Mainstream Media Runs Propaganda Piece Promoting Geo-Engineering


After years of insisting that geo-engineering projects were “conspiracy theories”, the mainstream media is now promoting them as solutions to problems with the environment.

Now that it has become nearly impossible to hide, the topic of geo-engineering has entered the mainstream dialogue, and as expected this is being promoted as an easy fix for the environmental mess that has been created by governments and corporations over the years.

According to the article:

Scientists and engineers are now investigating methods to manipulate the Earth’s cloud cover, change the oceans’ chemical composition and blanket the planet with a layer of sunlight-reflecting particles. Geoengineering — deliberate, large-scale intervention in the climate system designed to counter global warming or offset some of its effects — is commonly divided into two broad classes.

The article suggests that scientists are “investigating” these methods of manipulating the earth, however, if history is any indication, it is likely that these measures have already been put into effect, or at least tested live for a certain number of years.  With the case of chemtrails in particular, there are many people who question that chemicals are being sprayed into the atmosphere, yet there is significant evidence to prove that there is.  Additionally, in this article they even come out and talk about adding fake cloud cover to the sky.

The article continues:

There is however, serious work being conducted on schemes to regulate the Earth system by changing the chemical composition of the world’s oceans, modifying the layer of clouds that covers a large portion of the oceans and installing a ‘solar shield’, a layer of sulphate particles in the upper atmosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the planet.  There are some who believe that we will have no choice but to resort to these radical interventions.

The other crazy ideas that these bureaucrat scientists are coming up with sound even more insane and dangerous than chemtrails.  While the mainstream media hype around “global warming” is simply propaganda, there is a serious and significant threat to the environment on multiple other levels.

While all of this discussion and controversy is taking place over this very specific theory there are a host of other environmental issues that are being ignored.

Our energy resources are being poorly mismanaged by the organizations that control them.  These governments and corporations are destroying the planet and placing the blame on us so they can justify making us foot the bill.  Sinister applications of genetic engineering are creating new species that pose an unprecedented threat to our ecosystem.

Toxic radiation and pollution has become commonplace in our everyday environment, mostly due to corporate carelessness and military exercises.  There are very serious environmental issues that pose a threat to life and creatures on this planet, but it’s not limited to one chemical compound and we aren’t going to solve anything by taxing the average consumer, as many proponents of global warming advocate.

Unfortunately, spraying more garbage up into the atmosphere to cover up the pollution just doesn’t seem like a good plant.  The obvious solution to this problem is not to take these elaborate measures to mask the damage that has been done, but rather, to stop doing the damage and help the earth heal.


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