Scientists warn of supervolcano that could destroy humanity, urge global governance to prepare

Intellihub | A report by the European Science Foundation has concluded that a large volcanic eruption poses the greatest risk to humanity.

The CDC called me yesterday; what they wanted to know may shock you

Shepard Ambellas | They wanted to know personal vaccination information about my household

Geoengineering & CERN: Darkness Is Being Unleashed on This World

SGT Report | Today, as the result of numerous documents and reports, we know Geoengineering is real.

Irma looters armed with machetes in U.S. Virgin Islands

Fox Business | St.Thomas resident Mike Laplac on Monday said that looters are robbing residents using machetes and guns

Harvey to make landfall as CAT 3 hurricane, 110+ mph winds, 35 inches of...

Intellihub | Deadly rain and wind approaching Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey expected to be a CAT 3 or higher, officials say

What do you do when a recipe calls for Crisco?

Food Babe | If given the choice between a muffin and a scone, I’ll take the scone every single time

Key West ravaged, ocean waves crash over rooftops of homes, flooding

Intellihub | Hurricane Irma's devastating winds reached speeds in excess of 110 mph pounding the Keys with heavy winds, waves, and floodwaters

Officials “fully expect” 8 more explosions at a Texas chemical plant

Intellihub | More explosions are on the way, officials warn
brickell flooding

Downtown Miami completely flooded, under feet of water

Intellihub | Hurricane Irma continues to surge pushing seawater inland engulfing the entire Miami downtown area by Brickell Ave.

DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms

Genes from GMOs transfer into small intestine, alter composition of beneficial bacteria according to recent studies.

Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica, races toward Puerto Rico

ZeroHedge | The storm, which made landfall Monday night, has maximum sustained winds of 155 mph, and remains on track to directly hit Puerto Rico
GMO Corn Seed

GMO Corn – the POISON plant everyone eats

Catherine J. Frompovich | Rosman realized that the GM corn, actually bt-corn, he was feeding his hogs was responsible for sows experiencing false pregnancies.
idaho map

Idaho earthquake swarm: Over 200 quakes in past 9 days

Intellihub | Scientists fear that the big one could be on the way as a recent earthquake swarm intensifies east of Soda Springs

Bombshell: Total media blackout as two teenage girls die from meningitis even after getting...

Natural News | It turns out that the standard meningitis vaccine that some schools require does not fully protect recipients from infection

Video captures animal exodus from Yellowstone park, is eruption imminent?

Intellihub News | Bison can be seen fleeing Yellowstone park in a new video. Are they sensing an impending eruption from the super volcano that has laid dormant for ages.
texas national guard

Disgusting: Liberal professor fired for celebrating Hurricane Harvey’s destruction as “instant karma”

Intellihub | Liberals throughout social media celebrate devastating hurricane
chemtrails lithium

NASA heliophysicist admits “chemtrails” are real, Lithium being sprayed on populace

Intellihub | NASA now saying that they are spraying the population with a "mood-stabilizing drug" via chemtrails, as a test
earthquake mexico

Massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico, dozens dead

Intellihub | The strongest quake to hit since 1985, over a million people without power
harvey storm

Weather wars: New video analysis appears to show artificial augmentation of Hurricane Harvey’s intensity...

Natural News | New reports claim that Hurricane Harvey was engineered, what do you think?

U.S. Virgin Islands devastated by Irma: Videos

Intellihub | Here is a little sample of what we can expect in Florida in the coming days when Hurricane Irma makes landfall

Scientist-in-charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory steps down, packs bags, leaves park

Intellihub | Did the scientist take a new job offer or is something going on at the park that we need to know about?

Northern Hemisphere potentially in great danger as Fukushima radiation spikes to “unimaginable” levels

End of American Dream | It is hard to find the words to convey how serious this is
autism vaccine

Flu Vaccine virtually worthless in people 65 years and older last winter: Here’s what...

Natural News | The first mistake the medical establishment makes is assuming that it’s the flu shot that keeps people from going to the doctor or the hospital

“Rat Park Heroin Experiment” shows cultural roots of drug addiction

John Vibes | A forgotten experiment conducted in 1978 showed that an unpleasant environment is one of the primary causal factors of addiction
farming africa

Monsanto and big ag colonizing Africa, criminalizing traditional seed exchanges

Natural Blaze | Just one of the many concerns surrounding the dominance of agrichemicals companies and GMO foods

68,000 doctors bribed by Big Pharma with $47 million to prescribe dangerous painkiller drugs,...

Natural News | Payments influence prescribing habits regardless of amount

Governments seize colloidal silver being used to successfully treat Ebola patients

Ethan A. Huff | Authorities block small shipment of nanosilver three times

Shock: Editor of science journal found to be on Monsanto’s PAYROLL at $400 per...

Natural News | Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was secretly on Monsanto’s payroll

Some Texans fighting at the pumps, pouring gas on each other

Intellihub | How much longer will the gas shortage last and how much longer can Texans go with no gas?