2 reactors closed after deadly gas leak at hacked S. Korean nuclear plant

RT | No reason to believe that Friday's accident was linked to the cyberattack threats

Officials “fully expect” 8 more explosions at a Texas chemical plant

Intellihub | More explosions are on the way, officials warn

Lava at Puma geothermal plant covers at least one wellhead

Intellihub | Lava continues to creep its way onto PGV property and has already covered one wellhead, prompting officials to issue several statements on Sunday

Activists Halt Monsanto Seed Plant Construction in Argentina

Elizabeth Renter | Monsanto is promising to appeal a recent decision by a labor appeals court in Argentina to stop construction of a seed-manufacturing plant there

Tsunami headed for Alaska after 8.2 magnitude earthquake

Zero Hedge | "The whole town is evacuating"

Unprecedented mass die off as Pacific Ocean “Turning into a desert” off California Coast

Mac Slavo | The ocean is dying, by all accounts – and if so, the food supply along with it.

NY Assembly Passes Two Year Fracking Moratorium, Senate Expected to Follow

NationOfChange.org | The bill, if passed by the Senate and signed off by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, would close the state's doors to the oil and gas industry's desire to begin operating

Firefighters battle forest blaze in radioactive Chernobyl zone

RT Ukrainian firefighters reportedly managed to contain a massive forest fire near Chernobyl

Swarms of Locusts Descend on Israel and Egypt

JG Vibes | Along the border of Egypt and Israel millions of locusts have mysteriously appeared in giant swarms across the area. This problem was first reported weeks ago but has continued in intensity, destroying crops and creating a widespread disturbance in travel and trade.

Bill Gates bets future epidemic will “kill over 10 million excess people” — Are...

Shepard Ambellas | Bill Gates' true colors come out in interview -- elite mindset demonstrated
global warming health

Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

Jon Rappoport | Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it

Scientists say airplane contrails may be accidentally geoengineering the climate

Derrick Broze | Are geoengineering programs already active worldwide?

With this greenhouse it is now possible to grow crops in the desert

John Vibes | Roots Up plans to launch the project in areas of Ethiopia

600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via...

Mike Adams | Using aerosolized stealth vaccines as tools of behavioral control and mind alteration

Parts of the Florida Keys devastated by Irma’s surge

Intellihub | Military relief efforts are underway while residents struggle with damage, scatted debris, and flooding brought on by Hurricane Irma

A “monster of a storm” may hit the East Coast next week

Intellihub | As the New Year’s festivities begin, the increasing threat of a major East Coast snowstorm is possible for the second half of the upcoming week

Another derailment highlights danger of transporting crude by train

Andrea Germanos | Latest incident took place near Pittsburgh, may have leaked up to 4,000 gallons of Canadian tar sands crude

Mainstream Media Admits Geo-Engineering Problem, Calls for Global Solution

Derrick Broze | British scientists at the Mets Office Hadley Centre have called for a global government to approve global geo-engineering programs.

Geiger counter measures radioactive snow in St. Louis

Intellihub | St. Louis man measures radioactivity in snow and puts video on the internet

Experts: Record cold summer leads to changing leaves in August

CBS Pittsburgh | Right now Pittsburgh is on pace for the 9th coldest summer since record keeping began in 1871

California farmers skip planting, sell water to desperate cities: “We’re afraid they’ll just take...

Mac Slavo | The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions

Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds

Natural News | See the full video at this REAL.video link, where it won’t be banned

*Video* Diver captures his underwater battle with Great White Shark on GoPro

Intellihub News | During an amazing underwater encounter with a Great White Shark, a spear-fisherman manages to fend of the creature and capture the event on film

Watch as Cuban government gas bombs civilians for Zika!

Intellihub | Tyranny at it's finest: Cuban government should be ashamed for spraying their people with chemicals

Genetic engineering actually INCREASES pesticide use, DECREASES crop yield, and may be dangerous to...

Washington's Blog |Genetic engineering companies promised reduced pesticide use … but GE crops have led to a 25% increase in herbicide use
unconventional grey, cockpit, plane

“UNconventional Grey” geoengineering and the climate change agenda

Michael Murphy | We are in a critical time in our efforts to stop geoengineering

‘What could be more important?’: World leaders, media ignore biodiversity report detailing mass extinction...

Common Dreams | "The health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever."

Twin tornadoes merge in Nebraska *Video*

Intellihub | Extensive damage was caused in the region by two rogue tornadoes which finally merged
hanford nuclear facility

“Emergency alert” declared at Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington, evacuation ordered

Zero Hedge | First responders standing by, wondering if they can move in closer

Exxon Tar Sands Oil Spill Continues to Devastate Arkansas Community

Lauren McCauley | The thousands of barrels of tar sands oil which poured from a ruptured crude oil pipeline on Friday continue to devastate both man and beast alike in the community of Mayflower, Arkansas.