Lost alien technology: Are the 65M-year-old pyramids found in Crimea the reason for a coming WWIII?


As we saw previously with Hitler’s quest to search for Atlantis and the Holy Grail–modern oligarchs also seek ancient lost technologies buried by events of the past

By Shepard Ambellas

CRIMEA (INTELLIHUB) — Based on reports out of the region, in August of 2012, Vitalii Gokh, a local scientist, discovered the world’s oldest pyramid found to have been built during the era of dinosaurs.  Although the discovery was made by mistake as Gokh was merely scouting for water, with an invention of his that defines various underground compounds, clues to an entire new realm were opened.

Interestingly enough, the underground pyramid, which measures to be about 147 feet in height and 236 feet across at the base, is also said to contain the mummified remains of an unknown humanoid creature only measuring about 4′–6″ in height.

Reports also state that Gokh helped located 37 other pyramids that exist on the Crimea peninsula near Sevastopol, that are said to have been constructed 65 million years ago, suggesting that a previous civilization may have been wiped out by a massive meteor impact as scientists have always speculated.


It has also been reported that the structures are giving off very specific frequencies, 3 of them. In fact, ForUm reported back in July of 2006 in a piece titled “Scientists to dig mysterious pyramids in Sevestopol”:

“We found extremely strong formation, which includes animal protein, gypsum, liquid glass, gravel. It is a man-caused pyramid, which radiates specific energy in certain periods, “Vitaly Gokh narrated.

Ihor Kotelyanets, aid of the head of Sevastopol national university of nuclear energy and industry, together with enthusiasts decided to confirm or refute the discovery.

More than 20 commissions, including international ones, have visited the place recently. 

Then shockingly, Sunday it was reported by MSN via video, that a UFO was spotted over the Ukraine.

Could this be the reason for the recent political and mass militarized mobilizations in and around Crimea?

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(Image: YouTube)

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  • ubmediagroup

    Interesting for sure!

  • chilller

    I wonder how they came up with the 65M year old number. Seems like a big jump from current years of civilization discoveries. The caves alone are amazing!

  • Steven Gaylord

    In June of 1934, members of the Hahn family discovered a rock, sitting loose on a rock ledge beside a waterfall outside London, Texas. The site primarily consists of Cretaceous rock (75 to 100 million years old). Noticing that this weathered rock had wood protruding from it, they cracked it open, exposing the hammer head. To verify that the hammer was made of metal, they cut into one of the beveled sides with a file. The bright metal in the nick is still there, with no detectable corrosion.

    The unusual metallurgy is 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur (no carbon). Density tests indicate casting exceptional quality. The density of the iron in a central, cross-sectional plane shows the interior metal to be very pure, with no bubbles. Modern industry cannot consistently produce iron castings with this quality, as evidenced by test results that show bubbles and density variations that have caused pump and valve bodies to break. The handle eye is partially coalifed with quartz and calcite crystalline inclusions, oval shaped, and roughly 1″ x 1/2″.


  • derpderp

    Honestly, what kind of bullshit is this? What other respectable scientific source has reported these Pyramids, except for this ‘Dr. Vitaly Gokh’. I call hoax.

  • mapierce

    Is Vitalii Gokh an unemployed scientist who was working as a water witcher?
    Or is he a self appointed archeologist?

  • Oswald Mosley


  • Paul M

    There are no pyramids in Crimea. Fact.

  • Paul M

    Above Top Secret? Seems legit… yeah… I’m laughing as I type that.

  • Paul M
  • Phoebus

    “I hold back, believe it or not, when friends post up conspiracy stuff to their walls. Out of respect I guess. But no more.

    You have been warned.

    my patiently explaining, with good resources to back me up, that you
    are posting something scientifically implausible offends or annoys you,

    Sure, 9/11 may well have more to it than we’re
    told; I actually believe that Al Qaeda may have been controlled and not
    know it. But we can’t prove that. The Rothschilds may well head a
    shadowy NWO cartel Illuminati style. Fuck, the Queen might even be a


    Vaccines work, and do way more good than harm.

    The Earth IS warming, and pretty much every expert worldwide (97%) says we’re a big contributing factor.

    We did evolve here, were were not created.

    Governments aren’t generally dumping chemicals on us from the air.

    Governments aren’t generally pumping poison into us via our taps.

    Abortions don’t cause cancer.

