America’s failed infrastructure — An in-depth analysis by Webster Tarpley

Intellihub News | Popular author, historian and news contributor Webster Tarpley tells it like it is in an exclusive Intellihub News interview, raw and uncut

Fukushima creating mutated insects and butterflies

John Vibes | A new study shows the effect that Fukushima has had on local wildlife

BLM planned to kill hundreds of endangered tortoises last year

John Vibes | Government agency planned to kill hundreds of endangered tortoises last year, now they want to save them by invading a Nevada rancher

Angry mob attacks Ebola treatment center in Guinea

John Vibes | An Ebola treatment center in Guinea was attacked by an angry mob who believed that they were responsible for spreading the virus

The Bunkerville Project: Glencore Xtrata & government owned gold mines

Chris Carrington | There are literally hundreds of mines in Clark County, Nevada

Top physics professor: ‘All Hell to break loose over next few days from...

Shepard Ambellas | Red flags raised, China hacks U.S. weather network, drills coming
GMO Corn Seed

GMO Corn – the POISON plant everyone eats

Catherine J. Frompovich | Rosman realized that the GM corn, actually bt-corn, he was feeding his hogs was responsible for sows experiencing false pregnancies.

Key West ravaged, ocean waves crash over rooftops of homes, flooding

Intellihub | Hurricane Irma's devastating winds reached speeds in excess of 110 mph pounding the Keys with heavy winds, waves, and floodwaters

Why most of the western half of the U.S. is completely unsuitable for strategic...

Michael Snyder | If there is one thing that you cannot live without, it is fresh water
puna lava flowvideo

Big Island: Lava flow nears geothermal plant in Puna as National Guard troop presence...

Intellihub | The situation on the Big Island is changing rapidly as Mount Kilauea spews more lava and gas threatening life in the region

Hawaii volcano raises concerns of eruptions along West Coast

AP | When will the west coast volcanoes erupt?

NM: Plume containing cancerous radioactive plutonium isotopes engulfs region after ‘nuclear event’ announced by...

Shepard Ambellas | A plume containing radioactive plutonium isotopes has now made its way at least a half mile away from the nuclear waste storage facility

Bill Gates bets future epidemic will “kill over 10 million excess people” — Are...

Shepard Ambellas | Bill Gates' true colors come out in interview -- elite mindset demonstrated

The 14,000 oil spills in America that nobody is talking about

Staff Writer | Nearly every day there is a new environmental disaster

NASA Study: ‘The end is near’

Intellihub News | Scientists have a new grim view on the future, says new study out by NASA, soon to be published

NASA expert warns of rogue geoengineers and chemtrail consequences

Aaron Dykes | NASA Expert Clears the Air: Chemtrails are Real, Geoengineering May Be Inevitable, Mad Science in Control of Weather Could Blackmail Earth
hawaii volcano

Kilauea eruption will spew rocks the size of small cars, refrigerators, experts warn

Intellihub | Rocks that weigh over 2000 pound, the size of small cars, may be flung out of the volcano for miles causing great damage and death

How melting snow with a lighter looks in Norway

John Vibes | Tests conducted in Norway show no traces of chemical consistency
spraying c-130

U.S. Air Force sprays deadly nerve agent onto Texas populace to combat mosquitoes

Intellihub | Military aircraft dousing Texans with Dibrom to quell pesky mosquitoes

Canada river loaded with artificial sweeteners, flows into great lakes

Elizabeth Renter | A new study published in PloS One indicates a Canadian river used for drinking water contains the highest concentration of artificial sweeteners in surface waters worldwide.

Beached dead and bloated blue whale threatens town with methane gas explosion

Shepard Ambellas | An 82-foot-long dead whale washed ashore recently causing quite a dilemma
earth cracked

FEMA prepares for something big, says insider: ‘Major strain on fault lines […] major...

Intellihub | Unknown perturber causing disruption to Earth's tectonic plates, waters, FEMA prepares for worst, insider admits

Gov’t study: 75% of air and rain samples tested positive for Monsanto’s Roundup

Melissa melton | A study conducted by the USGS comparing figures for air and rain samples from 1995 and 2007 in Mississippi concluded that 75% of all 2007 samples tested positive for glyphosate
texas national guard

Disgusting: Liberal professor fired for celebrating Hurricane Harvey’s destruction as “instant karma”

Intellihub | Liberals throughout social media celebrate devastating hurricane

Agenda 21: The BLM land grabbing endgame

Michael Snyder | Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land?
harvey storm

Documents show cloud seeding operation DURING Hurricane Harvey, did it amplify its impact?

Activist Post | It is highly possible that cloud seeding prior to Hurricane Harvey could have caused it to be amplified, in both strength and length

Harvey to make landfall as CAT 3 hurricane, 110+ mph winds, 35 inches of...

Intellihub | Deadly rain and wind approaching Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey expected to be a CAT 3 or higher, officials say

Puna Geothermal Venture: An update after the lava struck

Intellihub | So far so good at Puna Geothermal Venture: Emergency workers and responders appear to be happy, at least, for now that the lava flow has ceased to the plant and that nothing major has happened up to this point

U.S. Virgin Islands devastated by Irma: Videos

Intellihub | Here is a little sample of what we can expect in Florida in the coming days when Hurricane Irma makes landfall
Earth, world, planetvideo

MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists...

Natural News | The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet