Long Beach: Martial Law Persists, Curfew Has Been Implemented

Power has still not been restored to a good chunk of Long Beach, New York as martial law ensues.

By Shepard Ambellas
November 12, 2012

LONG BEACH, NEW YORK (OCEANSIDE) — Fourteen days after the storm, martial law persists as military and law enforcement officials have a chokehold on the Long Beach sector.

Curfews are in full effect starting at 7 pm EST in the vicinity.

Fuel supply chain disruptions continue as the mainline press carefully tucks away details of the actual crisis at hand.

According to some reports “everybody is starving” in the area.

The only working gas station in the area was stricken by fire.

All basic services have ceased to operate including city waste management services, causing an abundance of human waste and trash to pile up in the streets and residents yards.

The military has been called on to take over a local utility as conditions worsen.

Mayor Bloomberg has received heavy criticism from the general public during the crisis as the cities basic services have neglected them.

Thousands upon thousands of people need help with conditions near third world. Rapes have been reported in the vicinity as crime becomes even more hardcore.

The city of Long Beach posted on their official website,

“13 days after Hurricane Sandy, the City’s recovery process continues to accelerate. You CAN flush your toilets and the City again has safe drinking water. LIPA estimates that power has been restored in approximately 97% of Long Beach homes that are safe to energize.”

This is misleading to the public as most of the houses are not safe to energize.

The following video footage was taken on October 31, 2012;

The following video provides updates as of November 14, 2012;


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