    Marijuana doesn’t cure cancer.

    Illegal immigrants have fuck all effect on the UK economy.

    Legal immigrants demonstrably contribute more than they take.

    kind of shit is serious, and you have no right to claim impunity from
    polite correction if you peddle this dangerous misinformation.

    a line, friends. There are definitely some conspiracies and we are
    definitely not in control of our own paths like we think. But don’t buy
    into every conspiracy you hear, from websites that say “truth” and
    “real info”, and that tell the “sheeple” to “wake up”.

    like Alex Jones are raking in $$$ off the back of their
    slickly-packaged paranoia. That’s the real conspiracy right there.

    not going to be all nice and apologise. If you consider me out of
    order for pulling you up on stuff, good. If you can’t take it, you’re
    probably part of the problem.”

  • Phoebus

    “fact” As In one’s own conjecture.

  • Paul M

    Okay, bit weird that you’ve copypasted my own Facebook note, but heh…

  • Paul M

    I am yet to see any photographs of said pyramids, nor any news of universities etc undertaking excavation work on said pyramids. Until these very simple things happen, why should I believe there are 65m year old pyramids in Crimea?

    All I’m asking for is a bit of proof. With that provided, I’ll happily accept this. And I’ll be really excited too.

    I’m no shill, I just need evidence.

  • Don

    And your credentials for your expertise is……………………………………………………..That’s what I thought.

  • Don

    Your source for that information being?

  • Don

    When does your movie come out?

  • Rodney

    Phoebus is the shit first of all, well done. The reason for the situation in Crimea is an economic tussle over a port that is important to the oil trade and Putin is kinda Cosa Nostra style taking over the “docks” and the U.S. is like the feds in the metaphor trying to prevent black market trade (and skim off top themselves under the guise of legality of course.)

    The skull and bones does have a bunch of former members that have historically run the intelligence community and finance sector since the paradigm shift of political parties in the US that they engineered. 9/11 was probably them. They also probably killed Kennedy. They went to Iraq for the oil. Afghanistan for the opium and weed. Hell, Vietnam for the opium and weed and all of those places for the political and legislative influence to legally have soldiers protect their massive drug and oil and cash and gun shipments back to the U.S and other global buyers and black market operations solely for the ill gotten gains. We’ve had vertical takeoff space flight capable stealth aircraft since the 70’s. Man made shit. Evolution made shit better. But this stuff on the news is real life. People need to stop running from reality with this wild end of times conspiracy shit. Those powerful ruthless autocrats we fear are the same sheeple to a different Shepherd. They are slaves to their greed. They actually believe their own bullshit. There isn’t really a puppet master pulling strings it’s just that humans are inherently shifty and greedy. If the “truth” was posted on this website daily, wouldn’t the feds shut it down?

  • Diego Garcia

    you do see the irony of your statement ….? dont you? ..bet you thought you were real smart..

  • Matthew Stengel

    Who controls the Pandorica controls the Universe!

  • anoan

    nice shill feebie, or is that feeble? or perhaps fbi….?

  • Archangel Raphael


    65 million year old pyramids + UFOs?

    wow ~ must be true

  • kingbum

    Lmao…some people see something and want to believe in something…religious texts were written and people have blind faith in them….people don’t want to be the only intelligent creatures in the universe so some whacko is looking for some ufo sign or something that we aren’t…..here’s the truth we live…we die…we are naturally selfish and do things that serve our needs….period….

  • Mike

    I have heard that our carbon dating is irreversibly affected by the nuclear testing done throughout the 1960s and beyond….since we have drastically altered the levels of radiocarbons present in the atmosphere, our dating is no longer accurate…Scientists claim to use a “reference standard” to account for the added levels of radiocarbons, but this would require continual testing and new number projections to be accurate. They may be close with that number, but since some human beings care more about power than human life, we will never know the exact number based on our current dating techniques. http://www.radiocarbon.com/carbon-dating-bomb-carbon.htm

  • Yogi the Lion

    lets not forget what actually happens when the Pandorica is opened. sooner or later, it opens again, and that time. He’d be angry

  • Yogi the Lion

    that is so sad if you really think, that you would rather have our pitiful race of beings be the only intelligent life out there… i sincerely hope you have faith in other life. or maybe you can find faith in a higher life. a higher dimension. in the end no matter what if you see there to be an afterlife, it is a higher dimension, or proof that there is one. if you really want, i wish you the most enjoyment out of being a rotten corpse in the ground to maybe some decades from your doom, you become dirt, through worms shitting you out from maggot shit. your path your choice ^_^

  • gordon_wagner

    Sounds like BS. Good story, though.

