25 shocking facts about the earth’s dwindling water resources

Michael Snyder | War, famine, mass extinctions and devastating plagues - all of these are coming unless some kind of miraculous solution is found to the world's rapidly growing water crisis

Solar and wind will be cheaper than nukes by end of decade: Greenpeace

John Queally | A new report by Greenpeace in France shows that renewable energy sources like photovoltaic solar and wind will be more affordable than nuclear power by the end of the decade

U.S. spending billions to ‘dig ourselves a bigger climate hole’

Andrea Germanos | New report highlights continued fossil fuel subsidies that foster further climate crisis at taxpayers' expense

Oil spill activists to gather in Kalamazoo July 19th

Intellihub | The 4th annual Tar Sands oil spill anniversary -- Join the cause

Ohio Earthquakes Directly Connected to Fracking, Research Shows

Deirdre Fulton | Study adds to body of evidence showing linkage between fracking operations and tremors along faultlines

Japan earthquake collapses homes, causes injuries

AP | About 15 people were treated for injuries at a public hospital in the city of Omachi

Soaring meat consumption bigger problem than thought: Study

John Queally | New research suggests giving up red meat in particular would be more impactful environmental choice than giving up your car
Algae Pond

The Toledo Water Crisis Won’t Be the Last

Elizabeth Nussbaumer | This year, levels of the toxin mycrocystin reached such high levels that the City of Toledo ordered a tap water ban.

One third of Americans can’t afford safe running water

Daisy Luther | How have we reached a place in the 21st century in which millions of American families are facing a future where running water and sewer services are unaffordable?
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Kayaktivists across the country paddle in protest of Arctic drilling

Lauren McCauley | Shell oil exploration could begin any day now, activists warn

U.S. state makes it illegal to collect evidence of pollution on public property

John Vibes | Even collecting evidence or photos from a national park could lead to criminal charges

Exxon begins drilling in Russia’s pristine arctic waters

Common Dreams | Despite U.S. sanctions, drilling marks business-as-usual for international oil giant
Fukushima Plant

Fukushima okays nuke waste storages in return for almost $3bn in subsidies

RT | The central government is to pay subsidies totaling 301 billion yen ($2.89 billion) to support the locals and revive the community

California oil spill: State of emergency declared, up to 105,000 gallons leaked

RT | California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency over Tuesday's oil spill off the Santa Barbara County coast

5 ways to save water in a drought-stricken world

Julie Miller | If consumption continues as is, many predict that by 2020 water will be more valuable than gold

California farmers skip planting, sell water to desperate cities: “We’re afraid they’ll just take...

Mac Slavo | The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions