Nuclear Engineer on Fukushima: Like ‘Pulling Cigarettes From a Crumpled Pack

Intellihub | Knock on wood, 22 nuclear fuel rod assemblies down, some 1498 more to go.

Florida Waters Becoming a Morgue for Marine Mammals?

Andrea Germanos | Deaths of pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, manatees a troubling trend
face paint, toxic

Toxic chemicals found in children’s Halloween makeup – study

RT | A new study finds the scariest part of the holiday may not be the costumes, but makeup for kids

Re: FEMA trains – Intellihub TIP: Sent by actop19

actop19 - Funny you say that, this past Monday, the 146 FEMA "prison rail cars" that had been sitting outside the infamous Beech Grove...

6000% increase in cancer rates at Fukushima site

Christina Sarich | Hushed up by international governments
earthquake mexico

Massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico, dozens dead

Intellihub | The strongest quake to hit since 1985, over a million people without power
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Alert: “No way to prevent imminent explosion” at flooded Texas chemical plant

Zerohedge | The plant, which produces explosive organic peroxides and ammonia, was hit by more than 40 inches of rain

POTUS: Everyone in the path of Hurricane Lane please prepare yourselves | "Heed the advice of State and local officials"

Who gave the U.S. gov’t permission to control the ionosphere in the first place?

Melissa Melton | Yes, HAARP — the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program — can be used to manipulate the weather…
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American suffers brain injury after ‘sound’ incident in China

Channel News Asia | The employee experienced "a variety of physical symptoms" between late 2017 through April 2018

Bio recovery team cleans Dr. Spencer’s apartment, no protocol followed?

Shepard Ambellas | Meanwhile mayor pushes flu shots onto 'every New Yorker'

“Perfect Recipe for a MONSTER: Hurricane Harvey upgraded to category 3

UPI | Hurricane Harvey increased in strength to Category 3, with winds of 125 mph Friday afternoon

Hunger games: Find this wild food and you’ll never starve

Todd Walker | I had an ‘ah ha’ moment with the common name Katniss…

Nuclear fuel fragment from Fukushima found in Europe

Washington's Blog | The nuclear core has finally been found, scattered all over the world

WHO warns Ebola outbreak critical as armed militants target healthcare workers

Zero Hedge | Residents have been highly distrustful of the government, and have been broadly accepting of misinformation about Ebola
William Murphy/Flickr

Scientist offers Monsanto $10M to prove him wrong on ominous fndings in GMO soy

Justin Gardner | Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is blowing the whistle on Monsanto

Diet soda, aspartame linked to premature deaths in women

Mike Adams | A decade-long study of 60,000 women has confirmed that drinking diet soda sweetened with aspartame is linked with a 30 percent increase in heart attack risk and a 50 percent increase in death risk.

How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the Nuremberg Code with inhumane experiments on humans

Jonathan Benson | Unlabeled GMOs are a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code

Martial law: Sierra Leone orders citizens to stay confined to homes for three days...

J.D. Heyes | Increasingly, as the Ebola virus continues to spread and kill, authorities in Africa are becoming more authoritarian in their attempts to contain the deadly disease

357 people now being actively monitored for Ebola in NYC alone

Shepard Ambellas | As winter hits, city hospitals may become overwhelmed, as Ebola-like symptoms also mimic those of the common flu and other aliments

Despite Irrefutable Evidence of Toxicity and Death, Monsanto’s EPA Friends Raise Allowable Glyphosate Levels

Daisy Luther | Great news! You no longer have to worry about excessive levels of glyphosate, the toxic chemical found in Monsanto’s Round-up pesticide, in your food or in the feed that livestock consumes.

Get prepared: 122 of the best prepper websites on the Internet

Michael Snyder | Getting prepared for the chaos that is coming to America in the years ahead is not that complicated
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Climate change? Why hasn’t Obama mentioned the enormous “unstoppable” gas leak happening in CA...

Melissa Dykes | Some 150 million pounds of methane has now poured into the atmosphere in just a few weeks

Creepy things hidden within the foods we eat

Intellihub | It's time to find out what you've been eating
drinking water fountain

Water shut off in all of Detroit’s public schools; found to be tainted | Students in Detroit are forced to attend school despite the fact that there is no running water in 34 of the city's 106 schools

How TV affects your brain chemistry for the worst

Heather Callaghan | Have you ever overheard an intense or heart-wrenching discussion only to find out the talkers were actually hashing out the lives of fictional TV characters
cemtrails sky

Mainstream scientist exposes the dangerous reality of chemtrails and geoengineering

Waking Times | The dangers of chemtrails and geoengineering exposed

How to lower cholesterol using foods instead of drugs

Aurora Geib | If your diet gave you high cholesterol, your food choices can lower it too

Noxious smog has made Beijing ‘unlivable’, says Mayor

Intellihub | It may take generations to clear the air

In the U.K. you can only buy heirloom seeds if you are part of...

Daisy Luther | The way we are being pushed and squeezed by regulations that govern every facet of our life, we will soon only be able to defecate when our allotted time slot comes around