  • mouse

    ok try this sh!t on for size smart guy, the climate is more influenced by a star than us, yeah we are having in impact but Sol, our star(just in case you were educated in america and dont know our star actually has a name), plays such a large role in climate that even NASA has come out and said it creates weather changes. so climate change is real but our impact is miniscule in comparison. try uncorking and remember that if ‘conspiracies’ didnt exist the word wouldnt either.

    here is another good ‘conspiracy’ the Pope has been convicted of crimes against humanity along with the Queen of England the Dutch Royals, the Canadian government and everyone who participated in child trafficking murder and genocide.

    before you get all huffy and defensive go take a look. itccs.org

    the first links to the International Court that convicted the Pope in absentia, the second illustrates what happens to scientists in good standing when they point out the current model is wrong and videos that are uploaded daily show easily identifiable links between solar activity and events earthside … like the 6.6 earthquake lastnight which he predicted the day before.

    again before you get all huffy go watch as they dig up the childrens bones from church grounds. explain away how human bones come to be sliced cleanly, as if done by a butcher, and explain why these bones are in unmarked graves on church grounds hidden from view, while you are at it explain how uniform buttons and shoes come to be mixed in with these bones, not above or below but right there at the same level, as if buried with the murdered and butchered kid, who just happened to be a victim of genocide.

  • mouse

    seems this site doesnt want to let real info out else they wouldnt have censored my post, go to itccs.org for the oldest most vile conspiracy

  • Skeptic

    Radio Carbon Dating dates the Decay of Carbon-14. Even with the use of the accelerator mass spectrometry method (AMS) we can only reach dates of around 50,000 to 80,000 years ago.

  • BellsNwhistles

    All it is, a mountain that looks like a pyramid, or a pyramid that looks like a mountain. I will wait for the movie!

  • GizaDog
  • GizaDog

    How will these photos work for you? Remove the spaces.

    www . shaping . ru/yperboreia.org/tour08-19.asp

  • GizaDog

    I have photos with a link to show you but this site is linking disabled! Send me a message and we will find a way to send you these photos.

  • GizaDog

    Shilling 101!

  • Paul M

    I’m @onepablo on twitter, nice one, thanks!

  • Paul M

    “climate change is real but our impact is miniscule”

    The experts, worldwide, with many competing economies and philosophies, are in agreement….

  • mouse
  • Mike

    thank you for the reply, I am by no means an expert and did not mean to claim I was one, but that is merely my own thinking on the matter as I am at least somewhat informed. Is radiocarbon dating what they used for these date projections? Or is there another known method that would enable us to date these ancient materials accurately? As far as I am aware, testing the decay of radiocarbons is the most commonly used way, but I am not familiar with any others to be honest.

  • james

    The video clearly show pyramids covered by dirt and grass as would be expected over the eons of time. The underground pyramids are also amazing. These pyramids are found all over the planet if one knows what to look for. Beautiful and amazing and should give us all hope.

  • Dany Di Gaia

    E basta co stè cazzate de ste piramidi!

  • Aeonergy Thirtyeen

    hi giza dog , im near giza for real

  • Barsoomian

    Unfortunately, this article, as well as the one it links to, are short on explanations to support the claims. This is not to say they’re wrong (or crazy). I’d just like to see better explanations.

  • Bob

    crazy people, pyramids work in quite a simple fashion, airflow is forced to move upwards as it hits the face and they are shaped to work with fluid dynamics which induces a spin in the airflow to form rotation around all 4 faces as it moves upwards the air gets compressed and electrons are stripped from it which are collected by a large tank capacitor. the bigger the pyramid the larger the voltage potential offset and the more airflow and thus compression and electron available. if these elitist chumps don’t know that and we are letting them take power over us, them more fool them. p.s you’re welcome.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Stealingsugar stealingsugar

    Yeah, duh, it’s the Occult, they are still the same people who were interested it in the 40’s.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Stealingsugar stealingsugar

    like ionized air…chemtrails=Pyramid Energy Creatures, according to P.K. Man.