Major disaster coming? Dept. of Interior insider blows whistle on new robust Emergency Notification System

"Everything has been done verbally from the top-down… All this information has come from top management to management to regionals to management to us not a single damn thing in writing has come out…"


A Department of the Interior worker named Becca called in to The Shepard Ambellas Show on Friday to let the listeners know that a new and complex emergency notification system has been put into place and has been tested department-wide.

According to the caller, the system is able to send alert text messages to department employees’ phones and emails in a robust fashion.

I work for the Department of the Interior… and this Tuesday I guess we changed to a new emergency notification system and it’s literally called the Department of the Interior Emergency Notification System and quote-unquote ‘we have changed from one system to another three weeks ago’… and so this is the second group of trials of exercises of the emergency system that has gone out,” she explained. “To me, that’s obviously not coinsidence–I’ve been following everything for years now but right now it seems like things are speeding up.”

“They are making sure that everybody has access to it and it’s way over the top,” Becca said. “I have never seen this before.”


“I’ve worked for [the department] for almost 11 years and of course we always have emergency systems when we have earthquakes etc–so that’s not something new… but it’s a bureau wide exercise.”

Becca explained that department employees are now “all stuck” in the second shutdown and says she can’t see anyone returning to work anytime soon.

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“There is all of this weird stuff going on in the background like there is all of these data calls that the Department of the Interior has been asked for to send to D.C. when it comes to appropriations funding which out of eleven years… have we ever had to fit every little detail of every little thing we are spending on…,” she explained. “They have asked us to tell them every single thing that we are doing.”

“For example, if we are going to be doing a contract or managing a recreation area D.C. wants to know about it if it’s $30,000 versus typically D.C. would want to know if it’s a $30 million project,” she said.

“Everything has been done verbally from the top-down… All this information has come from top management to management to regionals to management to us–not a single damn thing in writing has come out…”

Becca told host Shepard Ambellas that she speculates they may never be sent back to work.

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Is the government expecting some type of natural disaster coming such as asteroid strikes, solar flares, or the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano?

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