Some Texans fighting at the pumps, pouring gas on each other

Intellihub | How much longer will the gas shortage last and how much longer can Texans go with no gas?
wild horses

Federal agency votes to slaughter 44,000 of the 67,000 wild horses in the U.S.

True Activist | 65% of the US wild horse population will be culled in order to open up more public land to cattle ranchers
long valley caldera

Study: 240 cubic miles of magma is swirling under California supervolcano | " The long history of volcanic activity in the Long Valley area indicates that future eruptions will occur"

Hot Pockets recalled for Containing ‘Diseased and Unsound Animals’

Staff Writer | Meat in Hot Pockets found to be "unfit for human consumption"

Water costs skyrocket 1,000% where half the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts are grown

J.D. Heyes | It is not as if there aren't any economic factors influencing the price of groceries these days

What guns? What gold? Prepper tips on hiding your stash

SHTFPlan | Sometimes the usual hiding places just aren’t good enough

New Yorkers wage urgent battle for GMO label law

Lauren McCauley | Industry groups spending millions to kill a bill likely to create a "domino effect" in the northeast

*Alert* CDC confirms deadly MRES virus now on U.S. soil

Lily Dane | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of the deadly MERS virus in the United States

NY gov, mayor team up to fight Legionnaires’ as disease hits Rikers prison

RT | Twelve people have died of Legionnaires’ disease since the outbreak began on July 10

World’s elite try to WIPE OUT all knowledge and use of natural cures, while...

Natural News | Most people these days who get cancer think it’s hereditary

10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns

J.D. Heyes | In an announcement on her website, Hari said she had managed to convince the Subway restaurant chain, a huge corporation, to adopt a practice in the U.S. that the company had already adopted overseas

Refreshing carrot blueberry sprout salad

Food Babe | Sprouts are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet

NY Dept. of Health and Human Services now collecting sexual orientation data, tracking gays,...

Intellihub | Efforts to identify LBGTs for future targeting and possible depopulation have already begun
Rx drugs

Robert F Kennedy Jr. says 70% of news advertising revenue comes from big pharma

John Vibes | Robert F Kennedy Jr. testified before the Vermont House Health Care Committee on May 5, 2015, discussing big pharma’s influence in the CDC

Golden Rice fairy tale nothing more than biotech industry GMO propaganda

Mike Adams | Golden rice is falsely touted by GMO advocates as a miracle cure for blindness and death

Ex-Planned Parenthood employee describes ‘demonic’ organization

Daily Caller | “There’s no other word you can use for what takes place.”

Deadly MERS virus spreading out of control in Saudi Arabia, leaps to Egypt as...

Mike Adams | It has long been recognized by intelligent observers that a global superbug pandemic is inevitable

Lawmakers introduce bill to stop food stamp recipients from buying junk foods and luxury...

Jonathan Benson | The proposed law was hatched in response to data purportedly showing that some of Missouri's poorest folks use government welfare extravagantly
Present, gift, Christmas

10 bad-ass gifts for women who don’t need anyone to save them

Daisy Luther | If we’d like to be safer (and who wouldn’t?), then we need to stop crying to the government to save us with more legislation

30 Frugal living tips: Small changes that result in big savings

Organic Prepper | People all over the globe are struggling right now to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads

Is parental autonomy for medical procedures, vaccines, dwindling?

Shepard Ambellas | U.S. moving toward society offering no choice
naval station norfolk

U.S. Navy issues “sortie code alpha,” sends 30 ships to sea | Naval vessels fair better while out to sea in a storm rather than being docked in port where they can suffer severe damage from heavy surging
power grid

Iran is hacking the power grid: The ultimate terrorist attack

Daisy Luther | Earlier this week, the AP released a chilling investigative report

South Korea Joins Japan: Rejects Imports Of U.S. Wheat Polluted With GMOs

Collective Evolution | Japan recently cancelled a contract to purchase U.S. wheat due to the fact that it is polluted with GMOs, and now South Korea has done the same.
Image: Intellihub

Survey reveals Americans don’t trust scientists on GMOs

Natural Society | But the majority of Americans are cool with them

Will this 4-mile long fracking eruption ever be admitted by mainstream media?

Intellihub | The recent images of a giant 4-mile long mudslide shown to you on CNN, were not really of a mudslide

Liberian official: Ebola outbreak ‘is above the control of the national government’

CBS Charlotte | A Liberian health official says the Ebola outbreak is now above the control of its government

Most Hideous Reason To Avoid Nuclear War

Richard Sauder | Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and others have recently warned of the great danger of nuclear war. I concur.

Ebola virus’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented… could go airborne

Mac Slavo | The last several months have led to much confusion about the spread of the Ebola virus. Health officials and governments first denied that a serious threat existed and took no significant action to prevent its spread outside of West Africa
global warming health

Forget polar bears: New study claims kidney disease due to global warming!

Bernie Suarez | Scientist claims rare kidney disease caused by “global warming”