Malaysian airliner may have been commandeered and taken to secret Coco Island base — New info reveals plane flew 4-hours after transponder was deactivated


According to a new report, it looks as if the missing Malaysian flight MH370 may have stayed aloft up to 4-hours after the tower lost contact with the aircraft, signifying an entirely new scenario

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — An astonishing new report via the Wall Street Journal, dovetailing with information received by Intellihub News earlier Wednesday, may shed some light on the whereabouts of the missing plane and its occupants.

Please note that some of the information contained herein is not proven as of yet, but has been passed through our channels to us and is worthy of reporting as no stone should be left unturned.

Apparently the group, likely militarized, who commandeered the jetliner and it’s 239 occupants, didn’t account for the Boeing company’s automatic maintenance download which successfully transferred data from the missing aircraft to Boeing’s database about 5-hours after the triple-seven’s takeoff. This data transfer did happen and has been confirmed by Boeing officials.

In an amazing piece of journalism, Andy Pasztor of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

The investigation remains fluid, and it isn’t clear whether investigators have evidence indicating possible terrorism or espionage. So far, U.S. national security officials have said that nothing specifically points toward terrorism, though they haven’t ruled it out.

But the huge uncertainty about where the plane was headed, and why it apparently continued flying so long without working transponders, has raised theories among investigators that the aircraft may have been commandeered for a reason that appears unclear to U.S. authorities. Some of those theories have been laid out to national security officials and senior personnel from various U.S. agencies, according to one person familiar with the matter.

At one briefing, according to this person, officials were told investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted “with the intention of using it later for another purpose.”

As of Wednesday it remained unclear whether the plane reached an alternate destination or if it ultimately crashed, potentially hundreds of miles from where an international search effort has been focused.


However, Intellihub News has information leading us to believe that the aircraft turned-back toward the Sea of Andaman and may have possibly been taken to a secret military facility under communist control in the Coco Islands.

Interestingly enough, the Coco Islands were originally leased to the People’s Republic of China and likely remain under China’s control today.

In fact, an entry in Wikipedia details the region:

The Coco Islands consist of the main Great Coco Island and the smaller Little Coco Island, separated by the Alexandra Channel. Table Island, a third small island located near Great Coco Island, previously housed a lighthouse but is uninhabited. Slipper Island is a small islet located off the NW point of Table island.

The islands were allegedly leased to the People’s Republic of China since 1994.

The governments of Burma and the People’s Republic of China deny this, and many members of the Burmese military categorically deny any agreement at all.


China supposedly established a SIGINT intelligence gathering station on Great Coco Island in 1992 to monitor Indian naval activity in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The station is also said to allow China to monitor the movement of other navies and ships throughout the eastern Indian Ocean, especially in the crucial point in shipping routes between the Bay of Bengal and the Strait of Malacca. It may also be used to monitor activities at the launch site of the Indian Space Research Organization at Sriharikota and the Defence Research and Development Organization at Chandipur-on-sea. The Chinese Army is also building a maritime base on Little Coco Island.


Existence of the Chinese base has been questioned. In 1998, the U.S. stated that it had not detected any significant Chinese activity in Burma. India’s Chief of Naval Staff is quoted as saying in October 2005 that India had “firm information that there is no listening post, radar or surveillance station belonging to the Chinese on Coco Islands.” In 2014, Air Marshal P.K. Roy, Commander-in-Chief of India’s Andaman and Nicobar Command stated that “China has been developing a runway for civilian purposes. There are no reports of presence of Chinese per se. The situation is not alarming.” He added that there was only some civilian infrastructural developments which was not a threat to India.

And as you may have heard, China came forth with a blurry piece of satellite imagery Wednesday, which was released to American officials and news agencies, said to be “wreckage” from a “crash site” located about 140 miles S.E. of where flight MH370’s transponder stopped transmitting about 6 days ago. However, some are now speculating that the Chinese government may be trying to divert U.S. and Malaysian authorities away from where the plane really may have been taken. Interestingly enough, all of this matches up with reports from family members of passengers who said that their loved ones phones rang hours and days after the crash without being diverted to voicemail when called.

Now, researchers like myself are speculating that the passengers phones were possibly rounded up and thrown into bags by a militarized team which may have boarded the aircraft on the tarmac once it landed. However, all signs show that the sloppy black bag crew likely forgot to turn off the passengers phones, later leaving them in an unattended location to ring until the batteries fully discharged.

If this theory proves to be true, this would mean there is a chance that the 239 passengers that were aboard MH370 may still be alive and are possibly being held against their wills at a facility capable of accommodating the landing of a Boeing 777.

(Image: GoogleMaps/Great Coco Island)

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  • ubmediagroup

    Amazing! This is getting crazy! WTF?

  • chilller

    This was my thought posted yesterday…hi-jacked for sure but why? Hostages?….use the aircraft as a weapon later? Whatever the motive, this was a well thought out plan and someone executed it without a hitch.


    Mike Rivero on What Really Happened radio show speculates that the plane was taken for “spare parts”. There is a shortage of parts for the Boeing 777-200.

  • Schawminator

    In the same area as Coco island, there is Diego Garcia a strategic US Air Force Base. The US knows exactly what the Chinese know and they know we know that as well. However both believe that it none of the business of We The People. This island is loaded with EW systems and other receiver stations of Satcom & GPS coordinates. Diego Garcia proved to be critically important as a refueling base during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and during Operation Desert Fox, it served as a base for B-52 bombers, which on Dec. 17, 1998, launched nearly 100 long-range cruise missiles launched at Iraq. Beginning on Oct. 7, 2001, the United States again used Diego Garcia when it launched B-2 and B-52 bombers attacks against Afghanistan. In the recent British and American-led war against Iraq, Diego Garcia has once again played a crucial strategic role. This little island is 17-square-mile of coral and sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on Earth to the Pentagon and the Brits. Note; Our government can also show blurred pictures like the Chinese as well as show a clear tag number on a car. Folks, please know our government believes we are stupid and will remain their useful idiots.

  • Schawminator

    Read my comment about Diego Garcia and understand Obama knows the truth as well.


    Mike Rivero at What Really Happened radio has been predicting this for days.

  • Truman Golden

    It could also be in Diego Garcia. the plane could be striped and sold for parts in black market. it could bring at least 100 million dollars due to shortage of Boeing spare parts… same say it could fetch upward of 300 millions.
    The crew could be used for harvesting organs. there is a growing market of organ and body parts around the world. Israel does this all the time.

  • Desparado

    The Illustration (top) is a photo of Keeling Islands, a territory of Australia. This is AKA Territory of the Cocos Islands, see The Coco Islands with suspected Chinese development in the Bay of Bengal are part of the Andaman Island chain off the coast of Burma and there is an airstrip marked on the map on Great Coco Island. Uploaded image is from – the coco Island pair can just be seen in the upper right-hand corner. It’s a very remote location; IF the reports of Chinese gov’t activity there are true, and IF flight 370 landed there, it would follow that Chinese gov’t involvement or by some rogue element thereof would have to have occurred. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. A good map of Adaman-Nicobar Islands chain found here: – see detail of the north end below.

  • George Kapalan

    Yea, like some idiot would fly a plane to one of the most well known military installations in the world. And keep it secret. Did they use one of the B2 bomber bays on Diego Garcia to hide it in? Where then did the B2 go that uses that hanger? Is it bombing Crimea?

    As far as the Coco islands idea, they have a 4,000 foot runway. Too short for any decent sized cargo plane to land or take off. Not to mention a 777. A 777 may get down but there are no hangers or installations to hide it from prying eyes. Oh yea, and the runway is REALLY thin. The wings of a 777 would hang well over into the vegetation.

    Both of these ideas are utter non-sense.

  • musings2

    Maybe China is not a monolith. Maybe there are Chinese people with certain agendas we do not know about.
    I kept noting that the largest ethnic group on the plane were Chinese, so just by random chance, one of the hijackers at least could be Chinese. It seemed like a hijacking from the start. The sight of a flaming plane by one oil rig worker does not a disaster make, especially during a meteor shower.

  • musings2

    Is it possible the semi-conductor company has employees with interesting devices and loyalties?

  • musings2

    But really, really interesting. We live in interesting times.

  • Anniecare

    The company that claims to have lost 20 of it,s employees when the missing aeroplane disappeared is called Freescale semiconductor. This company (formerly Motorola) was involved in the “supposed” man in the moon tracking and communication equipment in 1969..This company own 60% of the radio frequency semi conductor market. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is an American company that produces and designs embedded hardware, with 17 billion semiconductor chips in use around the world. The company focuses on the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets with its product portfolio including microprocessors, micro controllers, digital signal processors, digital signal controllers, sensors, RF power ICs and power management ICs. On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors.Blackstone acquired the mortgage for 7 World Trade Center in October 2000 and the Hilton hotels.Blackstone was founded in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions boutique by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman .Peterson has been named the most influential billionaire in U.S. politics served as United States Secretary of Commerce.In 1971, he was named Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs by U.S. President Richard Nixon.He succeeded David Rockefeller as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1985 and served until his retirement in 2007. He was also Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.So here we have a direct link to a .company that has 20 employees involved, a well known US Govt insider and companies that were clearly involved in cover ups in the past.Apparently every Roll Royce engine is being tracked real-time by the Control Centre of RR in Britain. So also the 2 RR Trent 800 engine of the 777 of MA370.Also Boeing has this capability.Also if the Malaysian military radar last tracked the plane flying low over the straights of Malacca then that would put it on a direct course towards Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean which has a US military base with a runway big enough to land a 777.

  • BR549

    The question is …….. who was on that plane?

  • shorebreak911

    This structure of this sentence really bothers me –

    “…But the huge uncertainty about where the plane was headed, and why
    it apparently continued flying so long without working transponders…”

    I hope that the investigator in his own mind is not linking non-operating transponders with the performance of the aircraft – as if the two are somehow related.

    The purpose for and the operational methodology surrounding transponders are very basic indeed. Transponders are “interrogated” by ground based facilities – they are just usually “on”. All they do is provide a more complete data tag (altitude, airspeed, N-number, flight number, or an equivalent) to a controller monitoring either “center” airspace or an approach scope. Otherwise – its just a “primary return” – painting aluminum at that point.

    If he or they are implying the two are linked…then – its going to be a very long investigation while they all go back to attend “introduction to basic aircraft systems for the non-initiated 101″…

  • Glock

    Why did you take this piece out of context? In context it makes perfect sense; no cause-effect.

  • asdf

    It’s not non-sense at all. Here’s an excerpt from the following article:
    “China is building a new runway and other infrastructure on Myanmar’s Coco islands, only 20 kilometers from India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands, the Hindi-language Dainik Bhaskar newspaper has reported, following the 17th round of talks on China-India border issues held between Chinese state councilor Yang Jiechi and Indian national security adviser Shivshankar Menon between Feb. 10-11.”

  • heddy b

    So, did the NSA track the location of the cell phones? I thought they operated as the epitome of technological global surveillance. Better see what Jim Stone has to say about this plane’s disappearance.

  • Haeshu

    So the NSA can turn on the cam of any American without you knowing, but they can’t track a bag of 239 cellphones that terrorists stole and forgot to turn off.

  • Calibabe712

    Well this “facility” had better have a runway that is at minimum 8,500 ft to 10,000 ft long because if it is any shorter than the 8,500 ft that plane cannot land on it. It also needs that length of 10,000 ft to take off. This isn’t your run of the mil DC-9 or a 737. This plane is larger than a 747. It is about the size of an Airbus 380 which is positively huge. The Malaysian government has screwed the pooch on this investigation so badly. When the WSJ released the report of the Rolls Royce engines and the other electronic systems on the plane that are programmed to send back information on the plane, they stated that both “Rolls Royce and Boeing denied” that these planes were equipped with the ACARS system. The government of Malaysia is lying through it’s teeth. My husband and son work for a defense contractor/general aviation contractor. They have Boeing and Rolls Royce at their facilities all the time. This article is correct when it says that the plane reported information to Rolls Royce about how the engines were performing during the 4 hours of extra flight time that are being disputed. So it makes me think, why are the Malaysian government officials being so evasive? It also makes me wonder why the US has retasked the military and put them in the Indian Ocean to search for this plane? If that plane had gone down into the water, there would be something that floats. Think of all the things on a plane that float. One big thing would be the seat cushions. If you have flown you know that in the pre-flight instructions the flight attendants always tell you that your “seat cushion is a flotation device” and how to use it. Also there are a lot of light materials on a plane. Many of the overhead storage area doors are fairly light weight and would float because of the buoyancy (buoyancy is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object) of the salt water. The salt water allows for objects to float a greater length of time than say fresh water. The other issue I have is that no searches have been conducted over land. Nothing that I know of in Vietnam and nothing in Malaysia. Both of these countries (especially those of us who remember the Vietnam War know that Vietnam was known for it’s jungles) have dense areas of jungle that would make it difficult if a plane were to go down in them to find. As for the cell phones, even if the people are alive (I hope that they are but I have grave reservations that they still are) their phones would all transfer to voice mail or you would get a ringing that would go unanswered. The more I think about what has happened with this plane and the longer the world waits to hear news about the discovery, if any, of wreckage of this plane, the more I am convinced that it did not go down in where the Malaysian government says it did. You can’t conveniently hide a plane this big. It would stand out no matter where it is. Also with many countries such as the US, China, and others having their satellites trained on that particular area, someone would have spotted something by now. You have to remember that we do not want to disclose what our satellites can do or where they are. The Chinese certainly don’t want to disclose what satellites they have and their capabilities either. In some ways this is like a major chess game of “now you see it, now you don’t”. We don’t want to give the Chinese any information that they need not have and vice versa.

    I sincerely hope that somehow, somewhere, someway, this plane is located and that we may be lucky and find the passsengers. However as each day and hour go by, the likelihood of that happening is diminishing very quickly. If this plane was commandeered by hijackers, the chances that the passengers are alive is not in the passenger’s favor. If they were keeping them alive as hostages we would have heard something by now from them and what their list of demands are/were. Since that hasn’t happened, one scenario that is out there may be even more realistic. The golfer Payne Stewart had been flying in his Lear jet that had lost pressurization and as a result the pilots and passengers on board all died. The plane ran out of fuel and crashed in S Dakota in late 1999. If the passenger cabin of the flight suffered the same issue then it is possible that the pilots were able to don oxygen masks and fly the plane. The fact that the transponder was turned off is something that does bother me. This pilot is known to invite people up into the cabin with him. That to me is problematic on many counts. However let’s say the pilot did have a couple of passengers that he thought were “friends” up in the cabin with him, but those friends turned out to be a couple of people with passports that were stolen. Maybe they commandeered the plane at that point, shut off the transponder and then had the pilot slowly turn the plane without it being readily noticed by the passengers. Maybe at that point, being safely up in the cabin area, the “friends” then had the pilot and co-pilot don oxygen masks as well as themselves and then they told the pilot to slowly depressurize the cabin. If it is done slowly all the passengers would feel is themselves becoming sleepy. They would then die due to hypoxia. It could literally be a few seconds before the passengers cognitive and motor skills began to suffer impairment and then they would be total incapacitated and they would die.

    The one thing that has intrigued me about this plane and the passengers is that the passenger list has quite a few interesting passengers on it. Like the 20 passengers from a high tech company that deals with secret technology (military technology), IBM executive, a 35 yr old guy who took flight simulator classes (hmm, oh that one sounds eerily similar doesn’t it?), 5 passengers or possibly more with stolen passports, a weird group of artists, etc. Very strange to have such a group all on one flight. However I don’t think there was any monkey business, it is just something that people are talking about considering the makeup of the group of passengers.

    I would think that this weekend will be the time frame on when this plane will be found. If it goes too much longer people are really going to thing something is way, way off about all of this. Maybe there really is but I happen to think that this plane for whatever reason had a huge aviation issue and that somewhere out there is the plane and probably the passengers along with it. I feel so badly for the family. They are really the ones suffering the most out of this. The Malaysian government really owes them a lot considering how they have bungled this right from the start. I hope that they are finally able to find some peace, no matter how devastating the news is going to be.

  • Osurperstopper

    Does Coco Island have cell phone service????

  • Wally

    that runway is about a mile according to scale, so a 777 can very well use it

  • gmo kills

    more like devil times

  • kd

    The only time we seem to NOT find terrorism is when we are involved.

  • gmo kills

    most don’t know that chinese are very dangerous half alien specie(half human half grey alien) which run Chinese hyperlodge hong who tells jews and saxsons in all goverments what to do, now hong ordered ww3 so the putin Obama and other gangsters play as told

  • gmo kills

    and the passengers for organs or just killed

  • Raymond Dillon

    And motive for China doing this is?

  • ubmediagroup

    Yes, it’s well suited I think.

  • Desparado

    Here’s a pic from the spy satellite of Great Coco Island, with its runway at the northern end.

  • asdf

    There were 20 Freescale engineers on that flight. Do a search on Google to find out what that company does for the military. Then you’ll know why the Chinese would make this move.

  • Rogoraeck

    Chinese in Coco Island?? Or more likely Mossad subsidiary CIA in Diego Garcia. They are masters at those kind of operation. See 911.

  • Rogoraeck

    Yes! Very valid question!

  • farang

    News flash: The plane was flying to The People’s Republic of China, with 2/3s of the passengers Chinese citizens: why would “the Commies” hijack a plane to a Chinese military listening post?

    Makes no sense. But like the Red Baiting, very *interesting*…got a late 50’s feel to it.

  • Irritated Honest Worker

    IBM guys… hmmmm…

  • Onlyadultintheroom?

    This article is irresponsible.

  • e-i-e-i-o

    What an idiotic command about Michele Obama–she’s a female, she gave birth, she was pregnant–911, I agree was domestic but everything else is ridiculous.

  • lufthansa49

    The B777-200 is not bigger than the B747 or A380. Same size as A330 & smaller than the later model which is the B777-300ER.

  • chilller

    Amen brother….

  • est


    In case you didn’t spot the plane from the satellite image, LOOK HARDER at the download section for LandsatLook “Natural Color” Image (1.0 MB)

  • Brayden

    Hi, the photo used above the article is Cocos (Keeling) Island. Not Great Coco Island. Some people have been confusing these two separate places.

  • Brayden

    Cheers for this post champ. Glad for the clear up of mixing the islands up hey lol

  • Deb Mookerjee

    I stopped reading at….”This plane is larger than a 747. It is about the size of an Airbus 380 which is positively huge.” If one starts writing an article with complete fiction, and distortion of the truth as such, the reader should not waste their precious time on the rest of what is written. Also, the 777-200ER can very easily be landed, and stopped, on a runway as short as 5,500 feet, especially at a sea level airfield. And YES, you can even depart from the same runway, although you would have to strip the airplane off of a lot of interior materials such as seats, ovens etc, to reduce the weight. If someone has indeed hijacked this airplane, and managed to make to fly it to said airfield, I am sure they are well aware of these technical details. By the way, I am an airline pilot for some time now, and so can speak with authority on this subject.

  • AlwaysLy

    The captain was strong supporter of Pakatan Rakayat opposition party. He even had strong statements in his FB (some friend posted them on web few days ago), closed account. Was he was taken down cause of his statements? Did he want to make statement to gov, the one everyone sees and not forgets`? Close friend of him was jailed the same day the plane disapparredl

  • letfreedomringrh

    The story screams it’s all legit and then you get to the part near the end where it says “if speculation holds true” – this story IS irresponsible! Ambellus now looks like controlled opposition and is saying don’t look anywhere else but here and fails to mention that if the plane flies for the same amount of time and miles in the opposite direction i.e. south, the plane finds the U.S. naval air station at Diego Garcia (2145 miles from Kuala Lumpur) with an airstrip long enough to land a 777. I’m not saying that’s where it is, but I put nothing past the continuing criminal enterprise that has stolen our government from us. It looks to me like they’re trying to place the blame where it don’t belong – for obvious reasons!

  • Daykayaker

    There are no cell towers in the middle of an ocean.

  • Daykayaker

    So you’re assuming the NSA would hold a news conference to tell everyone they found the plane and how they tracked all these phones? And did so without cell towers planted every few miles all across the ocean?

  • J.Wa

    ……I’m starting to suspect that this may be linked to the Ukraine issue. While the world uses resources (ships, gps, tracking systems) to locate the plane, China and Russia are able to make some substantial moves while everyone else is distracted

  • IcerC

    According to the map it’s not close to coco at all. Couldn’t someone having his family be enough to control the lead pilot on this journey?

  • carlosuruguayo

    Diego Garcia is on Chagos, In the midlle of the Indic Ocean, and great Coco Island is on Andaman, near to the Myanmar coast – 2.000 miles among them -.
    If they are in the same area for you, then San Diego and Detroit are neighbors. Take a look at the map.

  • Exposing Milabs

    besides the 20 employees, there were 4 out of 5 patent holders for Patent #8671381 . Now the patent falls into the total control of a company. Thats kind of convenient! This has US secret gov/CIA and NWO all over it!

  • Exposing Milabs

    Patent 8671381

  • charlesjannuzi

    The confusion here is between island off of Myanmar and islands much further south, between Diego Garcia and Australia.

  • charlesjannuzi

    The confusion is between Coco Is. and Cocos Islands. The latter is west of Australia.

  • jeanetty

    I pray that the plane is on that island somewhere and they are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BDC

    The Great Coco Islands are in the “Bay of Bengal” near Thailand and Burma! “The Cocos (Keeling) Islands” are only 1800kms from Western Australia and along with Christmas Island they are part of Australia called the “Indian Ocean Territories”. The Cocos (Keeling) group of islands does have one of the longest runways in the southern hemisphere, over 3600 metres long (12000+ feet) and is only 10 feet above sea level and the massive Russian Antinov can land and take off fully loaded with over 1000 metres to spare but a Boeing 777 would be ripped apart and be scattered over the full 3.6 kilometres of runway. A 777’s landing gear would go straight through the tarmac into a 10 ft bed of tidal mud.

    However a Boeing 777 could not land at either runway the Coco is not long enough and the Cocos (Keeling) is too soft, plus it’s also known as Australia’s largest aircraft carrier, a refueling stop for the US and Australian Air Forces and Australia’s western most radio and radar tracking facility and the whole population of the West Island live along the side of the runway!
    The whole world would have known within 5 seconds if MH370 was there!!