Feeling a bit down today? I am. I think it’s the post-Christmas blues. Or Monday. Or maybe it’s just the endless propaganda being spewed at us by the willing corporate mockingbird media and their big government allies. It’s more than enough to leave any thinking person’s head spinning.

Over just the past 48 hours we have been told that yet another Asian passenger jet simply vanished into thin air. With the inexplicable disappearance of MH370 earlier this year, this David Blaine sleight of hand is apparently now so common as to be expected, no one seems much concerned despite the fact that former pilots are claiming that the US military itself shot down MH370 near Diego Garcia.

According to SGT Report reader AgShaman, “The Malaysians must be punished for the War Crimes Tribunals they’ve been spearheading against the Carlyle Syndicate and the PNAC Neocons. A couple more planes and their people will get the message.” With the unprecedented loss of MH17, MH370 and now Flight 8501, he may well be on the right track.

Adding salt to the wound today is the absurd claim that none other than Jeb Bush – son of the former CIA Director and heir to the Prescott Bush bankster-errand boy dynasty – is the universally beloved front-runner for the GOP nomination for President. As we predicted would happen, the establishment is going to steal yet another election by handing the Totalitarian baton to another Bush. Or Clinton.

It’s a nightmare which Glenn Greenwald calls the Perfectly Illustrative Election:

That one of those two families exploited its vast wealth to obtain political power, while the other exploited its political power to obtain vast wealth, makes it more illustrative still: of the virtually complete merger between political and economic power, of the fundamentally oligarchical framework that drives American political life.

And amid the latest cooked Gallup poll which “asked Americans to name the living man or woman they most admire”, President Barry Soetoro claimed the top spot for the seventh straight year. Benghazi coverup specialist and evil doer Hillary Clinton took the top spot among females, again. (If you believe these sh#t polls, I’ve got a beautiful early 19th century bridge to sell you.)

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