Malicious media onslaught on cultural veracity

Anyone who uses Google for searching knows all too well that the real FAKE NEWS sites are the only ones that appear

It has long been known that the concentration of media ownership and the staffing for their “political correctness” message on broadcast, cable, printed press and on the vast majority of establishment internet outlets is filled by committed destroyers of the American Constitution and traditional Western Civilization moral values. With the resounding defeat of the globalist cabal with the Presidential election of Donald Trump, the rats that propagate the propaganda echo chamber for cultural distortion are working overtime to hold onto their fading indoctrination influence. Now the latest catch phrase is to stamp out fake-news.

How rich is this perversion of the truth? The Pharisees of newspeak are telling us that they are the only gatekeeper, who will define what news is acceptable for dissemination. Censorship is the last recourse when independent thinking people reject the cultural narrative of an anti Christian society.

The desperate meltdown that the mainstream pundits from institutional corporatist media proves that they are in total denial. By doubling down and maintaining their treachery after the heartland rebuffed their political spin, is proof positive that the urban metro liberalism refuses to accept any return to a law and order society. Let the record attest that any rebellion or terrorist violence that develops during the Trump administration would come directly out of the play book of Saul D. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Progressive dogma is a pariah of human development. The mantel of this mental disease is entirely integrated into the social, economic and political mindset of the liberal media culture. Can any fair minded and objective observer deny that the Wikileaks revelations of main line media coordination and synchronization of message did not exist during this 2016 campaign? Even the investigative and liberalist publication, The Intercept acknowledges the latest betrayal by the Fourth Estate.

The conformity practice, which hammers out the drumbeat that Colludes to Label Critics Conspiracy Theorists has become so tedious that only the most extreme erudite sophist, who suffers from intellectual integrity impairment, gives any credibility to the New York Slimes or the Washington Compost.

Now that the thoroughly discredited Barry Soetoro is counting his days as the commander and chief purveyor of collectivist lies, he points the finger at a practice that he perfected, Obama rails against fake news.

“President Obama on Thursday denounced the spread of fake news online, suggesting it’s helped undermine the U.S. political process.

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not … if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,” Obama said during a news conference in Germany.”

Robert Parry writes in, What to Do About ‘Fake News’.

“In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, a hot new issue – raised by President Obama in an international setting on Thursday and touted on The New York Times’ front page on Friday – is the problem of “fake news” being disseminated on the Internet.

Major Internet companies, such as Google and Facebook, are being urged to censor such articles and to punish alleged violators. Also, teams of supposedly “responsible” news providers and technology giants are being assembled to police this alleged problem and decide what is true and what is not.

But therein lies the more serious problem: who gets to decide what is real and what is not real? And – in an age when all sides propagate propaganda – when does conformity in support of a mainstream “truth” become censorship of reasonable skepticism?”

Lest one forget; Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!! ISIS Is A Fake Threat!! Video reminds just, who exactly is presenting the FAKE News.

Well, for all those intrepid and honest intellectuals, who are willing to confront the fictitious demons, renounce the secular humanism and fabricated social relativity manic culture. Avoid the poison from the MTV Hollywood celebrity news sewer. Also resist the ether zone of electronic subversion from Silicon Valley Techno-Nazis. The fascistic on the Left are Marxists to the core, which is being practiced in this day and age of globalism as the ultimate Orwellian embodiment of crony capitalism.

Rush in the George Soros brown shirts as the storm troopers for social unrest and open warfare. Protesters storm lobby of Trump transition team building illustrates that the coverage from the dying media dinosaurs can only resort to the most desperate and deceptive reporting.

“The demonstrators are calling for Trump’s White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon to be sacked. Bannon is the chief executive of Breitbart New and has been accused of racism and anti-Semitism by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.”

As Rosslyn Smith states in the American Thinker, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lucrative ‘Hate Group’ Label, “A growing consensus on the political right is to consider being labeled a hate group by the SPLC a badge of honor”, is an attitude that downtrodden and ridiculed goyim, who have been inundated to buy into the Khazar illusion of holocaust victimhood, are waking up and rejecting their hogwash.

The Southern Poverty Law Center self-destructs into paranoid frenzy of leftist idiocy, naming nearly everyone a conspiracy theorist has a long record of selective racism when it serves the interests of their tribe.

“In addition, The New American further reported, the SPLC has recently launched broadsides against GOP presidential contender Ben Carson for his alleged “extremism” for also supporting the Biblical definition of marriage (and yet, no one on the Left has called Potok and Terry “racists” for “attacking” an African American candidate like they did when people began criticizing Obama over his policies and beliefs).”

The ADL excoriates in A Blueprint for the Criminalization of Jew Criticism, by Eric Striker a source that lock step Jewry would tag as racist. However, any serious student of history dismisses the defamation that the delusional Zionists disseminate in their fake news outlets.

“It appears, though, that Jews are already beginning to consider strategic retreats in order to address more direct concerns: they’re in damage control mode. The hubris laden “background check” on the ADL website concerning Trump appointee Steve Bannon – for the first time in my recollection – has fallen on completely deaf ears, and it appears that the ADL did not take into account  just how discredited the mainstream media is. Along with this, the problem of not being able to buy Trump means their diktat is less relevant than ever before.”

So when social media favors a tweet like: IfNotNow -There is no place for antisemitism, racism and white nationalism in the White House. This is the #JewishResistance #FireBannon, ask why the thrill of orthodox censorship is sinking into the pits of credible obscurity? The lesson is clear, sane internet users will not tolerate the hypocrisy of their cyberspace media mendacity.

Naming the company culprits of deceit would require a who’s who of media empires. Anyone who uses Google for searching knows all too well that the real FAKE NEWS sites are the only ones that appear. If you still watch cable news channels, set the volume on mute. Network, paid channels and original streaming programming all have one common objective. Destroy any moral values by quashing the TRUTH that is embodied within the Christendom precepts of Western heritage.

The concerted campaign to trash and demonize the “so called” alt-right is a pathetic attempt to keep a totally discredited and insidiousness conglomerate media on life support. An essay by an Israeli Journalist, Chemi Shalev for Haaretz, Steve Bannon Signals Coming Storm for Jews in Age of Donald Trump is most revealing and could be hard for the guilt ridden and squeamish halfwits, who drool all over themselves in a futile attempt to deny their own self-interest.

“American Jewish liberals are bound to feel alienated from their own government in way they’ve never felt before. Most of the values, goals and policy objectives of the Trump administration, even if they turn out to be a paler and more palatable version of his campaign rhetoric, are diametrically opposed to those of most American Jews. They support immigration, pluralism, multiculturalism, social reform, government intervention, separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion rights and on and on. It is easy to see, in fact, why so many of Trump’s radical supporters would view the Jews as their mortal enemies.”

So Chemi Shaley thinks we are radicals? Well, he has company with NeoCon Dennis Prager, who was raised by Orthodox Jewish parents. How Christians became Jewish Slaves must be the supreme secret that the distrusted media has to keep. But before the proponents of keeping their safe space, whine and share their temper tantrums, there is little danger of The Relevancy of the Illustrated Protocols of Zion becoming a target of newly appointed Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

The son-in-law whispering in Trump’s ear, Jared Kushner, also raised in an Orthodox Jewish family is more likely of breaking bread with Prager than publish Richard Spencer in his New York Observer.

Boycotting the atheist disinformation media, their ad sponsors and dismissing their deceitful talking heads needs to be the default behavior to combat their lies. Well before the term, Alt-Right emerged as a pejorative by the enemies of the Republic; BREAKING ALL THE RULES has been a consistent and leading voice of the America First movement you can trust.

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