Following in the footsteps of communist China, CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans

Natural News | Doctors don’t wait for patients to die before harvesting their organs

FDA threatens three companies with criminal charges for making Ebola treatment claims (but won’t...

Mike Adams | There is a cure for Ebola, and it's programmed into your DNA right now

Was Prince a pill popper? Acetaminophen and oxycodone found in his system

Intellihub | Not many people realize just how dangerous pills actually are until it's too late

Inhumane treatment of “nuclear gypsy” Fukushima clean up workers reported

John Vibes | International news networks are reporting that a group of Fukushima clean up workers known as the "nuclear gypsies", are facing torturous conditions including assault and threat of death.

15 year old girl falls asleep 30 times a day after flu shot

John Vibes | A young girl developed a severe case of narcolepsy after receiving a flu shot

Maui could be the next Hawaiian island to ban GMOs

Elizabeth Renter | Island by island, our most tropical state is slowly advancing towards being GMO-free

Scientists warn of supervolcano that could destroy humanity, urge global governance to prepare

Intellihub | A report by the European Science Foundation has concluded that a large volcanic eruption poses the greatest risk to humanity.

Fukushima Is Not Chernobyl? Don’t Be So Sure

Sarah Phillips | The March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami caused the deaths of approximately 16,000 persons, left more than 6,000 injured and 2,713 missing, destroyed or partially damaged nearly one million buildings, and produced at least $14.5 billion in damages. The earthquake also caused a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Japan’s eastern coast. After reading the first news reports

Chipotle’s anti-GMO, health-conscious marketing genius rakes in 30% increased profits

Elizabeth Renter | Chipotle is fast food. Make no mistake. It doesn’t beat what you can cook at home. But the restaurant chain is doing everything possible to lure in more customers, offering GMO-free meals and a marketing effort that paints them as leaders in the sustainable food movement.

Goodbye, Manatees: Record Number of Deaths in 2013

Andrea Germanos | For first time since records began in 1970s, number of manatee deaths for year in Florida tops 800

Sewage Plants Struggle To Treat Wastewater Produced By Fracking Operations

Leigh Krietsch Boerner | When energy companies extract natural gas trapped deep underground, they’re left with water containing high levels of pollutants, including benzene and barium.

Shock: Editor of science journal found to be on Monsanto’s PAYROLL at $400 per...

Natural News | Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was secretly on Monsanto’s payroll

Whole Foods Announces Voluntary Labeling of GMO’s Without Government Mandate

JG Vibes | Whole Foods Market commits to full GMO transparency by giving supplier partners five years to source non-GMO ingredients or to clearly label products with ingredients containing GMOs.
crown royal

The alcohol industry doesn’t want you to understand the link between drinking and cancer

Waking Times | The public deserves to know as much as possible, as soon as possible

Pharma drug cartel just changed the definition of “high blood pressure” to trick HALF...

Natural News | Drug companies are in the business of convincing more and more HEALTHY people they need prescription drugs for life
olympics winter

Norovirus spread quickly at 2018 Winter Olympics

SHTF Plan | But the norovirus is easily spread and difficult to contain

Is choice lost? Microchips to administer drugs, replace pills

Michael Bedar | How can those who can't be responsible for themselves be responsible for civilization?
Dawn Huczek/Flickr

American woman who died of measles was previously vaccinated against measles… total failure of...

Mike Adams | Ever since a woman from Washington state sadly passed away last week from what was reported as "measles," the vaccine zealots have been in a frenzy

ADHD drugs greatly decrease academic performance in children, study finds

Ethan A. Huff | ADHD drugs aren't safe, can cause permanent health damage

Hurricane Julio weakening, moving north of Hawaii

Intellihub | It looks as if Hawaii is in the clear

‘Non-GMO’ to Trump ‘organic’ as buzzword in 2014

Christina Sarich | Food companies normally pay millions of dollars in market research to decide what you want, and your voice has made a difference

Texas officials: ‘Obama to blame for swine flu outbreak from illegal migrants’ — Mass...

Shepard Ambellas | New wave of bio-terror to shock the populace

Deadly alert issued by potrblog: NM waste isolation plant still spewing ‘6,667 Bq radioactive...

Shepard Ambellas | New Mexico residents, you have been warned--don't wait for the EPA to advise you with false information as airborne radiation has already been detected
gas leak porter ranch

Porter Ranch residents still getting sick weeks after gas leak was fixed

Daily Sheeple | Clearly, something is not right here
Hawaii Route 560

Agricultural chemical companies transform Kaua’i from paradise to toxic nightmare

The island has recently become a test field for some of the biggest names in agriculture, who are now moving stealthily onto the island and threatening onto the island and threatening the very peace and the nourishment of the soils.

Ebola patient in Dallas dies at age 42 | Hospital under scrutiny for mishandling Ebola case

NY gov, mayor team up to fight Legionnaires’ as disease hits Rikers prison

RT | Twelve people have died of Legionnaires’ disease since the outbreak began on July 10

The FDA just approved Big Pharma marketing drug treatments to healthy people

Melissa Melton | The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved Truvada, a pharmaceutical treatment that can cost up to $14,000 per year, to be marketed and prescribed as a preventativemeasure to protect against HIV
Portal Abras/Flickr

Organic industry in shock as Whole Foods pushes new rating system that promotes chemical...

J.D. Heyes | For some time, food chain Whole Foods Market and organic farmers have had a cooperative, mutual relationship

Top 4 fallacies of the hijacked environmental movement

Makia Freeman | The current environmental movement is being led down a path of deception