Mainstream Media Admits Geo-Engineering Problem, Calls for Global Solution


British scientists at the Mets Office Hadley Centre have called for a global government to approve global geo-engineering programs.

Photo: Dees Illustrations
Photo: Dees Illustrations

by Derrick Broze
April 3, 2013

They say a global authority is needed to protect the international community from unintended consequences.

According to the Guardian:

“Met Office researchers have called for global oversight of the radical schemes after studies showed they could have huge and unintended impacts on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”

The dangers arose in projects that cooled the planet unevenly. In some cases these caused devastating droughts across Africa; in others they increased rainfall in the region but left huge areas of Brazil parched.

“The massive complexities associated with geoengineering, and the potential for winners and losers, means that some form of global governance is essential,” said Jim Haywood.”

This is not the first time scientists have spoken out about the dangers of Geo-engineering. Recently Harvard University climate scientist David Keith and UCLA environmental law expert Edward Parson wrote in the journal Nature about the need for guidelines to guide research on the controversial technology. Keith has spoken on the benefits of geo-engineering in the past but now appears to be warning of the dangers.

Keith and Parson believe that governments should begin “informal” planning to oversee small-scale field experiments that they say could help scientists understand how the atmosphere would respond to geoengineering. They are also calling for a moratorium on large scale experiments.

One of the many dangers of manipulating the weather are the loss of blue skies. According to a report by the New Scientist, Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science has shown that releasing sulphate aerosols high in the atmosphere would scatter sunlight into the atmosphere. He says this could decrease the amount of sunlight that hits the ground by 20% and make the sky appear more hazy.

Geo-engineering is the science of manipulating the climate for the state purpose of fighting mad made climate change.

According to a recent congressional report:

“The term “geoengineering” describes this array of technologies that aim, through large-scale and deliberate modifications of the Earth’s energy balance, to reduce temperatures and counteract anthropogenic climate change. Most of these technologies are at the conceptual and research stages, and their effectiveness at reducing global temperatures has yet to be proven. Moreover, very few studies have been published that document the cost, environmental effects, socio-political impacts, and legal implications of geoengineering. If geoengineering technologies were to be deployed, they are expected to have the potential to cause significant transboundary effects. “

Despite the claims that these programs are still in their research stage there is much information that points to some type of aerosol spraying, weather modification programs being active. Many supporters of the Chem-Trail theory believe the spraying they see taking place in our skies are geo-engineering programs being run either by private corporations or secretive government agencies with complete disregard for the consequences.

It is no secret that governments have ran programs covertly in the past and apologized later. The United States military has in fact written about using weather modification. In a 1996 document entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025”, the U.S. Air Force discusses a number of proposals for using the weather as a weapon. The document warrants your attention and research.

We also have companies like Weather Modification, Inc.  on this corporations site you can peruse different planes that you can pay to run a cloud seeding operation. They even offer a list of clients and places they are active.

There is also the Environmental Modification Treaty signed by the United States to halt global weather modification.

Even the NY Times ponders aloud what would happen if the technology was in the wrong hands:

“A drought in India will come to be seen — accurately or not — as a result of a conscious decision by engineers on the other side of the planet. What was once bad luck could come to be seen as a malevolent plot or an imperialist attack. “

While the mainstream media is finally openly talking about weather modification programs they do so with the premise that the programs are not already taking place. Many of the proposals put forth resemble what millions see everyday: planes spraying particulates in the skies.

With billionaires like Bill Gates funneling millions into these technologies it’s not likely they will be going away any time soon. In fact it seems that the solution that most the mainstream is pushing is to allow a global body, such as the United Nations to begin regulating who which countries or individuals can alter our weather for what purposes. Another push for a global state veiled as an attempt to save the world.

I see this is another example of man corrupting nature. The ruling class has altered the water, they are engineering the food and now working to spray the skies. If concerned citizens everywhere do not organize and spread the message about the dangers and reality of rogue geo-engineering  we are likely to see disastrous effects on our planet and our species. For the sake of us all, look up and ask questions.




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