London Set To Be Under Martial Law In Next 24 Hours – Troops To Deploy Against ‘Teenage’ Population

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
August 8, 2011

Update – 8/9/2011

Update: 3:02am PST – Russia Today is reporting that although many called for military presence, they so far have not decided to use them.

Tweet From RT_comRT’s Laura Emmett from London: COBRA meets, but Home Sec rules out what many are calling for: water cannons and army presence.

When you have the corporate media and members of government openly calling for military in the streets that is martial law. It remains to be soon whether or not the army actually does up making arrests.

“There are growing calls now for the military to be brought in the bring these protests under control.”

Officials have apparently decided to send in an enormous amount of police instead. This could change at any moment.

Tweet From RT_com 13,000 police officers will be on duty London in next 24 hours – Met Police

Interestingly enough it seems the protests were intitally nonviolent and started over a police killing put were turned violent after anarchists rallied people through Facebook and Twiter. Sound familiar? Agent Provocateurs anyone?

“Anti-racism campaigner Claudia Webbe says she believes the initial violence in Tottenham was caused by community anger at the police.

But she says anarchists are now manipulating young people in low-income areas via Twitter and Facebook.”

“I believe there is an element of organised anarchists that is inciting some of our young people in our inner-city areas, basically saying ‘move here, move there, cause this, cause that’, creating a sense of come and do this and do it as bad as you can,” she said. Source:

Riots are now spreading outside of London as full scale mayhem ensues with upwards of 16,000 people in the streets.

Riots have intensified on the streets of London as police and bystanders fear for their lives as people protest in anger with their government.

Large swaths of the city have been overran by violence as the government hides the true reasons behind the rioting.

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Some of the violence was captured by RT:

The rioting and violence has now spread to multiple sectors in and around London North, east and now south.

In a move that many fear will happen on the streets of America, there is talk of using the military to quell civil unrest on the streets of London as they continue to burn.

Widespread looting has taken place throughout the city which does not look good in wake of the coming Olympics.

Here is a local report of the much wider social problem:

The riots, which have been termed a protest for days, are now being labeled an all out free for all.

The Channel Ten reporter Bret Mason said, “What London really needs is to put the troops on the streets and really put those kids in their place”

This also lines up directly with what the government and press are pushing for around the world; “Oh it’s good for you to put troops on the streets… its for your safety.”

London is ablaze…

Police hit with bricks in the battle:

120 mile ring of turmoil:

This video shows a wide spectrum of footage:

The police even urged that parents take control of their kids.

This video shows police flee from the enraged populace:

Another video captures more disturbance in London:

More buildings burn in London;

Strangely enough this video shows people of all ages:

There has been over 215 arrests so far with more on the way.

Note: When the government and media are calling for military troops to arrest citizens that is MARTIAL LAW.

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