LIVE video feeds from Key West, watch as Irma hits

Intellihub | View the current status of Hurricane Irma and her powerful winds, flooding, live from four different camera angles in Key West

Irma’s current path

Intellihub | It looks like Hurricane Irma is going to run up the west coast of Florida devastating everything in its path
earthquake lights in sky

Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after tremor

Yahoo News UK | A video of the earthquake lights was captured by a witness
earthquake mexico

Massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico, dozens dead

Intellihub | The strongest quake to hit since 1985, over a million people without power
miami beach

FEMA Chief, Miami Beach Mayor warn: “Get out now, this is a devastating, nuclear...

ZeroHedge | Meanwhile, supplies of water, gas and other necessities were running out as residents stocked up...

U.S. Virgin Islands devastated by Irma: Videos

Intellihub | Here is a little sample of what we can expect in Florida in the coming days when Hurricane Irma makes landfall

Irma now Cat 5, winds in excess of 175 mph

Intellihub | Irma intensifies, Florida residents warned to prepare
Downtown Miami

Florida declares state of emergency as Category 4 Hurricane Irma barrels straight for Miami

Zerohedge | The governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma possibly devastating the state
harvey storm

Documents show cloud seeding operation DURING Hurricane Harvey, did it amplify its impact?

Activist Post | It is highly possible that cloud seeding prior to Hurricane Harvey could have caused it to be amplified, in both strength and length

Scientist-in-charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory steps down, packs bags, leaves park

Intellihub | Did the scientist take a new job offer or is something going on at the park that we need to know about?
Earth, world, planet

Category 6? If Hurricane Irma becomes the strongest hurricane in history, it could wipe...

Economic Collapse Blog | Meteorologists have been shocked at how rapidly Hurricane Irma has been strengthening
harvey storm

Weather wars: New video analysis appears to show artificial augmentation of Hurricane Harvey’s intensity...

Natural News | New reports claim that Hurricane Harvey was engineered, what do you think?

Officials “fully expect” 8 more explosions at a Texas chemical plant

Intellihub | More explosions are on the way, officials warn
national gaurd

Alert: “No way to prevent imminent explosion” at flooded Texas chemical plant

Zerohedge | The plant, which produces explosive organic peroxides and ammonia, was hit by more than 40 inches of rain

ALERT: Houston officials warn that critical infrastructure is “starting to fail” may soon collapse

Zerohedge | Houston officials are reporting that the city's critical infrastructure is starting to fail
texas national guard

Disgusting: Liberal professor fired for celebrating Hurricane Harvey’s destruction as “instant karma”

Intellihub | Liberals throughout social media celebrate devastating hurricane

Addicks dam in Houston set to spill over, flood two story homes, major problem...

Intellihub | Residents in and around spillway asked to evacuate as water levels top all-time highs

Shock: Democrat mayor ordered stand down during Hurricane Harvey

Infowars | Despite governor’s recommendations, Democrat officials ignored him

Harvey rocks Houston: The “surreal” before and after photo

Zero Hedge | Shocking before and after photos of Houston

“Perfect Recipe for a MONSTER: Hurricane Harvey upgraded to category 3

UPI | Hurricane Harvey increased in strength to Category 3, with winds of 125 mph Friday afternoon

Harvey to make landfall as CAT 3 hurricane, 110+ mph winds, 35 inches of...

Intellihub | Deadly rain and wind approaching Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey expected to be a CAT 3 or higher, officials say
Earth, world, planetvideo

MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists...

Natural News | The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet

Bubonic plague found in Arizona ticks, fleas

Intellihub | Experts warn that the virus can be transmitted to humans by flea bites

Former Obama officials operating shadow “science” network to push politicized climate data on an...

Natural News | Government scientists from 13 agencies have all concluded, once again, that our modern society is killing the planet/small>
cemtrails sky

Mainstream scientist exposes the dangerous reality of chemtrails and geoengineering

Waking Times | The dangers of chemtrails and geoengineering exposed

Scientists discover new fault line off the Coast of Alaska – Could produce Fukushima...

SHTFplan | New fault line discovered in Alaska

Google’s sister company releasing 20 million mosquitoes infected with fertility-destroying bacteria… DEPOPULATION experiment?

Natural News | Google’s bio-lab has began releasing the first batches of the 20 million bacteria-filled mosquitoes they plan to set free