NBC News declares ‘billions could starve’ as America’s water aquifers run dry

L.J. Devon | In America, a crisis is unfolding right under the public's feet

Chicken of the trees: Eating Florida’s iguanas

Orlando Sentinel | "We are having a cookout this weekend"

Ex-Planned Parenthood employee describes ‘demonic’ organization

Daily Caller | “There’s no other word you can use for what takes place.”

You ain’t seen nothing yet: Western states face decades-long megadroughts

Common Dreams | If fossil fuel emissions continue as usual, droughts lasting as long as 35 years a "near certainty" in parched Western U.S. states

How to beat coming killer food shortages

Holly Deyo | 50% of America's fruits and veggies are grown in California and the Feds are destroying their crops. What this means for you
pill, tablet

Would you swallow a data-tracking Big Pharma “smart” pill?

Natural Society | They’ve got $1 trillion in annual profits to protect

Eating Healthy on a Budget – 5 Tips for Smart, Healthy Shopping

Paul Fassa | There are many tips and tricks for saving money while eating healthful foods at the same time. Many people think it’s not possible, but you may be surprised. Here are a few suggestions for eating healthy while on a budget.

Vermonters ready celebration as nuclear plant shuts down for good

Jon Queally | Owners of Vermont Yankee lost their battle with local residents to keep accident-prone plant running for decades more

Functional fitness: The wild woodsman workout

Todd Walker | For those unfamiliar with the term Functional Fitness, FF connects fitness to real-life function

WikiHow goes insane with vaccine propaganda, teaches children how to “get vaccinated in secret”

Natural News | The WikiHow article, entitled, “How to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent,” begins by warning children that their parents might “fall into rabbit holes of conspiracy theories” about vaccines

Portland School Cracks Down on Racist PB&J Sandwiches: “What about Somali or Hispanic students,...

Daisy Luther | You know, people have had about enough of all of this racist garbage. It’s time to put a stop to language that excludes others.
nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant leaks into Lake Ontario, environmental police dispatched

Intellihub | Environmental police car seen "screaming" toward plant
oregon coast

Second earthquake swarm in one week hits Cascadia Subduction Zone

Intellihub | Experts fear a mega-tsunami could be headed to the west coast in the near future as the region is 'overdue' for the big one
fema barge

If you thought FEMA camps were bad, now they have FEMA barges

Intellihub | Floating FEMA camps have made it to Port Arthur Texas and will house 600 or so displaced residents

10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns

J.D. Heyes | In an announcement on her website, Hari said she had managed to convince the Subway restaurant chain, a huge corporation, to adopt a practice in the U.S. that the company had already adopted overseas
old man

Man outlives 4 wives, 10 siblings and even his own children: Confirmed

Intellihub | How old is too old?

Superbugs are on the rise, and so is the sale of antibiotics for livestock

Julie Fidler | What will it take for the agriculture industry to stop feeding antibiotics to livestock?

Scientist-in-charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory steps down, packs bags, leaves park

Intellihub | Did the scientist take a new job offer or is something going on at the park that we need to know about?

A Radioactive plume in South Carolina is leaking into the Savannah River

John Vibes | A radioactive plume is reportedly traveling in the groundwater towards the Savannah River .

Cherry Juice Could Increase Sleep Time by ‘Almost 90 Minutes’ a Night

Elizabeth Renter | Millions of people struggle to get a good night’s rest

Ebola nightmare scenario unfolds: Infected nurse takes commercial flight with 132 passengers; plane makes...

Mike Adams | Why are the medical staffers who treated Thomas Duncan taking commercial flights in the first place?

Japan asks globalist trade organization to force South Koreans to eat radioactive Fukushima food

J.D. Heyes | A number of countries are beginning to require Japan to place region-of-origin labeling on its food products to ensure that anything coming from the radiation-infested regions surrounding the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant are adequately screened for contamination

Scientists warn: Deadly ancient pathogens melting out of ice in Arctic could wipe out...

SHTF Plan | Scientists and government officials now say that the Arctic Anthrax outbreak is a warning to the human population

Outbreak Of Flea-borne diseases Typhus: Los Angeles descends into third world hellscape

SHTFPlan | The city fumigated the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division office, as well as parts of LAPD’s main headquarters
pandemic mask

Secret drug-resistant infection spanning globe

SHTFPlan.com | A mysterious fungal infection is spanning the globe under a shroud of secrecy.

At $15.99/lb — I can no longer afford to eat meat

Intellihub | What do you do when you can no longer afford nutrients you need?
perscription pain pills

Mind-altered America: How drugs like Ambien are turning America into a nation of hallucinating...

Natural News | FDA estimates only 10 percent of adverse events are actually disclosed

Trace levels of radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima now detected in Florida citrus fruits

Natural News | Levels consistent since 2011
Earth, world, planetvideo

MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists...

Natural News | The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet

Is this why only organic fruit and vegetables stop cancer?

Tools For Freedom | Not All Food is Created Equal