Shock: Editor of science journal found to be on Monsanto’s PAYROLL at $400 per...

Natural News | Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was secretly on Monsanto’s payroll

Fake meat: The ‘meat glue’ secret

Intellihub | If you eat meat, you have likely eaten 'meat glue'
farming africa

Monsanto and big ag colonizing Africa, criminalizing traditional seed exchanges

Natural Blaze | Just one of the many concerns surrounding the dominance of agrichemicals companies and GMO foods
frech friesvideo

You’ll never eat McDonald’s french fries again after watching this video

Intellihub | They are making food cheaper and cheaper which consequently is very unhealthy for human consumption

Docs show how Monsanto crushes dissent with thousands of paid trolls

Waking Times | Monsanto has been hiring, through third parties, thousands of Internet trolls
hotdogs on grill

Lawsuit aims to ban hotdogs, processed meats, from L.A. schoools

Natural Society | The suit names the L.A. school district, the California Department of Education, and the Poway school district in San Diego

KFC plans to use antibiotic-free chicken by 2018

Natural Society | Another victorious move for the public

Is this why only organic fruit and vegetables stop cancer?

Tools For Freedom | Not All Food is Created Equal
fast food hamburger

Poison as a food

Daily Coin | A clean diet makes for a clean system
grocery food

Myths, misconceptions, and outright lies about nutrition are keeping people fat and sick

Nutritional Anarchy We tend to seek out information that confirms what we already believe instead of considering all points of view

PepsiCo sued for allegedly misleading buyers of Naked Juice

Natural Society | Some products contain more sugar than a can of Pepsi
gold rice, gates

Prominent Latin American Scientists say Bill Gates’ golden rice is a total failure

Natural Blaze | Making farmers and those they feed reliant upon GM companies for food is the goal
dna, gmo

Scientist ‘makes history’ by eating 1st-ever CRISPR gene-edited meal

Natural Society | Foods are only considered “GMO” if they’ve had something added to their DNA

PepsiCo admits their soda contains carcinogens – still expects you to drink it

Waking Times | WHO estimates that cancer rates will rise as much as 50% by 2020
schooler, robert

Cornell University student exposes his own university’s pro-GMO corruption in shocking open letter

Natural News | Remember the $5.6 million Bill Gates gave Cornell through his foundation?

Is this some kind of sick joke? Check out McDonald’s new happy meal toy

Daily Sheeple | In its latest marketing ploy to prove it is more than a chemical mill masquerading as a restaurant

Not just marijuana: The FDA has always denied the existence of therapeutic benefits associated...

Natural News | The FDA banned websites from posting information regarding the health benefits of cherries

Wendy’s plans to eliminate antibiotics from chicken production in 2017

Natural Society | The fast-food chain may do the same in beef and pork
monsanto, monsatan

Bayer-Monsanto merger is ‘five-alarm threat’ to food and farms: Legal experts

Common Dreams | White paper from two former Justice Department officials warns merger would violate antitrust laws and lessen competition

How the dairy industry tricked humans into believing they need milk [Watch]

True Activist | If you were taught that one must drink milk to grow up “big and strong,” you’re not alone
puerto rico

Debt-ridden Puerto Rico a ‘corporate welfare paradise’ for GMO companies

Common Dreams | During decade-long debt crisis, U.S. colonial territory funneled over $500 million in public funds to Monsanto and other biotech multinationals
dairy cow

Texas sheriffs raid raw milk exchanges… real country FOOD from a cow is now...

Natural News | The Texas government continues to interfere with raw milk sales

Food stamp program more likely to give benefits to illegal alien families

The Daily Sheeple | The family with the illegal alien always has a higher probability of receiving benefits

Aspartame is NOT safe: Here’s how you have been tricked into thinking otherwise

Anonhq | The effects of aspartame are documented by the FDA’s own data
Vegetables organic

Woman turns to raw foods, heals self from thyroid cancer

Natural News | I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life
monsanto, monsatan

Activists expose Monsanto’s senate lackeys minutes before DARK act vote

Common Dreams | Senators took money from Big Ag companies and are voting against majority public opinion on GMO labeling
raw meat

Big Food seeks to exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act

Waking Times | Is food as ‘healthy’ as it used to be, and can it still effectively protect and heal the human body?

Not lovin’ it: McDonald’s to close over 500 restaurants worldwide to stay afloat

AnonHQ | McDonald’s decided to quit sharing monthly performance data altogether in March
piggy bank

How to survive a personal economic collapse

Organic Prepper | North Americans are on the brink of the kind of collapse that is occurring in Europe

20 Practical uses for Coca Cola – Proof that Coke does not belong in...

True Activist | Let’s have a look at “the anatomy” of one of the most advertised products