DAVIS, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — A paper originating from two mad scientists at the University of California-Davis (UCD), titled “Human-Animal Chimeras: What are we going to do?,” has caused quite the controversy on social media platforms after researchers have vowed to make half-human/half-animal mutant chimera embryos in order to obtain more data that they say may help future generations.

While chimeras were well-depicted throughout Greek mythology and quite possibly may have been a reality at one point on Earth in the past, modern stories of chimera experimentation have been limited to the black operations sector of various governmental programs rumored to be taking place deep under the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico in a deep underground military facility known as ‘Nightmare Hall.’

Now Ryan Troy and John Powers from UCD are planning to publicly take their project all the way as well.

The International Business Times reported:

Because of the question mark on the ethics of its use, the National Institutes of Health has placed a moratorium on funding of chimera experiments, but some researchers resort to alternative funding. In defending the UCD’s creation of chimeras, reproductive biologist Pablo Ross explains, “We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature … We’re doing this for a biomedical purpose.”

Ross is attempting to create a pancreas which could be transplanted into a diabetic. He uses new gene-editing techniques to remove the gene which pig embryos need to make a pancreas. Ross injects the human-induced pluripotent stem cells into the pig embryos. For the embryo to develop and produce an organ Ross implanted the chimera embryos into the wombs of adult pigs, injecting 25 embryos into each side of the pig’s uterus.

So there you have it people — if it’s all in the name of research it’s good for you — or so they say.



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