Mainstream Media Attacks Popular Alternative News Outfits as the Hurricane ‘October Surprise’ Was Delivered

Mainstream news publication attacks, and other credible alternative news sources, saying, “…conspiracy theorists have blamed HAARP for a number of natural events over the years, saying the government uses the Alaska-based program to manipulate the weather with the help of electromagnetic waves.”

By Shepard Ambellas
October 31, 2012

Some well researched individuals would tend to say weather weapons are real while others will go as far as claim that the globalists that fund Obama, and possibly even the president himself, had access and/or clearance  to “HAARP it up.”

Then there is the mainstream media and their usual direct coverup of the truth.

As news of the possibility of an engineered hurricane continued to gain ground, the corporate media went to work to discredit the truth and ANY honest investigative researcher/website that contradicted the official story.

In fact, reported;

As Hurricane Sandy blasts the eastern seaboard just over a week before Election Day, a number of conspiracy theorists have decided President Barack Obama engineered the mega-storm to secure his re-election., and ConsfearacyNewz all posted stories over the last several days alleging that the The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, helped the president engineer Sandy.

HAARP, a research program managed by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, studies and conducts experiments relating to the ionosphere, or upper atmosphere. As NASA explains on its web site, the ionosphere is important because it often reflects radio waves and scatters GPS signals, leading to “a big impact on communications and navigation” on Earth.

Because of this, conspiracy theorists have blamed HAARP for a number of natural events over the years, saying the government uses the Alaska-based program to manipulate the weather with the help of electromagnetic waves.

An article excerpt by Adan Salazar says it well:

“The reality of weather modification is no conspiracy theory. Since before the 50′s, weather modification techniques have existed. In fact, the threat of “weather weapons” was so imminent that the United Nations felt it necessary to draft a treaty ensuring no nation would use this “new means of warfare” against one another.

Why would the U.N. draft a treaty if weather modification was just a conspiracy theory?”.

Not to mention the Air Force white paper, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025“.

Could Sandy postpone the elections?

Fox News asked the following question;

Q. Could the Nov. 6 election be changed?

A. Yes, but it’s highly unlikely, and it’s not up to the president. Congress sets the date for the presidential election — the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, every fourth year.

Congress could act within the next week to change the date, but that would be tough because lawmakers are on recess and back home in their districts campaigning for re-election.

Plus, it’s likely that would mean changing the date for the entire country, not just those affected by the storm.

What’s more, Congress only selects the date for federal races, so changing the date would wreak havoc for state and local elections also scheduled for Nov. 6. States might have to hold two separate days of voting, which could bust state budgets.

Whichever way you slice it, the race to be the next president has been changed. No one knows yet what the outcome will be (except possibly the powers that be).

What a game changer? reports;

The chaos that engulfed the East Coast – which even prompted some chatter that Election Day could be postponed – ensured that the campaign’s last week would be unlike any previous race’s final sprint.

President Obama remained hunkered down in the White House, monitoring the storm and coordinating the federal government’s response to the states devastated by Sandy.

Determined to avoid the perception that he was putting the campaign ahead of responsibilities as president, Obama cancelled his Wednesday swing through Ohio and left the remainder of his week unscheduled.

However, even as Obama gave up precious campaign time, several of his top surrogates – including the First Lady and Bill Clinton – continued to barnstorm through swing states on his behalf.

Mitt Romney, without the power and trappings of the Oval office, was left in an equally precarious position.

Unwilling to completely abandon the campaign trail but nervous about criticism that he was playing politics with a tragedy, Romney’s team went ahead with an Ohio rally – which was turned into a benefit for the storm’s victims.

Interesting times.


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