Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo talks about his opiate and heroin use

Intellihub | Using painkillers can lead to heroin use

You can now get legal access to cannabis in all 50 states: CannaSense

Intellihub | The process usually takes about a day to get approved and is fairly inexpensive

Gov’t study: 75% of air and rain samples tested positive for Monsanto’s Roundup

Melissa melton | A study conducted by the USGS comparing figures for air and rain samples from 1995 and 2007 in Mississippi concluded that 75% of all 2007 samples tested positive for glyphosate

15-year old girl falls asleep 30 times a day after flu shot

John Vibes | A young girl developed a severe case of narcolepsy after receiving a flu shot
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Claim: ‘The Russians’ are running anti-vaxx campaigns to help spread measles in U.S. | Apparently, there is no limit to just how far the corporate-sponsored media will go in an attempt to blame 'the Russians.'

Monsanto’s greed continues to threaten 59 indigenous corn varieties in Mexico

Christina Sarich | As recently as October of 2015, Monsanto stated that it planned to double its sales in Mexico

Rethinking shaken baby syndrome: Abuse or vaccine injury?

Dr. Rima Laibow | Almost nothing arouses more outrage than a bruised, brain damaged baby apparently shaken to death by an enraged parent of babysitter

A Race to Extinction – Fukushima

Sergey Baranov | Update Japanese Medical Scientist says that smiling and laughing will save people from radiation

200 organizations ask Obama to honor pledge to label GMOs *Video*

Christina Sarich | Obama promised in his 2007 campaign to label GMOs, but he has yet to follow through on that pledge.

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government

Anthony Gucciardi | The USDA would be unable to act against any and all new GMO crops that were suspected to be wreaking havoc on either human health or the environment.

A “monster of a storm” may hit the East Coast next week

Intellihub | As the New Year’s festivities begin, the increasing threat of a major East Coast snowstorm is possible for the second half of the upcoming week

Ebola spreads in Dallas hospital as health worker contracts deadly virus; CDC blames victim

Mike Adams | Ebola is clearly not "under control"

Will this 4-mile long fracking eruption ever be admitted by mainstream media?

Intellihub | The recent images of a giant 4-mile long mudslide shown to you on CNN, were not really of a mudslide

5.8 earthquake hits Western Montana

Intellihub | Largest earthquake to hit the region in decades

School science project reveals high levels of Fukushima radiation in grocery store foods

Michael Snyder | A Canadian high school student named Bronwyn Delacruz never imagined that her school science project would make headlines all over the world

Ebola-infected patient in Liberia escapes quarantine, enters crowded market

RT | A video has emerged that an Ebola-infected patient has escaped a quarantine zone in Liberian hospital and went to a local crowded market in search of food. He was then pursued by medical staff and returned to hospital

Weather warfare: Is Texas being attacked with weather manipulation technology in advance of Jade...

Stefan Stanford | Texas may be under HAARP attack leading up to Jade Helm 15.

Trashmageddon: living in a dying world

Sergey Baranov | One doesn’t need to be an environmentalist to see the ongoing destruction of our world

Scientists assure recent quakes on Ring of Fire not related

Michael Snyder | We just had a tsunami-triggering 8.2 earthquake off of Chile’s north coast, a 5.8 earthquake off the coast of Panama, a 5.1 earthquake in southern California, and a dormant volcano in Peru has awakened for the first time in 40 years

‘Shameful’: Yellowstone National Park considers killing 1,000 wild bison

RT | Yellowstone National Park has proposed killing roughly 1,000 wild bison

US law says no ‘oil’ spilled in Arkansas, exempting Exxon from cleanup dues

RT | The central Arkansas spill caused by Exxon’s aging Pegasus pipeline has reportedly unleashed 10,000 barrels of Canadian heavy crude - but a technicality says it's not oil, letting the energy giant off the hook from paying into a national cleanup fund.

Only biotech-funded studies claim GMOs are safe: Independent scientists warn otherwise

Ethan A. Huff | The general consensus on the safety of GM organisms (GMOs) is that there really is no consensus at all, at least not among independent scientists

357 people now being actively monitored for Ebola in NYC alone

Shepard Ambellas | As winter hits, city hospitals may become overwhelmed, as Ebola-like symptoms also mimic those of the common flu and other aliments

I want my daughter’s life back the way it was before Gardasil | My daughter turned 15 in February of 2015

Video: Licensed professionals warn people about the lines in the sky

Intellihub | Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails

McDonald’s now including free vaccines alongside Happy Meals

Mike Adams | Drive-through vaccines?

Mass water fluoridation considered for England

John Vibes | England may become one of the only European countries to mandate widespread water fluoridation
crown royal

The alcohol industry doesn’t want you to understand the link between drinking and cancer

Waking Times | The public deserves to know as much as possible, as soon as possible
Saving Oak Flat Campground Facebook page

Apache Stronghold caravan seeks to save sacred site from mining giant

Albert Bender | The San Carlos Apache community held a rally in Tucson, Ariz., to save Oak Flat, a sacred site in the Tonto National Forest that is endangered by a planned copper mine

A Mickey Mouse Police State

(INTELLIHUB) -- Back and forth, inch by inch the globalist are tugging at the general population and in most cases gaining ground. The moronic public...