2013 Sets a New Record for Volcanic Eruptions: Heightens the Risk of Worldwide Cooling

Chris Carrington | 2013 has seen more volcanic eruptions than at any time since records began.

Officials Reveal Second Chemical Spilled in W. Virginia Waters

Common Dreams | Media groups slam 'lack of openness,' say official response 'aggravated an alarming situation'

Helicopter caught spraying city populace with larvicide, only 60 foot above ground level

Shepard Ambellas | Residents watch in horror, some don't mind

Did HAZMAT crews respond to a radiological event in San Francisco Sunday?

Intellihub | A plethora of officials including at least 24 F.B.I. agents converged on a downtown building Sunday morning

Tornadoes kill 16 in Arkansas, 1 in Oklahoma

MyWay | Emergency officials were searching for survivors Monday in the debris left by a powerful tornado that carved an 80-mile path of destruction through suburban Little Rock, killing at least 16 people
zika heli 2

All U.S. blood supplies to be tested for Zika Virus; theme parks, crowded public...

Intellihub | Zika virus generates fear among agencies and populace

America to lose one-third of its fresh produce when California runs out of water

Mike Adams | As Michael Snyder points out in a timely article at The Economic Collapse Blog, California is rapidly reverting back to the desert it was once

5.8 earthquake hits Western Montana

Intellihub | Largest earthquake to hit the region in decades

‘Thirsty’ global fracking industry puts water, environment, communities at risk

Deirdre Fulton | 'The fracking industry needs to be urgently reined in before it's too late for our planet and people across the globe.'

Tepco workers fail: 100 tones of radioactive water ‘8 million times above legal limit’...

Shepard Ambellas | If the problems and incompetence on Tepco's part continue at the Fukushima nuclear facility, there may eventually be no life left in the pacific basin or the entire western hemisphere for that matter as things are taking a turn for the worst
Water Pollution

Report: World’s Oceans On Brink of Collapse

The world's oceans face irreparable damage from climate change and overfishing, with a five-year window for intervention.
nestle bottled water

Nestle seeks more groundwater to expand Michigan plant

Natural Society | They're putting profits over people - and the environment - yet again
carbon monoxiode cali

6.2 Earthquake wrecks central Italy, kills at least 120: “Town doesn’t exist anymore”

SHTFPlan | While Italy attempts to get back on its feet, experts fear that the “big one” could be coming

Florida Keys residents resist controversial GMO mosquito trial

Common Dreams | "It's about human rights—this can't be pushed down our throats without consent," said one Key West resident
Bantam chickens

Over 30 Tenn. chicken breeding facilities under quarantine after highly pathogenic strain of avian...

Intellihub | H7 avian influenza causes chaos at Tennessee chicken farms

EPA: 97% of endangered species threatened by 2 pesticides

Natural Society | Causing a meltdown of the natural world

California officials try everything, claiming radioactive beach safe

Shepard Ambellas | To no surprise the government simply can’t be trusted anymore as people’s health is now at stake

Poorest at Risk, Skepticism High as Officials OK Water Safety in West Virginia

Lauren McCauley | Though officials announce water back at ‘safe’ limit, scientists and vulnerable residents not so sure

30 Toxic Chemicals Found at Exxon Pipeline Spill Site in Arkansas

All Gov | When half a million gallons of tar sands oil spilled into an Arkansas community in March, it released 30 toxic chemicals into the air that may impact human health.
hawaii storm

Hawaii Governor: ‘Emergency planners can’t handle direct hit from hurricane’

Intellihub.com | The governor of Hawaii told residents that FEMA has taken a proactive stance ahead of the storm and has placed food and supplies in strategic areas throughout the state

Shasta: County air quality management board holds public hearing on geoengineering

Intellihub | A public hearing was recently held concerning geoengineering applications

California’s engineered drought

Sharon Schloss | One of the most talked about topics in the media these days is climate change, but it is also the source of much misinformation and skewed science.

ALERT: Houston officials warn that critical infrastructure is “starting to fail” may soon collapse

Zerohedge | Houston officials are reporting that the city's critical infrastructure is starting to fail

Pastor David Manning of Atlah on Intellihub Radio

(INTELLIHUB) -- In less than two weeks, one of the most historic trials in America will take place in New York City. The "Obama...
BBQ grill

Video: Green police tell Florida homeowner that smoke from his BBQ grill can’t cross...

Intellihub News | Authoritarian "environmental specialist" wants homeowners to learn how to control the flow of smoke

Scientists to analyze west coast kelp for Fukushima radioactivity

Andrea Germanos | Researcher: Our goal is 'to learn more about the distribution and transport of these materials in our world'
oregon coast

Second earthquake swarm in one week hits Cascadia Subduction Zone

Intellihub | Experts fear a mega-tsunami could be headed to the west coast in the near future as the region is 'overdue' for the big one
scott pruitt

Trump set to pull U.S. out of the Paris Agreement within days

Intellihub | Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to replace Ebell
fukushima japan radiation

Fukushima radiation up tenfold in groundwater as TEPCO braces for second typhoon in a...

Eyes Open Report | Now Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) must brace for Typhoon Vongfong which struck Japan on Sunday