Those linked to ‘domestic violence’ will be forced to turn in their guns; new bill proposes

Anti-Americans and anti-gun groups continue massive push in attempt to ultimately disarm citizenry

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — A pending new bill in South Carolina proposes that people convicted of a ‘domestic violence’ charge will be required to turn in their firearms to the county sheriff in what some would say is a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Taking the Orwellian measure one step further, in Missouri, a “dating partner” of someone convicted of a domestic violence crime would be subject to a gun ban that can also attach and extend to them, forcing them to turn in their guns alongside their partner.

This is all part of a continued effort by anti-gun groups and the Obama Admin, to be continued by administrations that follow, which will ultimately disarm the citizenry of America for good.

Anti-Americans such as the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and others, are supporting these type outlandish measures when the staged “Newtown massacre” of 2012 failed to rile the general public after alternative news outlets such as Intellihub and others exposed the U.S. government’s involvement and their use of crisis actors to dupe the populace into accepting increased gun control regulations in the United Sates.

However, whichever way you slice it, the powers-that-be will continue to apply endless amounts of pressure and funding into this area until they succeed. Unfortunately it will likely only be a matter of time.

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By controlling the guns, you can easily control your opponents. This is the core argument Stephen Halbrook, an attorney and expert on gun laws, delivered before the eighth Students for Liberty Conference. “Although it may not be the explicit intent of governments at the time gun registration is enacted that it will be used against the people, history shows otherwise.”

The law professor, who’s authored several books and articles defending gun rights, gave the easy example of gun registration in Germany in the early 1930s. “In 1931, there was a lot of political instability, with governments changing every few months. Intercepted Nazi documents showed that Hitler’s party had an insurrection plan that included executing anyone that had a firearm. So government decreed that everyone had to register their firearms. The Interior minister said it was a security measure.”

“Hitler started repressing all his opponents, simply labeled as ‘communist’, using these registries,” Halbrook continued. “And starting in 1935, the Gestapo ordered police stations to stop issuing guns to Jews, even though they were well-respected citizens that fought during the Great War.”, points out PG Veer writing for the Daily Caller.

And if this push continues here in America, we will soon be living in a country paralleling Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

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Don’t be fooled by all the hype; guns are fun, and part of our culture

“Shooting a handgun at a target is a thrill; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You load bullets into a clip, push it up into the gun, turn off the safety catch, take careful hold of the gun with two hands, aim and shoot. The thing jumps in your hand and you see the bullet knock a hole in the target and spark off the floor at the back of the range. There is an extraordinary rush and then you do it again. Another spark; perhaps this time the hole in the target is a little closer to the center. Soon you have fired the whole clip and you’re loading the deadly weapon in your hand again.”, writes the Economist.

These are the fundamentals that were instilled onto us as a nation by are forebears; rights which should never be infringed on.

However it’s up to us, ‘we the people’, to uphold these rights in their God-given form and protect against a tyrannical and out of control government as the Constitution states.

If we don’t use it, we will surely lose it.

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