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Monsanto seeks merger with Syngenta to control more than 35% of the world’s seed...

Ethan A. Huff | The world's most evil corporation is trying to buy out another of the world's most evil corporations to become one giant

Medical martial law declared in Sierra Leone; Ebola victims hunted like fugitives in house-to-house...

Mike Adams | Ebola victims who flee deadly hospitals will be hunted down and rounded up
cheap gas

Crashing oil prices and the conspiracy to free us from debt slavery

Waking Times | China has announced that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is up and running as promised late last year and the U.S. is not a member

Experts skeptical of TEPCO’s ice wall plan

Eyes Open Report | The construction of the ice wall, if it gets the go-ahead, will begin in June and is reported to be utilized through 2020
Norcia Italy

Italy’s earthquakes leave 15,000 homeless, ‘soul of the country’ damaged

Extinction Protocol | Given the strength of Sunday’s new quake, experts said it was remarkable that it had not resulted in any more fatalities

Obama and CDC Director urge public to vaccinate for “large outbreak”

Lexi Morgan | 84 cases in 14 states since Jan. 1

Vermont draws one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana

Natural Society | Weed could be decriminalized by 2018
fema barge

If you thought FEMA camps were bad, now they have FEMA barges

Intellihub | Floating FEMA camps have made it to Port Arthur Texas and will house 600 or so displaced residents

Yellowstone eruption in 2016? Shocking new vid shows what’s really going on at Yellowstone

End of the American Dream | Let us just hope and pray that we do not see an eruption in 2016 or any time soon
baby dolphin killed

Baby dolphin pulled from waves killed by humans after they passed her around for...

Free Thought Project | See how far humans will go for a selfie

4 real stories of Cannabis’ life saving benefits

Elizabeth Renter | We spend a lot of time discussing the latest in scientific research when it comes to all healing plants, and of late the natural health world has had a lot to say about cannabis

Mexican farmers fight to preserve 59 indigenous corn varieties against hostile GMO takeover

Ethan A. Huff | On July 5, 2013, the alliance filed a class-action lawsuit to stop the Mexican government from granting permits to plant GM maize

Poorest at Risk, Skepticism High as Officials OK Water Safety in West Virginia

Lauren McCauley | Though officials announce water back at ‘safe’ limit, scientists and vulnerable residents not so sure

Japanese Government Marinates on Fukushima Decontamination

dev-test.intellihub.com | The Japanese government is trying to decontaminate the land in the prefecture from radiation left by the tragic Fukushima Disaster while the citizens have never really be compensated from displacement.

Obama to send 3,000 troops into Ebola hot zone

J.D. Heyes | As the Ebola virus spreads throughout West Africa, President Obama has just done something which almost guarantees that it will spread to the United States: He has ordered 3,000 U.S. troops into the Ebola hot zone

ZMapp Ebola vaccine licensed to Leaf Biopharmaceutical in revenue sharing deal

Shepard Ambellas | ZMapp soon to be approved for commercial human use
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Tom Brady just said Coca-Cola is poison and food companies lie to us

Jake Anderson | Coca-Cola leads the charge in this public health assault

Ebola may have already crossed border, secret Border Patrol report shows

Kit Daniels | There's no doubt Feds are shipping illegals from Ebola-struck countries across U.S. at taxpayer expense

CONTAGION and the U.S. Government’s Ebola vaccine

SGT Report | Hmmm, that was quick. The government wants to test an Ebola vaccine on humans already?

Build blue-collar self reliance with the prepper’s blueprint

Todd Walker | My daddy would unroll a blueprint across the hood of his old GMC truck each morning

*VIDEO* ‘Web-like material’ found in park, samples collected

Intellihub | 'It's not spider webs'
earth cracked

FEMA prepares for something big, says insider: ‘Major strain on fault lines […] major...

Intellihub | Unknown perturber causing disruption to Earth's tectonic plates, waters, FEMA prepares for worst, insider admits

Floridians at risk of deadly brain-eating amoeba post Irma

Intellihub | Swim at your own risk: Experts warn of having an amoeba travel up your nose and eat your brain, Southern states
oroville dam

Worst case scenario: 100 foot tsunami would wipe out entire cities if there is...

Economic Collapse Blog | Oroville Dam failure could lead to major catastrophe

Neurotoxic “Bull’s-Eye” Surrounds Canadian Tar Sands: Scientists

Jacob Chamberlain | Concentric circles of mercury and other toxic materials cover over 7,300 square miles
soap, clean water

‘Huge victory for health’: FDA orders antibacterials removed from soaps

Common Dreams | Triclosan has been shown to disrupt hormones and muscle function, environmental groups say

Shed those unwanted pounds with all-natural coconut oil

Jonathan Benson | It might seem contradictory to everything that's been said over the past 50 years about health, but one of the best ways to keep from getting fat is actually to eat more fat

Herbicides for GMOs Driving Monarch Butterfly Populations to ‘Ominous’ Brink

Lauren McCauley | The migratory population of the monarch butterfly has reached an "ominous" low, researchers in Mexico announced Wednesday.

Proof: Populace of Las Vegas sprayed with chemicals via aircraft at night in recent...

Intellihub News | Astonishingly, we now see proof that the people of America are being sprayed like cockroaches at night

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s World Mercury Project delivers vaccine safety details to Congress

Natural News | U.S. regulatory agencies are “conflicted” over the issue of vaccine safety