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10 bad-ass gifts for women who don’t need anyone to save them

Daisy Luther | If we’d like to be safer (and who wouldn’t?), then we need to stop crying to the government to save us with more legislation

It’s no joke: The FDA is the fraud and death administration

Paul Fassa | The FDA serves the bottom lines of Big Food and Big Pharma

Steve Quayle on the current state of the Yellowstone supervolcano

Intellihub | Popular author and researcher Steve Quayle talks about the current status of the Yellowstone supervolcano which he lives 50 air miles from

6000% increase in cancer rates at Fukushima site

Christina Sarich | Hushed up by international governments

Strange cloud engulfs beach and sends tourists running

Intellihub News | Days later there is still no explanation behind the massive cloud that swept through a populated beach and frightened tourists

Tar Sands resistance blowing huge hole in oil industry’s bottom line: Report

Lauren McCAuley | 'Business as usual for Big Oil—particularly in the tar sands—is over.'
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Myths, misconceptions, and outright lies about nutrition are keeping people fat and sick

Nutritional Anarchy We tend to seek out information that confirms what we already believe instead of considering all points of view
resistant bacteria

Stunning video depicts bacteria evolving, becoming resistant to antibiotics

Natural Society | The United Nations will soon be hosting a conference to discuss how to deal with this new threat

The apocalypse has been postponed

Mises | “Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.”

Obama Admin begs for deadly Ebola virus to spread throughout U.S., calling for more...

Shepard Ambellas | Ebola pathogens found missing from U.S. bioweapons facility in 1992

More Crude Spilled in 2013 Than Previous Four Decades Combined

Jacob Chamberlain | More crude oil spilled from train accidents in 2013 alone than in the previous four decades combined
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U.S.D.A. gears up for war against farmers, solicits sub-machine guns and body armor

Shepard Ambellas | After putting out solicitations for sub-machine guns and Level IIIA body armor, one must wonder what the U.S.D.A. is truly getting ready for

Top 15 survival items — What you really need

Intellihub | Top 15 must have items to survive in an extreme situation
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Judge overturns NYC law requiring forced vaccination of toddlers with useless flu shots

L.J. Devon | Judge stands up to medical tyranny

Forced vaccine bill author Sen. Pan was top recipient of Big Pharma cash

Heather Callaghan | Big Pharma Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Before Launching Vaccine "Debate"
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A daily dose of THIS PLANT could reverse age related decline in the brain

Natural Society | Weed could add years to the lives of seniors
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The silent killer: 5G ‘death’ towers

Intellihub | Cell phone towers have been commercialized as 'safe,' despite the fact that they are actually deadly and are being placed in residential areas

Green tea weight loss secrets proven by science

Natural News | In recent years, there have been a lot of news stories about the benefits of green tea in weight loss management

Living in the ‘hood now a disease, says CDC: ‘Hood Disease’ caused by urban...

J.D. Heyes | Is it real or is it another politically correct attempt by a federal government entity to provide an excuse for poor choices, poor performances or poor government education practices and standards?

Ex-Planned Parenthood employee describes ‘demonic’ organization

Daily Caller | “There’s no other word you can use for what takes place.”
Saudi Princess

Saudi Princess speaks out against chemtrails and geoengineering

Patrick Roddie and Peter A. Kirby | The ongoing geoengineering of our planet as a WMD

50 Shocking Questions That You Should Ask To Anyone That Is Not A Prepper...

Michael Snyder | Share this list of shocking questions with everyone you know that needs to wake up.

More global warming hot air, as climate fundamentalists continue inflating a false reality

Patrick Henningsen | Yes, NOAA speaks! Who dares to defy the great and powerful NOAA.
Rx drugs

Poll: 57% of Americans want drug ads gone from TV

Natural Society | What do you think?

H7N9 goes human to human in Shanghai sparking fears in U.S.

Shepard Ambellas | This may be the break the establishment needs to declare martial law in America, say some

Setting a New Standard for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Scott Gacek | New Jersey’s third medical marijuana dispensary, Garden State Dispensary in Woodbridge, quietly began serving patients Friday, bringing much-needed relief to the state’s strained medical marijuana program.
raw meat

Big Food seeks to exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act

Waking Times | Is food as ‘healthy’ as it used to be, and can it still effectively protect and heal the human body?
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Berkeley orders mobile phone vendors to warn buyers of radiation risk; industry front group...

Jonathan Benson | The progressive California town of Berkeley has passed a new resolution

Obesity, inactivity could outpace smoking in cancer death risk

USA Today | "We do not have a knowing problem, we have a doing problem," says surgeon Robert Pearl

Video: Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas talks depopulation and globalist agendas

Intellihub News | Globalist factions strive to depopulate us no matter how you look at it, says Shepard Ambellas