Lone Wolf Domestic Terror Rhetoric Will be Used to Ban Guns


One of law enforcements biggest concerns in the United States at the moment is the “Lone Wolf” terrorist, which comes with hype.

By Shepard Ambellas
July 21, 2012

A chilling new video has surfaced on the internet at an opportune time for the establishment to push for total gun confiscation via congress and possibly through a new UN treaty.

The fact that the video is calling for “domestic terror” attacks within the United States borders is uncanny, and almost to unbelievable. The logic shows a possible PSYOP (psychological operation) in the works or staged terror plot.


In fact on May 17, 2012 a terrorist warning was issued by the FBI mentioning that theatre would be a target. The very same rhetoric we saw during 9/11 when later is was found that bush had prior knowledge that “Al Qaeda is Determined to Attack in the US”.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted saying;

“Weak gun laws are not just a crime problem, they are a national security threat. Congress should take common sense steps to keep guns away from terrorists”.

Mainstream broadcasts are announcing that you can easily obtain fully automatic assault riffles at gun shows with no background checks or without showing an ID card.

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This is simply not true, and would be illegal.

President Obama stated in a recent on TV interview;

“The risk that we are especially concerned with right now is the ‘Lone Wolf Terrorist’, someone with a single weapon being able to carry out large scale massacre.’

Although the “Batman Shooting” is tragic, this recent mass shooting that took place in a movie theatre in Aurora Colorado, is a perfect chance for the “powers that be” to push for a full blown gun grab or limitation of some type.

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