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Harvard study: Smoking cannabis actually improves brain function

True Activist | Don’t believe the hype – cannabis is not a gateway drug, it is a medicine

California: You can touch my ‘sushi’, but only if you use a ‘glove’

Shepard Ambellas | Sushi lovers and chefs alike are speaking out, saying the glove will give no love for the final product and texture of the perfect sushi roll, after a new requirement in the California code mandates a new procedure when handling raw food

Man’s best friend can save your life from cancer! Dogs detect cancer with 90...

David Gutierrez | The future of cancer screening may not be in expensive, invasive tests, but simply in having dogs sniff a urine sample

‘Tokyo should no longer be inhabited’, Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation

David Gutierrez | "Ever since 3.11, everybody living in Eastern Japan including Tokyo is a victim, and everybody is involved"

Child displaying Ebola-like symptoms in Delaware now being monitored | CDC says 'no need to test' for fourth time

New medical law mandates “private” conversation with child before every doctor visit

Paul Joseph Watson | Parental authority being eviscerated by the state

Communist Chinese embedding spies in cancer centers to steal U.S. government-funded cancer research

Natural News | Concerns have been growing in Washington, D.C. that China and other foreign governments are using visiting scholars and students to steal confidential intellectual property

A New Resistance film to expose dangers of Roundup in food, water and all...

Jonathan Benson | Watch A New Resistance trailer and support this important project

MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted human babies

Julie Wilson | All of this anger, hate and debate over a disease that hasn't taken a life in the U.S. since the early 2000s?
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Human waste continues to spill into a Michigan river, millions of gallons

Intellihub | Workers scramble to repair 500,000 gallon per day human waste leak

New EU Seed Law Would Ban All Non-Registered Varieties

Real Seeds | On Monday May 6th a draconian new law will be put before the European Commission, which creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe.

Not Eating Avocados Often? Here’s Why You Should

Paul Fassa | Often deemed a “perfect food”, the avocado is considered one of the healthiest foods available.

Surviving large on small stuff

Todd Walker | You’ve heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”, right? When your survival is on the line, don’t be ungrateful when a gift comes along

New Smartphone App “SkyderALERT” Aims to Fight Chemtrails

Intellihub | SkyderALERT is a global movement fighting to end the world's most dangerous environmental program ever - GeoEngineering and SRM: Using airplanes to spray the sky with toxic metals and particles, intending to block the sun and force climate change while creating unknown consequences.

Joe Rogan explains why physical addiction is “like a demon”

Intellihub | Joe Rogan on coffee and cigarettes


Intellihub News | Apparently processed foods like Top Ramen digest a whole lot differently then real foods

Vaccine pushers insist organics are useless, chemicals are safe, and fluoride is awesome

Jonathan Benson | "Skeptics" and other educated ignorants hawk pesticide-laden foods and toxic fluoride

One-third to die by plague or famine; one-third will fall by the sword; one-third...

Mike Adams | Many believe that Biblical signs of famine and pestilence have begun to appear in our world, and that's why the title of this article quotes Ezekiel 5:12

Statin use can lead to heart failure: research

Ethan A. Huff | Promoters of statin drugs for high cholesterol often claim that this particular class of pharmaceutical is no more harmful than a placebo, providing vast benefits without inflicting any harm

At $15.99/lb — I can no longer afford to eat meat

Intellihub | What do you do when you can no longer afford nutrients you need?
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‘Largest documented hurricane to ever impact planet’ expected to make landfall Friday night

Intellihub | Residents and tourists take warning of impending superstorm