Man arrested in Miami for making alleged death threats against the President-elect claims he’s “C.I.A.”


Suspect acts like a Manchurian candidate, has close ties to the Clinton family and his mother died on flight 11 when the plane struck the WTC’s North Tower

MIAMI (INTELLIHUB) — A man by the name of Dominic Puopolo Jr., 51, who claims to be a ‘C.I.A. agent’ in at least one video posted online was arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday, after allegedly making a death threat against President-elect Donald Trump via twitter earlier this week.

The suspect is being held without bail and was arrested for ‘threatening to harm a public servant.’

However, more details are emerging about the suspect, including details breaking exclusively herein this Intellihub report.

Literally like a ‘Manchurian candidate dial-up’ out of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Operation MONARCH, the suspect said in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday, (almost as if his operational training broke and his personality split) that ‘God is trying to mimic something’ which the suspect said “is a warning they put on pages from the C.I.A. […] the summary of pages that they gave us — they would put this warning: ‘these statements may not be accurate they may be attempting to influence the agent’ or whatever — however it was worded. […] but I am not here to implement this anymore, I’m out as I told you, retired from the business […] except for C.I.A. — I’ll stay with them, you guys, always in a limited capacity — and it’s trying to help FATHER and that’s why. Every other agency you are on your own — effective after the Inauguration.”


A little back story on the seemingly odd suspect astonishingly paints the picture of how his mother died on United Airlines flight 11 along with 91 others when the aircraft struck the north tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

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But more importantly, the suspect’s mother and sister have had close ties to Hillary Clinton, who attended the suspect’s mother’s funeral on Oct. 6, 2001, in Boston, where Hillary Clinton sat just two seats away from Puopolo (as pictured above).

The suspect is also considered to be a ‘computer wizard’ of sorts going by the screen name JesusChrist1701, Puopolo is a “computer consultant claims to have testified in terror cases as an expert witness in a German federal court in Hamburg from 2003 to 2008, reports the Daily Mail.

Moreover, the suspect has been pictured with Colin Powell and also has previously claimed to be a ‘friend’ the departing Sec. of State John Kerry. Additionally, the suspect was reported to have owned several residences appraised in the millions but now lives in a Miami beach flat worth only $60,000 for reasons unknown.

The Suspect’s sister, Sonia Tita Puopolo, has been pictured a number of times with Hillary Clinton (as seen in the photo below) and even wrote her college thesis on Hillary’s senatorial campaigns and website.

According to her bio posted on

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“Sonia Tita Puopolo received her Bachelors of Science in Communication Studies and Masters in Political Communications from Emerson College in Boston, and her second Masters in Government from Harvard University where she wrote her thesis entitled, The Internet and U.S. Senatorial Campaigns 2000: An Analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Website.”

Furthermore, Sonia is the author of the book “SONIA’S RING: 11 WAYS TO HEAL YOUR HEART” and has donated at least $4000 to several of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and has been featured in many mainline publications.

On Jan. 16 the suspect, who also says in a video that he ‘feels dead inside’ allegedly tweeted out: ‘ON INNAUGATATION DAY I WILL KILL PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP WITH A HIGH POWERED RIFLE WESLEY SCOPES,’ which can be seen here:

The suspect appeared to follow up with another tweet on the same day directed @SecretService, requesting that they come “arrest” him.

The Daily Mail reports that in 1996 the suspect donated $20,000 to the DNC and has also contributed to John Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy back in the 90’s.

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The suspect said in one video posted on twitter that he is “serving too many masters” and references watching various episodes of “The Crown” and “Bull.”

Could the weapons cache found in D.C. just weeks before the Inauguration, set to take place this Friday, have been meant for the suspect to carry out some pre-programmed mission to kill the incoming president?

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