Fukushima creating mutated insects and butterflies

John Vibes | A new study shows the effect that Fukushima has had on local wildlife
earth cracked

FEMA prepares for something big, says insider: ‘Major strain on fault lines […] major...

Intellihub | Unknown perturber causing disruption to Earth's tectonic plates, waters, FEMA prepares for worst, insider admits

Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and...

Mike Adams | The only proof you need that many Californians are still living in a water fairy tale is the fact that California real estate prices haven't yet collapsed
flint water crisis

And now the cover-up murders begin in Flint, Michigan: Water treatment plant foreman found...

Natural News | Government gets away with murder, poisoning the population with an extremely toxic water supply

NASA expert warns of rogue geoengineers and chemtrail consequences

Aaron Dykes | NASA Expert Clears the Air: Chemtrails are Real, Geoengineering May Be Inevitable, Mad Science in Control of Weather Could Blackmail Earth

An unprecedented plague has hit oranges and another has hit bananas

Michael Snyder | What is causing all of these plagues to hit our food supply?

A Mickey Mouse Police State

(INTELLIHUB) -- Back and forth, inch by inch the globalist are tugging at the general population and in most cases gaining ground. The moronic public...

Intellihub H.Q. to be bombarded by two hurricanes

Shepard Ambellas | An ominous day in Hawaii as people prepare for the worst

California is turning back into a desert and there are no contingency plans

Michael Snyder | Once upon a time, much of the state of California was a barren desert
carbon monoxiode calivideo

San Andreas Fault just released massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases...

Intellihub | Extremely high levels of CO released as fault pressure builds, earthquake predicted
cell tower

Study proves electromagnetic fields from cell towers can amplify pain

Waking Times | This is the first study of its kind that has found a direct link to immediate physical changes in the human body
kilauea volcano

Ten thousand ordered to evacuate as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spews lava 150 feet into...

Daily Mail | Warning sirens sounded across the Big Island on Thursday after lava spewed from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

Soil health program boosts crop yields by 300% without GMOs or chemical-intensive factory farming

Mayimina Mutijiang | Chemical farming is the norm, but it does not have to be
fukushima japan radiation

Fukushima five years later: “The fuel rods melted through containment and nobody knows where...

Zero Hedge | Stopping the ground water intrusion into the plant is critical

Bacteria-ridden mosquitoes released in Florida

Natural Blaze | But don't worry -- they don't bite
Earth, world, planetvideo

MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists...

Natural News | The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet

Japanese company wants to turn the moon into a giant solar farm

John Vibes | Japanese solar company wants to build a solar farm on the moon that is over a hundred times bigger than any on earth

Chemtrails and the nuclear connection

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley | The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale of postmodern human comprehension

Key West ravaged, ocean waves crash over rooftops of homes, flooding

Intellihub | Hurricane Irma's devastating winds reached speeds in excess of 110 mph pounding the Keys with heavy winds, waves, and floodwaters
fema camp

FEMA says no federal funds for disaster preparedness will go to states that deny...

Ethan A. Huff | The lawless entity posing as the federal government has issued a new guideline pertaining to the distribution of funding for disaster and emergency preparedness that crystallizes the man-made climate change myth

Scientist-in-charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory steps down, packs bags, leaves park

Intellihub | Did the scientist take a new job offer or is something going on at the park that we need to know about?
oil refinery gas leak

“Unstoppable” California gas leak being called worst catastrophe since BP spill

Tyler Durden | New infrared footage exposes the massive leak

Harvey to make landfall as CAT 3 hurricane, 110+ mph winds, 35 inches of...

Intellihub | Deadly rain and wind approaching Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey expected to be a CAT 3 or higher, officials say

As Walmart ‘wages war on workers and earth,’ green groups join labor fight

Sarah Lazare | As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers.'

Seismic Report Predicts Massive Earthquake and Tsunami for Pacific North West

Intellihub | A new report issued by the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission predicts that more than 10,000 people could die when a massive earthquake and tsunami occurs just off the Pacific Northwest coast

Energy East tar sands pipeline hits major snag as TransCanada forced to scrap terminal

Deirdre Fulton | 'This is a major victory for the protection of endangered species, communities and the environment,' says activist

Genetically Engineered Trees for Bioenergy Pose Major Threat to Southern Forests

Anne Petermann | In response to industry plans to develop eucalyptus plantations across the US South, environmental groups are raising serious concerns about the impacts of eucalyptus plantations on forests, rural communities, wildlife and the climate – especially if those trees are genetically engineered.
fissure 8

Kīlauea update: Mandatory evacuations have been enacted, those who stay will be arrested, officials...

Intellihub | Lava flows created by Kīlauea's grand awakening have prompted Hawaii officials to issue a mandatory evacuation order for people residing in Leilani Estates as the situation worsens
phoenix sky

Tech expert says 5G wireless could cause cancer and may even flip the earth’s...

Intellihub.com | Your quality of life and health may be affected by 5G.