New York property owner and manager sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for... | Mills’ and Allen’s prison sentences will be followed by two years of supervised release

Japanese company wants to turn the moon into a giant solar farm

John Vibes | Japanese solar company wants to build a solar farm on the moon that is over a hundred times bigger than any on earth

Tens of thousands of tons of coal ash spilling into N.C. river

Sarah Lazare | Duke Energy coal plant disaster sends arsenic, mercury, lead, boron and other toxic heavy metals pouring into Dan River
canary islands volcano

Volcano eruption fears as almost 300 earthquakes rock Spanish holiday hotspot

Euro Weekly | MORE than 270 earthquakes have been recorded in just ten days near Spain’s Canary Islands raising fears of a volcanic eruption

Report: West Coast Children Hit With Thyroid Problems Following Fukushima

Anthony Gucciardi | Still think that the Fukushima nuclear meltdown of 2011 never affected the United States public? Young children born in the United States West Coast, right in the line of fire for radioactive isotopes, have been found to be 28% more likely to develop congenital hypothyroidism than infants born the year before the incident.
chemtrails, geoengineering

Irrefutable proof we are all being sprayed with poison: 571 tons of toxic lead...

Mike Adams | America is being doused every minute of every day with the toxic heavy metal lead as it is burned in "avgas" -- aviation gas
volcano hawaii

5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Kīlauea’s summit, sends ash 8000 feet into the air

Intellihub | An 8000 foot tall ash cloud could be seen from a distance as the volcano violently erupted
geoengineering chemtrails

Dept. of Energy may begin studying geoengineering

Activist Post | The U.S. Department of Energy may begin studying the effects of geoengineering the climate if a proposed budget bill becomes law
beach sand

Beekeeper: ‘Seeing bees washed up onto the beach is unusual’

Intellihub | Thousands of beach wash ashore, sting people

West coast is “on track for having the worst drought in 500 years”

Washington's Blog | Is the west coast in the middle of a “mega drought”?
harvey storm

Documents show cloud seeding operation DURING Hurricane Harvey, did it amplify its impact?

Activist Post | It is highly possible that cloud seeding prior to Hurricane Harvey could have caused it to be amplified, in both strength and length

Chemical snow reports explode across east coast (Video)

John Vibes | Initial reports of chemical snow were only coming from the south, but new cases are now being documented in the north east

Mainstream Media Admits Geo-Engineering Problem, Calls for Global Solution

Derrick Broze | British scientists at the Mets Office Hadley Centre have called for a global government to approve global geo-engineering programs.