If Ebola only spreads via direct contact, how did the nurse in Spain get...

Mike Adams | Modern health care facilities didn't protect this nurse from Ebola
Vegetables organic

Up 72 percent from just six years ago, organic farm sales soar

Nadia Prupis | "We need a higher rate of growth in order to get close to meeting the demand," said Laura Batcha, chief of the Organic Trade Association

U.S. state makes it illegal to collect evidence of pollution on public property

John Vibes | Even collecting evidence or photos from a national park could lead to criminal charges

California: Manhunt underway for man with ‘drug-resistant’ TB strain

Shepard Ambellas | You can never be too careful as anyone could be a carrier nowadays

Soaring meat consumption bigger problem than thought: Study

John Queally | New research suggests giving up red meat in particular would be more impactful environmental choice than giving up your car

Monopolistic medical establishment attacks 89-year-old philanthropist doctor who sees patients from car – He...

David Gutierrez | Dr. Carrol Landrum of Edwards, Mississippi, is a World War II Navy veteran who has been practicing in the rural community since the 1950s

Japan earthquake collapses homes, causes injuries

AP | About 15 people were treated for injuries at a public hospital in the city of Omachi
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Nations failing to combat ‘global threat’ of antibiotic-resistant superbugs: WHO

Deirdre Fulton | Increasing antibiotic misuse and resistance is 'single greatest challenge in infectious diseases today,' says World Health Organization

CDC to purchase 1.4 million surgical gowns as Ebola concerns grow

Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency preparing to deal with new cases of virus

Landmark study underscores wide-ranging benefits of pesticide-free farming

By Deirdre Fulton | 'Significant nutritional differences' between organic and non-organic foods, shows research
Ebola Virus

Ebola patients flee an isolation facility during a robbery, exposing a community of 50,000

J.D. Heyes | 'The whole community will be infected'

One third of Americans can’t afford safe running water

Daisy Luther | How have we reached a place in the 21st century in which millions of American families are facing a future where running water and sewer services are unaffordable?

Forgotten vials of ricin and plague discovered at US govt lab

RT | The agency stated that staff were never put at risk, despite highly dangerous toxins being found unexpectedly in the laboratories

4 serious risks & problems with mammograms

Derek Henry | Mammograms can add to cancer risk

Exxon begins drilling in Russia’s pristine arctic waters

Common Dreams | Despite U.S. sanctions, drilling marks business-as-usual for international oil giant

5 easy ways to improve your health on a tight budget

Derek Henry | There's no question that putting premium fuel into your body will cost more than making a meal plan around Ramen noodles

Awesome: Oregon aims to be first state to map GMO fields

Oregon already voted compellingly to ban genetically modified crops just last month, and now the state plans to map out all GMO fields within its borders to help mitigate the damage of cross-pollination.
Fukushima Plant

Fukushima okays nuke waste storages in return for almost $3bn in subsidies

RT | The central government is to pay subsidies totaling 301 billion yen ($2.89 billion) to support the locals and revive the community

NY gov, mayor team up to fight Legionnaires’ as disease hits Rikers prison

RT | Twelve people have died of Legionnaires’ disease since the outbreak began on July 10

Sen. John McCain calls for new Ebola czar

Intellihub.com | Will a new Ebola czar decide our fate?
Vegetables organic

Vegetarian diet linked to reduced risk of colon cancer

Dr. Sofiya | Colon cancer is a serious issue in the United States, particularly for those over 50
Florida Governor signs medical marijuana law

Strict Florida medical pot law could expand come November

June 16 was a big day for Florida marijuana advocates, as Republican Governor Rick Scott signed in a limited medical marijuana law allowing for the treatment of a very specific set of diseases with a very special strain of pot.

Liberian official: Ebola outbreak ‘is above the control of the national government’

CBS Charlotte | A Liberian health official says the Ebola outbreak is now above the control of its government

‘Outrage’ follows USDA’s advancement of new genetically engineered crops

Andrea Germanos | 'We need to get off the pesticide treadmill,' said George Naylor, farmer and Center for Food Safety Board Member

California oil spill: State of emergency declared, up to 105,000 gallons leaked

RT | California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency over Tuesday's oil spill off the Santa Barbara County coast

State Department official claims “Ebola attack” in Africa *Video*

Mac Slavo | The comments raise concerns that a weaponized form of the virus may have been used by a rogue terrorist organization

5 ways to save water in a drought-stricken world

Julie Miller | If consumption continues as is, many predict that by 2020 water will be more valuable than gold

U.S. agribusiness licking its chops over thawed Cuba relations

Andrea Germanos | This week's news about Cuba represents a 'tremendous opportunities for Iowa corn farmers,' one farmer says

California farmers skip planting, sell water to desperate cities: “We’re afraid they’ll just take...

Mac Slavo | The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions