Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs...

Natural News | Psychiatric medications affect a child’s brain chemistry and could impact their development in irreversible ways

Nature’s miracle: Everything you need to know about CBD

Organic Prepper | A growing body of research is revealing the abundant benefits of the cannabis plant

Mind control and “the flu virus”

No More Fake News | I want to look at the mind control aspect of this insanity

Climate intervention via geoengineering: It’s a risky strategy that will only cause more, bigger...

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California, New York roll out taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens; the sick will...

Natural News | Daring to suggest that American politicians should be putting the United States first is now a “racist” or “xenophobic” thing to say

Doctors see a spike in patients with ‘chronic viral infection’ lasting over one month

SHTFPlan | Doctors in Texas are reporting that their patients are suffering from a viral infection for over one month

Medical marijuana goes mainstream as seniors look to relieve chronic pain

Natural News | Marijuana is stepping in where prescription pharmaceuticals have been unsuccessful

Some school lunch rules rolled back by Trump Administration

Natural Society | The Trump administration relaxed rules aimed at making school lunches healthier

Congo’s Ebola outbreak worsens, over 600 reported cases | North Kivu province has become a stomping ground for Ebola which has also prompted local militia groups to use the disease to their advantage in their mission to scrape up some of the Congo's most precious natural resources and gain control of the region.

Make 2019 the year you learn stuff

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New medical treatment imbues older adults with “teen blood” harvested from youth… vampirism about...

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New York Times article suggests that human extinction would not be a bad thing...

The American Dream | Would our planet be better off if humanity ceased to exist?

Ten years ago, Al Gore warned the North Polar Ice cap would be gone...

Natural News |This story serves to illustrate how some computer models get it all wrong

Business Insider: Erin Brockovich is warning about an emerging drinking-water crisis in the US....

Health Nut News | More unsafe drinking water is flowing out of our taps, and our system is unprepared to deal with the problem

In 2019, scientists funded by Bill Gates to spray particles into the sky in...

Free Thought Project | The controversial subject of geoengineering or weather modification is once again stepping from the shadows and into the light

Paris protests are about rising gas taxes but the dishonest American media won’t tell...

Natural News | POTUS Donald Trump said during his 2016 campaign that, if elected, he would withdraw the United States from the “terrible” Paris Climate Accords deal

Bayer to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide as company faces 10,000 lawsuits over Monsanto’s Roundup...

Natural News | Chemical giant Bayer has become the new Monsanto, having acquired the world’s most evil corporation 
migrant caravan

The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is actually a DISEASE caravan | Thousands of migrant invaders trying to rush the United States border via Mexico are reportedly now having to undergo medical treatment because they’re infected with life-threatening diseases
kids playground

Pediatrics study finds 1 in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder | A new study published by the journal Pediatrics reveals that 1 out of every 40 kids between the ages of 3 and 17 has autism spectrum disorder.
natural medicine

Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically

Natural News | Most people recognize that the immune system is the body’s way of protecting itself against harmful invaders
Mike Mozart/Flickr

Large study reveals that junk food really does increase your risk for cancer | We all know that junk food is terrible for us, but there may be occasions when you’re tempted to give in.

From OCD to depression to anxiety, learn how inositol can prevent many mental health...

Natural News | Nearly 44 million American adults experience mental illness each year
cooking oil

Canola oil is destroying your heart (even if it’s organic)

Organic Prepper | Heart disease remains the #1 killer in the world
flu vaccine

U.S. government statistics reveal that the flu vaccine is the most dangerous

Natural News | The greatest number of injuries by far that were reported as a result of the flu vaccine were for Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Scientists want option to turn your consciousness on and off

Intellihub | Scientists suggest a new concept to control your sleep like a light switch
tulip popular

Cherokees used trees for food, medicine, and craft | Would you know what trees to use or eat in a survival situation? Maybe you want to learn more?
onion garden

Can a home garden produce enough food to live on? | Have you ever wondered why you should start your own garden when food is readily available at grocery stores?
Ebola virus

WHO official warns Ebola outbreak may turn into ‘perfect storm’ | The latest strain of Ebola to hit the DRC has between a 59% and a 79% mortality rate which is the deadliest on record and spread of the virus may worsen, officials warn.