoir apparently ran dry

Neurotoxic “Bull’s-Eye” Surrounds Canadian Tar Sands: Scientists

Jacob Chamberlain | Concentric circles of mercury and other toxic materials cover over 7,300 square miles

Hurricane Lane may strike Hawaii as Category 5 | Islanders warned: 'Cat 5 coming'

Water rationing hits California: limit of 50 gallons per person per day or face...

Mike Adams | Millions of Californians are about to be hit with strict water rationing

GMO truck crashes in Australia: Senator says it ‘should be treated a serious biohazard’

Melissa Melton | A truck filled with genetically modified canola overturned in the WA Great Southern region of Australia and a Senator and agricultural official of the green political party came forward to say the crash needs to be treated as a “serious biohazard”

Trace levels of radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima now detected in Florida citrus fruits

Natural News | Levels consistent since 2011

22-Foot Gash in Pegasus Pipeline Puts Gaping Hole in Safety Claims

Jon Queally | Heavy rains move into Mayflower, Arkansas as cleanup of ExxonMobil pipeline proves ever more difficult.
brickell flooding

Downtown Miami completely flooded, under feet of water

Intellihub | Hurricane Irma continues to surge pushing seawater inland engulfing the entire Miami downtown area by Brickell Ave.

Hawaii: Sinkholes Opening Up

Intellihub | A rather rare phenomenon has become more common in recent times and is now happening in Hawaii causing some to worry.

Shutting Down Coal-Powered Plants Is Making Energy More Expensive, and Hydraulic Fracturing More Common

Aaron Dykes | All over America, coal power plants which provide stable, cheap energy are being shut down under Obama-led regulations and the C02 control agenda.

If 3 Inches Of Snow Can Cause This Much Chaos In Atlanta, What Will...

Michael Snyder | This week, three inches of snow “paralyzed” the ninth-largest city in the United States, and the highways of Atlanta “resembled a scene in a post-apocalyptic world” according to national news reports
chemtrails, geoengineering

Irrefutable proof we are all being sprayed with poison: 571 tons of toxic lead...

Mike Adams | America is being doused every minute of every day with the toxic heavy metal lead as it is burned in "avgas" -- aviation gas
Zika virus

The down-low on reportedly bogus Zika prevention products

Natural Society | The government is usually pretty quick to wrongfully give all-natural products the thumbs-down

Polar Vortex is killing off Asian Stink Bug in North America

Intellihub | The Polar Vortex has created unusually cold temperatures in North America which could kill off the annoying Asian Stink Bug population that has infested the country in recent years

Dead Sea Life Covers 98% of Ocean Floor After Fukushima

Elizabeth Renter | Sea life in the Pacific Ocean is dying off at an alarming rate, and the peak of all this death and destruction coincides with a certain nuclear disaster that ironically occurred on the Pacific coast of Japan

Due to extreme drought, the number of cattle In the U.S. is the smallest...

Michael Snyder | The last time the number of cattle in the United States was this low was 63 years ago.
hawaii volcano

Kilauea eruption will spew rocks the size of small cars, refrigerators, experts warn

Intellihub | Rocks that weigh over 2000 pound, the size of small cars, may be flung out of the volcano for miles causing great damage and death