Canadian Town Votes to End Water Fluoridation

JG Vibes | Fluoride is a carcinogenic waste product of aluminum. It is also the main ingredient in rat poison, nerve gas and Prozac.

Scientists In Sri Lanka Claim To Have Discovered Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

JG Vibes | In recent years there has been a steady increase in scientific findings that indicate very strongly that there is extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

Over 43,000 Portland Citizens Seek to Stop Rat Poison Fluoride in Drinking Water

Shepard Ambellas | Of the 19,858 signatures required Clean Water leader Kim Kaminski collected more than 43,000 signatures signifying fluoride will be added to the water supply in Portland.
JD Hancock/Flickr

The falsification of science

Servando Gonzalez | According to Barry Glassner, president of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, there are high levels of disconnection between scientists and the public

Pastor David Manning of Atlah on Intellihub Radio

(INTELLIHUB) -- In less than two weeks, one of the most historic trials in America will take place in New York City. The "Obama...

Army Gunships Land on Reservation Sacred Ground Intimidating the Lakota

(INTELLIHUB) - Reports have come in this morning stating that Army 7th Calvary Blackhawk gunships tried to set down in South Dakota yesterday on...

A Mickey Mouse Police State

(INTELLIHUB) -- Back and forth, inch by inch the globalist are tugging at the general population and in most cases gaining ground. The moronic public...

Re: FEMA trains – Intellihub TIP: Sent by actop19

actop19 - Funny you say that, this past Monday, the 146 FEMA "prison rail cars" that had been sitting outside the infamous Beech Grove...

FEMA Update: These Trailers Should be Destroyed not Sold

(This might explain the reason for relocation of the FEMA trailers throughout the U.S.)By Eugene RobinsonTuesday, March 16, 2010The Obama administration is making a...

Exclusive: 11,000 FEMA trailers to be Readied For Major False Flag Event or Disaster?

Intellihub - FEMA has now posted an ad asking for private drivers to transport 11,000 FEMA death trailers throughout the United States....

Intellihub Exclusive Report: Military Vehicles in Woodland Pattern

This exclusive footage was provided by MajogaATP. Here is a link to the full article Intellihub Network